Tuna - The Legend Continues



(possibly important note: after a year or so of not having monitors because reasons, making and listening to tunas on headphones, i got monitors for my production machine, my feedback mixdown wise should be more reliable from now on, or not, maybe give me a few weeks to get used to monitors again :badteeth: )

@Jizz hard to critique something that’s so extremely experimental tbh, digging the sound design tho. probably firmly into personal taste territory but i feel it could work better if the groove was tighter, like keep the messed up and harsh tones but structure it in a way that makes sense groove-wise, think emptyset’s demiurge album, really experimental and weird but still something you can bop your head to

@cyclopian liking this, not sure if finished or WIP, but wouldnt mind a 320 once you’re done. hope it’s a WIP tho, give this baby a proper ending, could also easily be 1-2min longer. aside from that not much i’d change, the upper end frequencies on the kick on 1 sounded very harsh when i listened earlier on headphones, but it doesnt sound so bad on my monitors now, so i’m not sure. actually maybe just a volume thing? or maybe some sort of transient shaper misbehaving, like it sort of pops in a vaguely unpleasant way? after several listens idk anymore, dont mind my ramblings. all in all, my main criticism is that “six shot” was a much superior title imo.

@Samuel_L_Damnson really digging that main synth melody, not sure what to say about this one, mixdown sounds fine to me, appreciate all the little bleepy incidentals too, not sure what to critique tbh, sounds really finished to me, unless you want to extend it into a second part, then i’d suggest switching that synth melody around in the second section

@BudSpencertron C2 4: really feeling this, actually wouldnt mind stems to try and give it a remix. it sounds to me like that reese is way too loud compared to other elements, was especially noticeable on headphones. maybe you could lowpass it a bit too so it doesnt fight for space with the rest in the mid-frequencies? another thing is i’m not sure about the snare, feels like it could cut through the mix more?

Take This Out: not sure about the accapellas, feel what you have here is sick enough to stand on its own tbh, also not 100% certain but it seems to me the vocals are slightly out of tune with the music. i would ditch the accapellas and fill the blanks with more of that choir-like thingy imho

oh and, back to what i was saying re: getting monitors again, re-listening to my own recent tunas, everything sounds like the bass is either too loud or quite muddy or both? is it just me not being used to my monitors yet or have my subs been sounding like shit and none of you traitors told me? i thought we waz friends


would have to relisten but yeah your sub was prominent its hard to judge with headphones
did you treat your room? maybe its overpowering cause of some feedback of the walls or sth?

hm the reece sounds OK haha on my headphones not super overpowering maybe abit but yeah def will A/B it now
yeah the acapella i dig it but maybe i make too versions


i like too much bass so probably not a good judge for this


I’ve always thought ur stuff sounds good mix wise. I haven’t had monitors for a long time since my left one blew then I moved back in with my folks tho


Also big up on the fb. I’ll try sort out feedback soon as


any tunas for this week? i have a shitty hip hop instrumental, but its shitty even by my own faulty standards
we can have a truce week as well


All I’ve managed this week is the 100bpm contest and a continuation of one from the week before :frowning:


Yeah… could knock one up but maybe wait


just submitted some rly ruff tuna


our dog got sick so i didnt do much music besides working on some old tunes tiny bit :pensive:




faulty loops


sent in an older bit, lets keep it going

feedback for last week

@faultier those stabs could be mixed better. might sound better without the stabs even. theres a real nice balance between the sub and lead so. oh yea, second half is great. vibing off this one

@Samuel_L_Damnson groove on this is so good. could look into melodic progressions. drums could be a bit louder too imo but that could be me

@BudSpencertron c2. plugged in the mouse halfway through, that windows sound for new device mixes real nice with this track lol. dont have much to say on this tbh, the intro sequence was great too.
take this out. hahah, fair enough on the dench. tbh could be interesting to hear some different melodies on that bass tone, especially cos from the c2 track its obvious you like making melodies. bring the two approaches together maybe


by stabs do you mean the ska-sounding sample or the long-ish attack midrangey synth?


Sorry I’ve been fucking about recently I’ll get the feedback done soon


ska-sounding sample, the darker 4-note melody


The other weeks feedback sorry its so late
@Jizz Kicked:
this is mad is every sample a kick drum in this one? id maybe like to hear a hi hat esque sound that comes in later, or maybe a snare or both. obvs easier said than done if its entirely kick drums.

@faultier cool whip:

really digging the progression on this one, lots of really interesting layers and textures in this. i dont know if theres much to say about this one, the mix sounds good to me and theres nothing id add or takeaway.

cant see ur track :frowning:

c2 4 i think i told u abt the other day :wink:

Take this out:

i think ur lower midrange bass that plays on its own with the drums from arounf 1:43 could maybe have more grittiness to it, maybe some higher end distortion on it or a high shelft eq? itd just make it a bit more aggy.

on second listen i would say most of ur midranges on this track could benefit from a little bit more high end


Last set of tuna feedback:


this is dope not sure ive ever hear anything particularly this menacing and reggae vibes at the same time. ur delays on the vox are really nice too reall sort of fed back blury delays love it. theres a lot of stuff you could obviously add on top of this like perhaps a snare with tons of verb or something but the almost underwater pulsating feel kinda suits it better imo. i wonder if maybe you could push some of the sounds left or right a bit so that its a bit wider tho.

big up on this tune


cool beat would love to hear bars over this its got that perfect gap for vocals in it. i would maybe suggest cutting some freqs from your bass synth where ur kick sits, if u have already maybe do it more cos its getting a little swallowed up from what i can tell.
maybe later of the melody could like open up and get brighter or even higher pitched or something


this is dope, theres only one thing i would chnge and that is to turn down the kalimbas that are in the side channel mainly, they are just a little bit loud and kinda draw attention away from everythin else.

other than that its lush


@Jizz Nice spaced out and hypnotic vibes. Would love to hear a lazy snare roll or two at points in the tune just to break that pattern up a bit

@faultier nice sample flips, dont have too much to say on this one. Might be kinda cool to put that snare/stab that repeats through the whole tune into a sampler so you could play the snare/stab into more of a melody? IDK, nice work tho.


:confused: sorry for not feedbacking didnt have much feeling for music would have said some basic shit i guess just to have said sth

so tuna is on a break?


yeah slacked on the feedback last week too, will try to sort it out tomorrow

i received a tuna from cyclopian, we can have a tiny tuna week if someone else has one? might just dig an old shitty wip tbh