Tuna - The Legend Continues


all good bro


as you guys feel, got a submission from jizzles and could throw in one of my hastily pieced together tuna

or we can have a truce week



Jizzle Bells

Blud Spencertron



swim on lil tuna c u next week


@Jizz as usual with your recent output, some very interesting textures sound-design wise, this being said, this one sounds a bit uninspired imo, i feel the percussive stuff is too simplistic to really hold the listener’s attention and while these bass tones are cool, it’s not enough (at least from my headphones listener perspective, maybe it shakes the room on decent system?). bring in the pads i say.

Danni3: liking the melody on this one, and for once i like how you used the vocal sample, nice and restrained :slight_smile: i feel you could work on the beats, maybe personal taste but i feel something more shuffley/garagey might work better than half-time?

Fix you: not really feeling this one, can’t really fault it production-wise. the extra melody coming in around 2:15 is nice tho, although the trumpet-y synth doesn’t really do it justice imo. idk, its not that i dislike it, maybe its just a bit underwhelming after the slew of sick tunas you’ve been coming up with for the past months

eh, sorry for the vaguely negative feedback, i think i’m just in a shit mood today


i beg to differ
more you at your best lol

yeah i agree and see what you mean but disagree at the same time cause i kinda know what you mean and try to get the tunes as good without doing what might work :confused:
(the trumpet i def might make bigger or change though. although i think although it has this 80´s basicness to it)


yeah definitely good to hear some harsh feedback lol, was trying to make one to bun di system, make it rattle but it does sound drier than desert. might just do a symphony for next week


although you could delete one although from my post


Ayy it’s saturday and I’ve got a tune I’d love some feedback on (will ofc contribute to the thread as usual). To whom do I send a private SC link?






very spare in the beginning but that was your intention i guess.
haha dig this metal bassline inbetween dig all those wobbling sounds some could benefit of some very short reverb maybe or very far in the back
experimental piece for sure

haha yeah disco wheres the sample form some italo movie? haha dig it something different from you
maybe you could add a counter vocal if some exists. nice break at 1:34
maybe some kind of raiser or cymbal or sth to get back to the main groove
haha yeah 2:32 comes too late imo thats the coolest part of the tune starts to really groove there
gets bit loopy around 3:48 like maybe some change at that point
cool tune so far though


@BudSpencertron my heart: sounds familiar, maybe youve shared an earlier version too? got me staring out the window bruh, gd shit
fix you: easygoing, its cool. dont have much to feedback personally, but i’d maybe say these tracks sound very familiar already, you know? like ive heard them from artists on youtube already. technically its great, but in terms of authenticity i reckon youve come up with more original sounds. then again, with refixes its v tempting to go pop-sounding

@faultier flip a disco to make some pisco, big ups. tbh this would mix great, wouldnt mind a 320



A Jizz Thing

Floating Tier

Bud Fizix


Sweet! I’ll add feedback before the day is over.


sended three tunes to faultier too :confused: didnt realize its monday already again


@BudSpencertron edited yours in the post :slight_smile:




Nice dreamy intro, love the texture and feel of the pulsating pad! The glitched out drums feel all over the place, which I assume they’re supposed to, so that’s cool! When the bass kicks in at around 1:15 there’s a lot of rumble all over that doesn’t seem intentional, so you might want to look into that. My overall impression is that there is no clear leading element, and that the main focus has been put on the drums and the whole glitchy feel (esp. in combination with the cool textured pad going on in the background). Still though, I feel like there’s a consistency to the track, which is nice! :slight_smile:

Yesyesyes, love the first impression on this one! Great groove and cool feel. Guitar samples and flute in the background are both on point. I don’t have much to critique to give on this one. The stops are also a really nice touch which help drive the beat forward.

Kalt 2:
Cool sounding chops/stabs, yes! At first they sounded more like regular synth stabs but when the lower notes kicked in the formant sound changed and I started thinking of pitched vocal chops instead of synth stabs! 808/kick is nice and heavy, I like it! Snare might be a tad too loud in the mix imo compared to the hihats. The lead synth that comes in at 00:30 instantly gave me zomby vibes :wink: Nice work! Breakdown might be a bit too sparse considering you have so few elements going on. Consider adding some subtle bg-noise/city sounds or something like that to add a “texturised noisefloor” whenever the reverberation from the synth dies out.
The timbre of the second synth/pluck combined with the detuned delay (or whatever is going on, I can at least hear some detuning :p) makes it feel a bit out of place compared to the timbre of the rest of the mix imo. Idk, might just be personal taste etc.

K2k 4:
First impression, hey, is this what they call trance? Stabs sound ok but a bit generic in my taste. The reversed noise-sweep-fx before the bass and lead kicks feels very “slapped on there” in one way + even though I imagine it’s in the correct tempo and so forth it still feels very late compared to the rythm and attack of the stabs.
Imo the bass sound doesn’t fit the more agressive feel and sound the main lead (which I assume has some sort of pitch envelope in the patch, making it all “woop woop”) is going for. Claps also sound overly compressed and very “EDM” in a bad way, and their bright nature combined with whatever reverb you’ve got on em, combined with the extra layer on the main synth, at around 1:11, makes it all too bright in the long ron. But hey, it might just be personal preference.
But I do really like the vocal feel on the main stab that at around 1:00.

The breakdown/changing of tempo doesn’t really fit the tune imo, even though I like the stopping / stuttering variation at around 2:15-2:22!
Overall I feel as though this tune needs more clearly defined verse/chorus sections, because imo you’re relying too much on riser to do that job for you. I find it easy to hear the ideas you’ve had while writing this song, I think, and that in it self is very good thing!

Funkel Im Wald1:
Highly experimental imo, and it feels kind of weird (in a good way I presume) in the beginning with the strange alien noises combined with the plucky melody. Again, I can kind of get an idea of the experimental vibe you’re going for but overall I feel as though the lack of structure isn’t helping you out in a good way.
I like the violent feel of the bass/808, the sweeps and swoops and the hats all fit together nicely! But at around 1:03 things start going haywire, when you change the root note of the song for some reason (?). Feels more like a test than a complete tune imo :confused:


here’s some feedback

@Pokus feeling the dub techno vibes, the part from 2:00 on is especially groovy. not too sure about the clap in this context tho, i feel something a bit less “in your face” might work better, or possibly just have the kicks and the odd incidental percussion if you want to take it in a minimal direction? i guess its more personal taste at this point tho… strong first tuna in any case, you’re more than welcome to send another next week :slight_smile:

@Jizz you know i can’t resist your pads :love: must be “faultier doesn’t like claps” day because i’m not sure about the claps in this either… feel like they’re not well defined compared to other percussive elements, like they don’t have that snap to them? not sure if it’s the sample itself or the FX (reverb too wet maybe?) i agree on the sentiment that there should be another element in there too, like that pad is nice but it needs something to complement it i reckon

@BudSpencertron Kalt: that’s one cold riddim indeed, i feel the reverb on the main synth coming around 0:30 could be a bit more dry, but maybe it’s just me. aside from that not much to critique really.

K2K: at first i was like :confused: but then i was like :corndance: mixing genres is always hard to do well but the grime/trance blend here works pretty well, although it could lean a bit more on the grime side, maybe like you can have that trancey arpeggio muted for a bar every once in a while or something like that to give it that stop and go thats common in grime, little things like that.
i kind of agree with Pokus comment about the mixdown, sounds very crowded and muddy but then again i feel it give a rough edge to the whole thing.

Funkel Im Wald: this one i like a lot, that flutey synth with the melody is sick, but the claps should cut through your mix more imo. i assume this one is still WIP? it sounds like it is, i feel you could bring in another synth, maybe playing a variation of that melody you have in the beginning. also i’m not sure about the break you have in the end, i dont think it fits the vibe of the tune. i think you should keep it restrained

check out this guy for an example of what i mean:


thanks for the feedback guys yeah i guess i will split the funkel tune make two different ones
yeah urban myth is one of the best tunes last couple of yours to be fair haha but yeah i know what you mean