Tuna - The Legend Continues


@knobgoblin agree with faulty, that snare is a bit odd in there (or maybe its just too dry for the tune). Nice old school vibes on those wobs tho, kinda reminds me of early hot flush or sommat

@BudSpencertron nothing to say about this, banger

@jizz vibey, think the piano could be a bit louder though

and on the collab with @faultier really enjoying this, I think some subtle filter changes on the organ sound as the tune develops could help the sound from getting ‘stale’

and re: mine, you are def right @faultier gonna try and add in something a bit more ‘melodic’.


@knobgoblin its just that the snare gets repetitive more than anything imo, especially when its such a heavy one. great sound design as always, nice to hear it progressing as if its a jam. would be real cool to hear the midrange split into various frequencies and get simpler, then combine back into this monstrous creation. atmosphere is so good. very nice shuffle on the kicks toward the end.

@cyclopian what an intro lol. this is seriously different from the usual. loving the resonance shining off the whole track. yoo this is completely zoning me out, ffs. could maybe mess more with the kick rhythm, cos i like the little development with that 4/4 rhythm coming in, that was promising.

@BudSpencertron falling out of nowhere haha. welcome back m8. this might sound even better as an instrumental, though i guess the vocal would attract more listeners. productionwise its solid, got nothing to really add to this. could even start chopping these acapellas and place them here and there, instead of running the whole thing over a beat

@Samuel_L_Damnson melodys real nice. beat could be smoother imo, maybe not so many kicks. at the same time, the beat on its own is great, maybe this specific rhythm could work with a different vibe. yeah, potential here for more than one track i think


nice bass sounds cool switch at 1 56
very progressive and changing alot hm snare i dont mind tbh maybe add some clap to add some level at the last part?
or lowpass it at points
dunno if its maybe bit long but yeah i am a short song guy so i dunno def nice sound design too

wierd intro lol but i dig it
nice 808 maybe would drop even cooler if you cut all the ambient for some short moment or like in waves
haha yeah very minimalistic
hm yeah kinda even like film music very ambient
would maybe try around with the pitch of the drums? to add some melody here and there but its cool as it is

nice little melody intro
yeah i dig the 808s hm yeah i can see that two tune idea one idm one trap haha
or change they sounds more into edm style or like add some choir haha hm but all elements work maybe just not 100 percent together yet

nice ambient piece reminds me again of ghosts of breslau but to be fair i dont know many ambient artist but this has their vibe to it
def nice maybe little outro/fade out

@relkauzer dfaulka
lol at the name
nice samples hm the beat feels maybe too clean? for the old samples
rolls nice though
hm yeah not much to critic could see some grime rapper haha over this or like storyteller


cheers guys yea, i think i made this drum beat after listening to something pretty agressive then put a load of really un agressive sounds with it so idk i might sack off the drums and use em for something else.



this has some seriously cool sounds. I agree it might be cooler to have a litle bit of reverb or dubby delay on the snare if possible to give it some extra depth but the bass sounds are fucking cool. the progression of the track is also really nice.


really dig the intro vibe. i think ive already said this but it has this like alien vibe that kinda creeps me out (but in a good way). the 808 bass is heavy too. I think towards the end the percs could maybe change up a little bit but tbh if this was on a big system i wouldnt mind cos id just be soaking up that 808.


Banger. actally goes really well with the acapella. can i get a copy of this?

really nice piano. I could actually see this as being in a high budget film or video game of some kind. its really nice and relaxing.

@Jizz and @faultier

sickkkkkkkk. i have nothing to say about this one apart from its sick. the choir is dope in the middle. can i also get a copy of this if poss?

i havent had much helpful to say this week tbh everyone makes sick tunes.


Everyone who has tunas send em to me :wink:




TUNA FOR THIS WEEK!!! ! !! ! ! !!!
anyone who hasnt sent it yet no worries just send it and ill update the thread.




@me lol



this is a dope theme for the tune. i really like how the intro grabs your attentoin with really loud gabber kicks.
however i think that when it drops there is somehow less power and weight then in the intro which sounds little weird. i think perhaps the intro kicks need less weight or u have to carve up the drums with filters really harshly to make room for the kicks.

really dig the reverb u have used btw wha plugin is it?


this i dont really have anything to critique this is just a cool idm-ish hip hop beat that u have obviously finihsd. sounding massive.


just massivs reverb lol :slight_smile: yeah i changed it alot today i think i try to make dif songs out of it or sth its not one piece so far :confused:


Sounds like a good idea cos all the parts are cool u could probs get like 3 different tunes out of it


:slight_smile: thanks

have to give feedback soon firefox still doesnt show me soundcloud links but i can listen with opera :confused:


feedback (disclaimer: listening on laptop speakers, so forget about me critiquing mixdowns this week)

@BudSpencertron i like what u have so far, but yeah would work on the arrangement, not too sure about the breakdown, i feel its a bit too long. still u should keep some sort of quiet moment before that second drop with the amen break, really gives it much more impact

@Jizz nice beat. percussions are really on point. i feel like it could use another element, maybe a chopped vocal sample or something, curious who made what as it is radically different from your usual output lately :slight_smile:

@Samuel_L_Damnson that vocal sample :love: probably more personal taste but i would go full on with the sort of 80’s ish vibes you already got going, like bring in some cheesy af sunset in miami vice synth or something like that


the entire sample is a slowed down version of this lol


like how you chopped the sample
you could maybe add bit more power to the midrange bass and kick/snare
but like the tune itself has enough elements. hm maybe even a dif snare hard to tell fits totally but like compressed hip hop snare could work nice here like mpc style compression

nice snare :slight_smile: i am really bad with hip hop rap all this so hard to feedback hm maybe some plucky synth on top or sth complimenting the main sample?


Yea I suppose it def needs more synths. I’m trying to figure out the key lool


A# minor :wink:


Yessssss man :slight_smile:


@BudSpencertron you’ve got a great signature sound now imo. not that that should even matter really but still. the structure to this is so good. only thing i can think of is maybe mess with the lead more, cos the groove is great so maybe an arpeggiated rhythm on the lead would let it move even more

what do you mean by mpc compression btw, high ratios etc?

@Samuel_L_Damnson ooh yeah m8, this is smooth. tbh mc’s could get into this. drums sounding very nice. would be cool to get a 320 hahah, once its finished

@faultier yeah its with an irl mate. i did more of the bassline work and structuring, re-arranging. the samples and basic grooves were done by m8


I’ll send it thru :). I was planning on shorting this one to some trillwave ish rappers.


or like hm some araab muzik or alchemist, just blaze

like yeah really smashed kicks snares :slight_smile:

here are some drums i think could fit


safee, good shout