Tuna - The Legend Continues


@Pokus solid intro, sets the mood. kicks feel a bit dim, maybe some processing. its a nice groover, like the subtle high end. yeah its great to hear how restrained the progression is too. this would be a good mixing tool. interested to hear what else you come up with

@faultier standard entry. feel like its not your best groove tbh, youve done ones with more of that Inner Shuffle, get me. this ones more like a timetable, aint getting taught them lessons thooo. very nice vocal.

@BudSpencertron kalt 2: recon the melody could be more inventive, especially for such a nice groove. the sounds are nice, but the melodies… you’ve defo done better imo. hearing a spark of it in that second lead, tender stuff
k2k 4: packing for a festival vibe. oh, as it drops im headed to the festival, in tha car. m8s alredy high and floating yo. this is nice. sound design great. could definitely actually drop and take me to The Festival, tho maybe youre trying for something more controlled. imo tho, could progress.
funkel: woii, yes.beauty. those weightless grime people would love this haha. bassline’s Proper, ruff rhythm, yeaa



good tune hm not much to critic maybe clap (edit) could be tad louder

nice intro sound gets tiny bit sharp but not too much
nice wierd drum setting
yeah def nice idm vibe
hm very nice progression maybe the fx could be bit quieter the ones on the side
maybe i miss a middle part like a bridge or just sth without the beat for a while or beat with lots of filter or reverb
but the tune is finished i think

short instrumental :open_mouth: :smiley:
yeah cool as always ahah bit restrained this time
vocals work fine nothing to critic


@BudSpencertron @cyclopian @hubb @Samuel_L_Damnson @Tolsof @Pokus

send a man a tuna


haven’t had time to make one this week :confused: aiming for the next!


Jizzles and Faul In Penalty Box (WIP, be harsh)

Knob Gamblin

Itchy Samuel

Bruder Spencertron

Feedback Optional (threw in my entries to that boombap comp)



ah sorry i might have one i just always forget that its monday :confused:


RIP Bud Spencer ):


yeah man saw it yesterday got old though :relieved:


Sorry I haven’t had time. I have a beat I made but that’s it (as usual) also feel bad cuz I haven’t had the chance to listen to the other tunas lately


@knobgoblin crisp drums. the extra layer of whiplash claps are great. yeah this is pushing beyond any genre for me. although, donk would be a suitable tag. switch at 3:39 is very obvious, though the track still keeps vibing. technically, this track is immense. only thing i’d say is you could definitely re-edit.re-arrange, if you were thinking of turning this jam into some well-polished track.but thats just a thought

@Samuel_L_Damnson forget about structuring it so much imo. there’s groove here, but its got a bit of a cut and paste feel to it, dunno what you produce on, but just mess with the flow of the beat, cos the elements are great.

@BudSpencertron hahah, not messing about on fork dani. love it. groove could be less cluttered i think. also second synth sounds a bit thin. nice how its a bit quieter, but that could allow for the sound to have some grit.
riverside: this ones a bit flat. might be better without the lead tbh. vocal could be more subtle too. yeah this is sparse, but could be even more spaced out i think. second half doesnt even need a beat, when you could introduce the lead there and solo out

@faultier yeah were my 2nd/3rd choices in the comp lol, nas is solid steel, fatboys getting all grammy


@Jizz @faultier
starts to build up at 1:56 not sure if the melodies come in maybe bit late
but overall very nice like the haunting vocals which movie-sample is it?

nice rythmn hm nothign to critic so far
very long lol but thats not a bad thing hm yeah sounds cool to me

hm not sure if you should drop the beat that early
would hit harder jsut with the 808
hi hats maybe bit louder
dig the break hm yeah maybe just the hi hat i dunno if its cool on the right

nas one sounds cool the acapellas makes the instrumental shine more

ayo fatboy sounds nice and clean yeah nothing to critic


lucien belmond - aire libre


Shiiiiit forgot I need to do feedback! I’ll get on it this evening


I’ll do feedback tonight/tomorrow then I got a tuna for this/next week


DJ Jizzy Jeff

The Notorious B.U.D.

Tolsof Shakur



@Jizz zz and @faultier

this is really cool especially like that bell synth when that comes in all glitched out. just a really cool imaginative tune with heavy bass. the one thing i would change is perhaps adding some reverbs or delays becuase the first half sounds a little dry. so perhaps some subtle verbs on the drums etc.
really dig this tho


sick reminds me of cyclopians stuff :wink:
is this a hardware jam? it sounds really heavy and kinda idm-ish that sort of big high end clap sound is maybe a little too loud but its kinda hard to judge because it kinda adds a raw edge to the track. really lie the way the drums change toward the end of the track i feel like this could have probs happened earlier with the reversed sounding string thing but if this was jammed out then tbh props to u cos its sick.


fork dani:
this is sickkkk. think the gameboy-esque square lead could perhaps be a little quieter (the first one after the drop) or perhaps take out some of the harsher freqs. other than that just get that longer and its done cos its a banger.


i actually dont have anything i would change on this one. this is just lush. where is the vox from?


Dude both of these are next level. u should get ur beats out to rappers cos they are so nice. it was really cool to hear one of ur beats with a vocal on it. (either do that or make a beat tape and send it about because there are so many people who would spit on u beats)


i think

my brother sended me but i remember having a nancy sinatra acapella from bang bang somewhere


@Jizz Eerie man. Hope this becomes somethin more. Could be some kinda epic 10 min + tune. Take us on an adventure Sir Jizz.


Forenoon: The lead progression is kind of typical but overall the sound is pretty huge. Not liking how far left that hat is that comes in around the 1:50 mark but that’s probably just cuz of headphones and would sound fine on speakers. The second drop is great and I’m really glad it’s not just a copy paste of the first drop. That vocal sample fits so well it just blends in there. Dunno how I feel about the hip hop ending. Seems a bit out of place but it’s not bad at all.

Funkel: Nice bass and I really like the break beat. Only problem is I feel like the three parts don’t groove together that well… There’s just something slightly off about it. I think it would work better backwards cuz it kinda starts off with the complicated break beat/bass pattern and gets less and less complicated so if you did it the other way it would build the rhythm instead of taking away. Could be wrong tho.


@BudSpencertron yoo, send over Forenoon plz, banger


nice feedback :slight_smile: agree on most but i guess i keep the hip hop trap outro haha

oha dark intro silent hill vibes maybe watch the super harsh peaks but again they add to the feel
how did you go about making the sound? sample or synth and lots of filters and stuff?
could see this in some dark horror plot like the descent but mixed with prometheus haha
very good one so far maybe atleast an outro or as tolsof said longer but i wouldnt go super long personaly :confused:

dig the beat setting builds up nice the deep sub is nice too
hm so far its more like a set up to a tune maybe add some melodic elements or hm just longer and dif variations of the beat