Tuna - The Legend Continues


Would be cool if you could kind of blend into the ending a bit more so it doesn’t just kinda jump up.

I just started arranging that so yeah there’s some more work going to be put into that beat. I’ve been trying to make a lot of songs around that same theme of just a rhythm so idk about a lead but yeah there’s going to be a lot of variation in the beat. Thanks man


ah yeah i hear what you mean

hm maybe hide the melodies in percussions and bongos and stuff just to add something dif


Yeah I’m think of messing with the bass a bit like distorting it occasionally and stuff. It’s still got a long way to go


:3 lol but love the donk <3


@BudSpencertron forenoon is sick for the dance, hits exactly what its going for. really like the kick, it cuts through without overpowering. section from about 3 mins is the best imo. yeah, banger indeed
funkel: yeee boi, this one grooves very well. with the level of processing u put into forenoon, this could sound very good. the elements are there

also, the samples i used on my tuna were from a peruvian song, forget which now… processed it to get that sound

@Tolsof leaving me speechless here m8, this is very promising. wish i coulda heard more though


thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:



yeah, looks like it :corndance:


@Jizz @cyclopian @faultier @knobgoblin @Tolsof

up for some more tuna maybe after summer? always had fun sharing my ideas and listening :slight_smile: but yeah i lowered my wip game too to be honest last couple of month its def hard to make sth a week or even two


whats good

lets do it!

you thinking we lower it to once every few weeks?


im able to bounce out some tuna lads


yeah i would be fine with a 2 week or even monthly tuna :slight_smile:
and sorry i forgot to tag you @Samuel_L_Damnson


Yeah I haven’t had a chance to make any music lately tho. Been busy with other stuff unfortunately


I sent something to faulty, hopefully this gets up and running again, it’s my main draw for this forum :frowning:


well it looks like recess is over, tuna is officially back in session

cyclopian and knobgoblin already delivered the goods, paging @BudSpencertron @Jizz




edit: jk i’m fine with havin it less frequently, but tbh i feel it being weekly is an integral part of tuna


I’ll see if I can put something together sometime during next week





Samuel L Saxon

Jizz Festival

Jizzy Jeff and the Fault Prince


early bird feedback:

@knobgoblin nice one, sick sound design, liking the switch up around 3:50. from a technical standpoint, mixdown feels a bit too busy at times, also not entirely convinced by the snare you have in the first parts, sounds a bit too much like your average brostep snare tbh? liking the second one at 5:43 better

@cyclopian nice sound design, can’t fault the mixdown, but i feel this one is lacking something, idk kinda feels a bit aimless as it is, wouldnt need much either, maybe just some sparse chord stabs to give a counterpoint to the reverbed cymbals or something

@BudSpencertron sounds pretty much finished to me, maybe you could change the intro/outro a bit so it doesnt start/end so abruptly, but thats nitpicking. feels like the mixdown is bit distorted but i suspect this is the mastering? also feels like this could also work as just an instrumental, like the grime accapella fits, dont get me wrong, but i feel the melody is nice enough to stand on its own

@Samuel_L_Damnson feeling that melody, nothing to critique production wise tbh, maybe could be longer with a second part switching things around, like making a variation on your melody or something, that or go the lazy route, stick an accapella on it and call it a day (also you need to resend me that link so i can post your tuna in the thread)

@Jizz m8 this is sick, wouldnt mind stems to fuck around (yeah i know i keep asking you for stems and not do anything with them, but now that tuna is back, there is hope i might finish one of these before next year)

ALSO TUNA PSA: i’m away for a week from tuesday on, so won’t be able to tunamaster next weekend, now that we’re back in business, lets keep the pace, so if someone wants to step up and collect the tunas for next week that would be great


best weekly cover art yet

yeah will send stems lol. feedback coming sooon

could take over for a week too, internship time


shit ill send again. also ill collect next weeks tunas if everyone is cool