Tuna - The Legend Continues


@BudSpencertron groove fits that vocal very well. snare sound could be more subtle on this one imo. that midrange coming in toward the end is great too, im sure in the final version that could become a major element
onto next time 5. pads reminding me of some of your other stuff. yeah, this is chilled bud hahah. nice call on the trapp-y percussion. again, snare seems slightly off though not sure why. it’d be a good track to get more experimental with harmonies, lots of space to do that

@Samuel_L_Damnson dont have anything to say on this, its sounding great. you could probably look into remxing this, get weird maybe

@faultier love the raw 808s. defo one of the better 4/4 tracks, simply cos its going down its own route. break could be more interesting. could also have a different rhythm going for the second half


@Jizz seconding samuel’s comments, what you have now already works as it is, would just add little variations here and there, like fills, automation or something to add variation a bit

maybe you could add a vocal sample, but i’m probably just suggesting that because thats what i’d do

@BudSpencertron pandarina: nice roller here, not sure about the snare here, sounds a bit too vengeance-y, although i guess it fits with the tear out vibes, add samples of gunshots for extra realness imo

next time: not super fond of the trap beats but i guess its more personal taste, nice emotional piece, is it a collab with your bro or solo stuff?

@Samuel_L_Damnson not sure why but your track won’t play :frowning: will try again later
also yeah, this one is still WIP but happy to send it your way when i finish it


big up its a banger


also i only received something from Jizz, you guys have owt or should we skip a week?


yea i have s.t. lemme just bounce it


lol you know me too well next time is collabo with my bro

want to give feedback but this soundcloud shit pisses me of i cant see your tunes but with opera i can kinda but it wont play all the time
either its cause my pc so broken by now or its some settings i didnt find yet :confused:


ye soundcloud embeds do weird stuff on dsf, i’ll post the tunas later, @BudSpencertron i trust you’ll have your usual weekly EP ready and sent by then :badteeth:

@Samuel_L_Damnson belated feedback: really liking this one, can’t really critique anything, real nice use of that sample, feel like your production chops really improved lately m8 :salute:


ive been aiming to finish a beat day while unemployed and out of uni, its the most progress i have made in ages. big up your self for saying that it means a lot


Jizz Dawg

Lil Damnson

Yung Spencertron


double feedback
nice ambient sounds beat feels bit too dry for my taste atm the rest is full with warmness and the beat is just there but the rythmn is cool maybe just add some stuff to the drum bus
hm maybe clean out the freq tiny bit at some points but it sounds nice like this
hm bassline works i guess

beat like this would be tight i think like breakbeat a bit or trip hop or how its called

Kickoff w/ Reverb
dig the beat more here has a better place overall sounds more finished
beat could be tiny bit more prominent just a tad
melodies are lovely
yeah really nice tune reminds me of dj krush

808 is tight here :slight_smile:
hm i would like the beat more like wave style i guess haha like drowned in the sounds but the beat itself is cool

sad trap wip
nice 80s sounds in the intro
yeah here the beat i like more beat less predictable
1:13 def nice melody
i think at the start maybe even less sounds would be tighter and maybe the pads coming in quietly

colombian flu
nice cheesy melody
haha drop is nice sounds some cool indi game main theme i wanna play
intelligent tropical house?
whats the sample you used for those nice woodblocks? or what its called the real sounding one
yeah def refreshingly different to your instrumentals :relaxed:
sounds kinda finished to me maybe play around with the chords here and there?
reminds me tiny bit of my funkel entdeckt braunkohle in a good way <3


literally out of the box preset from a kontakt library (west africa discovery series)

sort of off topic but i’m 94% sure this is also where the drums in “wayfarer - fall of the zulu” come from


ah yeah but kontakt libraries tend to be good out of the box lol

yeah i bet he used it, i mean why not if it sounds cool it sounds cool



@Jizz oshitwaddup, this is real nice. lots of character in all the elements. not sure if voluntary but there are weird clicks at time, dont want to throw cyclopian under the bus but could be the mastering. otherwise can’t really critique anything. maybe there could be more to it tho, like as it is i feel it sounds more like something for someone to sing/rap over.

@Samuel_L_Damnson oooh, i’m a sucker for these kinds of mallet-ish sounds. not sure if its a sample or a synth, if the latter, i’d try to make the melody more complex as the tune progresses (aka just randomly add midi notes and see what clicks :badteeth: ) also i know i’m in no position to say this with my < 2 min tuna but it should be longer, like i could see it second drop into another section, with maybe more 808 action

@BudSpencertron really like the idea with the vocal sample. the levels are a bit uneven tho, the vocal sample is overpowered once the reece and break come in. also i think you could mangle the vocal sample once it drops, like maybe vocode it to the reece or something like that. i feel the break is a bit underwhelming too, not sure how to express it but idk, the intro got me in the mood for something real experimental. in any case, even if you stick with that break, i think the percs could be busier, you need more hihats imo.

big up boys, very strong tuna week



sounding niceeeeeeee, low end nice and chunky. everything sounding good to me mix wise. loads of nice sounds coming in and out of focus. this kinda has a staggering home drunk kinda vibe. fantastic stuff :wink:


sick arrangement and concept on this. i recon on the drop where the drums arent playing u should reduce the sub bass a bit so that when it come in the second time its got a bit more oomph behind it.
also when the reese filter back in around 1:15 it could maybe have more reverb on it to make it sound less focused than when it drops if you get me.

cant wait to hear the finished one on this


@Samuel_L_Damnson very sad indeed. dont have much to say about this man, its sounding good. nice simple groove, nice chords too. yeah you probably could send this to mc’s, could probably also progress these instrumentals into full tracks by themselves

@BudSpencertron hahah nice intro. not a fan of that midrange but thats just me. vocals are great, the vibe is nice. yes, nice drums on the second half. hahahah wtf is this singing


the shape of jizz to come

john faultrane

art ensemble of cyclopian

charles mcpherson where’d you find this

bud powell


bit late :confused:


you guys compeletely ruined my avant garde jazz theme for this week’s tuna monikers


I’m currently away from home but can bounce s.t. and send u it tonight to join in the fun


yeah send it tonight, the more the merrier, i’ll add it to the official tunapost™