Tuna - The Legend Continues


yeah was well made just maybe too much hollywood still haha but i loved the sounds and sound effects would have been cooler maybe if there was no witches at all just family going crazy


Yeah I was really hoping it would just be a movie about a family at that time period going paranoid by the fear of witches… not actually witches terrorizing a family. But yeah the sound design and sound track was rather amazing imo



the collabo i talked some time back about :slight_smile:


tuna sammiches

Jizz Wayne

Josh Goblin

William Faultier

Samuel Adams and Bud Stewart

Benicio Del Tolsof


The week goes by too fast D: still have to listen to last week’s stuff


maybe you can include the collabo didnt do much else this week :confused:


il probs have something tomorrow morning if thats cool?


same, tuna was a shocking reminder that its already been another week


:cornlol: tuna has become my way of keeping track of Life, passing weeks and ting


@Jizz Loving how textured and restrained this is. Super nice.

@faultier Interesting rhythms on this one. There is something about the kick/bass relationship that is distracting from the groove though, not sure what, probably just some subtle eq work to get them jelling a bit more. The bass line itself is nice but feels like some more timbral modulation around the 1:29 mark might help drive it forward. Love the accent synth that comes in around 2:43, maybe that could come in sooner?

@BudSpencertron This goes hard. great progression and variation thru out. production is ace, super chewy bass slabs in there. Maybe snare and hat could use a touch de-harshening in the ultra highs, unless you really want those stabbing thru the high end.

@Tolsof Really in to the background pumping synths/texture. The bass/kick seem to be fighting a bit in the 100-200 range, but it kinda works for this track. The ultra high end of that cymbal type sound after 1:12 is pretty brutal, taming it would really help it not be as fatiguing on the ears

the version of the track I uploaded was pretty sparse and undeveloped, here is a better version


11-14 k upwards? or little bit lower? 18 k plus i think i cutted totally


Thanks for catching that cymbal… The eq got messed up and I didn’t notice.


Could be either a tight notch in the 7-8k range or maybe a broader 1 octave cut that covers the 10k-20k region. Doesn’t need a whole lot of cutting, maybe just 2-3 dB, it sounded a little harsher to me yesterday for some reason. Basically, production is so good I’m just nitpicking a little bit to give some feedback.


ah thanks



@Jizz this one’s sick, getting emptyset/sd laika vibes from this, sound design is real nice
i feel you could have another mid-rangey element coming in at some point to complement the kick/bass combo, maybe after the 2nd drop?
you could possibly bring some variation in the kick pattern, maybe there could be more glitches/weird incidentals too

@Tolsof liking how this is fleshing out, i still feel like you could have a better sense of progression by adding a few fills, risers, you know, this kind of stuff that signal to me as a listener that it’s the end of this 32 bars section and the beginning of another

@knobgoblin good stuff, very nice sense of progression. really feeling all the glitchy incidentals. hard to give feedback on your stuff cuz i never know how much of it is directly jammed in reaktor

@BudSpencertron b2b @Samuel_L_Damnson :gunfinger: brap brap, can’t really find anything to critique tbh, sounds pretty much finished to me. banger too, you could try sending it to blogs/labels imo


I’ll leave some feedback tonight. Cheers man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m going to try and set aside some time monday to listen to these past 2+ weeks. Just been super busy with work :confused:


@knobgoblin love how crisp the drums are, cutting through real nice. its progressing so naturally, dont feel like saying much about it haha. maybe the melody could enter more subtly at the beginning, slowly fleshing out by the break at around 2.40.

@faultier yes mate, vibes. bassline is great. really feeling this groove, got the hiphop and the dance. reckon the clap rhythm from round 1.27 could be better, not even necessary imo. clap fits much better from round 2.20, thats a groove. so yeh, just the way it comes in. great ending

@BudSpencertron @Samuel_L_Damnson woii, banger. great snare too. hahahah, the get the fuck up. midrange comes in real nice. second half is sick, really gets into something different there. tbh the get the fuck up starts to get repetitive in the second half, especially when the beat is sounding so good

@Tolsof yess, i feel post-berghain approaching. track moves down its own road, cant really spot an obvious influence on this. like the abundant use of treble too, the track actually sounds alive



dig the tube distortion thingy oyu put ontop of the bass sound. nice development with the melody
hm maybe if anything you could bring the melody back abit in the end or maybe stop the main kick at some point but besides that its a cool tune

has a nice feel to it
gets nice at 1:15 with the new melody i think you could raise the melodies volume abit or make it bit more present tiny bit
nice layers of melodies later on has this old idm vibe :revolving_hearts:
hm maybe the cymbal at the end is bit sharp loud
but cool song not too long either for me would make sth for an album or ep

has this brazilian rap shuffle haha yeah i dig it lol bassline maybe bit dif sound i think dunno it fits but i think thats the only part i dont feel 100 percent :confused:
haha the melodies make me crazy beat is sample or programmed sounds tight
hm yeah i would like to hear some brasil rapper over it like the short vocal sample maybe you can find some acapella or use more of the one you have
this bass later makes the main bassline cooler maybe bring it earlier and maybe some triplets haha like bra brubrubur bra or sth
good foundation for a cool tune :corndance:

haha dig it nice techno sounds
yeah this one hi hat is sharp i agree
some clap later on? or straight bassdrum? i think some long clap could add to the wide sound it already has not like usual clap just every 4th time or so


if it happens i would have a tuna but yeah maybe we have a pause for a week?