Tuna - The Legend Continues


gonna make something quicktime, will send tonite


@cyclopian really into the general foggy atmosphere you doing lately, like pads without any melody. ohh shit, yeah this is nice. maybe run the jah sample thru some fx, get it rhythming too. the bongos build a steady groove. also, could always have a halftime switch, if u wanna go overboard like

@faultier grooves, what can i say m9. eu, eu, eu, eu, eu, eu, eu, eu



The Jizz on Monica Lewinsky’s dress


damn, just as I sarted working for a cigar-smoking womaniser… u getting mystic faultier


double feedburger

rob collab: feels to me like the kick could be weightier, idk, maybe i would try with a different kick altogether actually, but maybe thats just me, personal opinion and all that
also seconding the comment that it could use another element on top, maybe some dub techno stabs could do, like take it firmly in rhythm & sound territory?

purr: i like the pads, although it feels a bit monotone-ish after a while, i reckon you can definitely add some other melodic element, even just something sparse. not too sure about the snare, i’d try to layer it with some other sound to make it a bit crunchier, that or maybe put it through some subtle reverb to give it more character feels kinda dry as it, also agreed you could work on the drums, add incidentals here and there to make it less samey

unknown t: oh shit, sick sound design on that horn sounding bass in the intro, i’m all ears if you want to say how you made this one. wasn’t expecting it to go all acid techno, interesting progression, listening on headphones so maybe thats the problem, but i feel like you could have more going in the low end once it goes acid, i’d say you could try to somehow re-use that intro bass later

hallo2: always difficult to critique straight weird ambient pieces like that, feeling it tho, big up the ominous dystopian vibes. is it samples or synths?

also re: your new boss, just make sure you keep the jizz stained dress handy for the subsequent judiciary committee hearing and i reckon you’ll be fine


Thanks for taking your time to hear:


nice drone sound how did you go about creating them? samples or synths?
has a nice movie soundscape to it
its bit on the sharp side haha but i dig this acid sound <3
yeah i reckon too give this kick more power to really have a surprising drop
when the open hi hats come in thats tight maybe some hi hats earlier just to give it bit more rythm
overall really nice jsut maybe bit unbalanced?

ps: did you ever start sth with the heart stems i send you ?

same drone vibe :slight_smile:
i dig it has this robots doing their buisness or like claymotion could see this used in some film or game for sure


@cyclopian intro is relaxing in a weird way. the lack of structure, how its just noise really laid back. oh yeah this is great, kicks come in really nice. could maybe mess with the arpeggios some more, though i like how the current one combines with the hats.


@cyclopian @BudSpencertron @Samuel_L_Damnson y’all have any tuna?

got something from the Jizzlejuice, i’ll try to whip something together tonight and will post tunas tomorrow so send them if you got’em


Might be able to send tonight :wink:


Jizz The Ripper

Bud The Impaler

Dr Faultenstein


@Jizz that random ass noise at 0:12 literally scared me, would make it less loud, or scrap it altogether actually, it kinda ruins the vibe imho. really liking that vocal sample and the weird ominous pads tho. very restrained, much tension, strong stuff.
i feel the snare sounds a bit too dry tho, maybe some subtle reverb could help it gel into the mix better.

@BudSpencertron big stuff as usual, not much to critique tbh. really feeling the vocals this time although i feel at times they sound a bit too loud in relation to other elements in the mix, especially during the quiet parts like the intro and the breakdown. also maybe just my headphones but the upper frequencies sound a bit crowded in the 2nd and 3rd part maybe you could try lowpassing some stuff to free up some room up there.


that intro sound is a combo of synth layers (Blade and Blue2), some noise samples, and everything pushed to cassette tape to glue it, then some processing afterwards, spent about 10x more time on the intro than the acid bits, I mainly just got bored near the end haha

re: the stems, I have like 3 projects so far going with the stems but nothing so far that is any good, I’m gonna try again soon :slight_smile:

and re: everyone, sorry for my lack of feedback on here lately, I keep meaning to and then its already the next saturday :S


@Jizz I like the dubby intense fx bits but i think the onset of them is a little too jarring, it might help too, to just subtly dub the rest of the elements, at least on certain hits before add some delay or something to kinda blend it together. Idk, its a tough one to crit because it seems very intentional. (I guess im just saying what I would do with it :slight_smile: ) nice work tho mate

@BudSpencertron would be cool hear the vocal used later in the tune, maybe heavily gated to match with the drums, almost just as another instrument

@faultier I know you were concerned about your bass a while back, its sounding heavy and smooth here, nice work. The other bits are nice as always.


@BudSpencertron @Samuel_L_Damnson @Jizz already got a tuna from the badman cyclopian, been the most productive i’ve been in ages and got two tunas from myself, send yours if you got some


I’m gonna be working on tune battle tune with jaydot loool


on one hand tuna has always been really inclusive even giving feedback to the occasional spammer, otoh i spent the last 30 min full body cringing at the shitposts you littered the forums with over the past 24 hours, so i’m torn here

also not sure i feel like giving feedback on 4 of your tunes just because you’re seemingly having a meltdown and suddenly decided to post an EP worth of material in here for some reason

but i’ll meet you halfway, pick one of these tunes, PM it to me and i’ll add your tuna with the others when i post the lot later, safe?


I didn’t have any meltown of any sort man I was just riled by antagonistic twats what can I say I’m human I have emotions I’m allowed to show them that doesn’t make me somehow less of a man or sick in the head or anything. I wasn’t the only one though come on let’s be fair and at least my posts read coherently lmao

Why can I not just pick 1 or 2 tunes for feedback? I thought this was the more sophisticated version of the Dub’s Club??


not exactly like the dubs thread, basically the idea is everyone pm me a tuna then i post the lot and everyone feedbacks everyone else’s tuna

the one tuna per person isn’t a hard rule, bud sometimes sends up to 4 tunas a week, but considering its your first time posting in the tuna and having to feedback 4 tunes per person make other tunaites less likely to find the motivation to give feedback, i feel it aint unfair to limit your tuna contribution to 1 tuna this week?

so if thats ok with you, pick whichever of these tunes you posted you most want feedback on, pm it to me and welcome to the tuna?


Yeah that’s sweet man I will PM you 1-2. :slight_smile: