Tuna - The Legend Continues


:slight_smile: will make something today


ah rop papen synths right?
i torrented some :confused: but never got into them besides predator that one is one of the best vsts i would say

nice to hear that you still work on it :slight_smile: yeah no rush would be cool if it happens though


@BudSpencertron loving the atmosphere on this, though the drums could gel in better imo. might even work better with fewer drums. ah yeah from 1:30 onward the drum loop flows, as the synths open up. nice hats. yeah only got that slight thing to say about the first drum section. would be well cool to hear ambient mixes of some of these synths btw

@faultier lofi, feeling. was hoping for a trump-esque melodramatic number but yeah, this is nice. also noticing your basslines on this one, simple bass-stabs fit really well


TUNA, the presidential edition

Bill Clintopian

Dwight Faultenhower

Lyndon B Spencertron

Jizzy Carter

John Fitzgerald Knobgoblin



@cyclopian suitably heavy, cant really fault anything tbh, mixdown sounds on point on my setup, feeling the drum breaks, just keep’em coming m8

@BudSpencertron the weight: not overly fond of that main melody from the intro, the synth dropping around 1:27 is sick tho, i feel you could try and process the vocals some more but probably more personal taste than objective feedback

bnks : feeling the levels are better than in last week’s version but maybe its just my ears playing theyselves, liking the variations you added on the main melody, i’d say this one’s finished

@Jizz as i said via pm, this one’s really sick, can’t really point out anything i dislike, the vocal samples, the beats, the overall atmosphere, really feeling this, without knocking your other stuff i reckon thats the best tune i heard from you tbh, will deffo try to make the stems justice :smiley:

@knobgoblin another nice jam, again not much to critique, nothing standing out mixdown wise, nice progression, damn you guys need to be less talented, i dont even know how to give you constructive feedback anymore

really, big up guys, strong tuna week :cannon:


Am gonna have a tuna listening sesh tomorrow after work lads. Am just abt to go to sleep but I’ve missed hearing unbelievable fire on a weekly basis. :wink:


last week feedback

very sub heavy hm maybe you could even slightly eq it but its still ok i think
hm hm yeah i think some highend i dunno on the snare it feels bit underwatery
but the elements flow nice together maybe i just miss something “special”? like to stand out

the sub has maybe bit too much crackle or like overpowering and yeah the wierd noise maybe lower the levels at first and bring it in over time or lowpass or sth
love the wierd pads in the background and the short vocal sample though
hm yeah i think cool little tune if you change this noise sound abit and maybe solo the lows and look for some area in the sub where the freq is really showing


this week feedback

is it finished?
if not maybe watch right at the start the digital crackle noise i think its from some reverb delay maybe?
love the build up nice filter work
real dark sounds
ah when the beat drops it gets real nice
hm maybe bring more of the groove at 3:40 earlier this pulsating or hint at it
but yeah real heavy :slight_smile:

very nice atmosphere right from the getgo
i think here your hm forgot the word haha “kinda of grit complex beat” works nice
hm yeah so far nothing to critic nice little notes in the break the crackle is nice too
maybe play with the crackle abit more filter in out
yeah sounds close to finished maybe add some breaks in the beat like stops

haah second one <3
TUNE lol told you some vocals makes everything more hype
hm if any feedback bring the vocals more in the front at parts you can easily make room with some multiband compressor that reacts to the main freq of the vocals or cut some hard eqs but its worth it real nice tune besides that
maybe add some rides for the hype later on and maybe more gunshots haha why not
but def finish and put online more of those please

love the sub drop reminds me of old idm tunes clicks and cuts stuff <3 i agree very enjoyable tune compared to some of your other work. mix sounds good too
hm reminds me of some artist but i forgot the name some old idm one but thats a compliment lol
yeah real nice more of this too please

dig the wierd kinda happy vibe, kinda even 80s like beat
hm yeah wierdly enjoyable
nice stabs later on
hm nothing to critic reminds me of autechre at points


@Samuel_L_Damnson @BudSpencertron @cyclopian @knobgoblin

Jizzles delivered, send tuna


Will send tonight fam got some.werid ass dubstep to send


@cyclopian deep roller, feeling this technique of slowly opening up the frequencies. man, got nothing to say about this, breaks come in well nice. maybe a rhythm change from around 2:45, or 3.38. something that could even be a switch on the breaks

@faultier horsewaslost. melancholic m8. strong week rhythmwise. got that faultier signature of lofi-ness, but i gotta say would be cool to hear something brighter in here as well. going on for too long as well, since its the same loop
rachmaninovwithatattitude. really feeling this. who wouldve thought, hahah. temps should defo consider tenor. the vocal carries the loop to the end, dont have much to suggest on this

@BudSpencertron the weight. first few secs are so similar to coki-madman, then it switches into something melodic. imo one of those beats for your vocal chops, though maybe youre deliberately keeping those to the break. as purely instrumental beat, it does get repetitive. got my sister singing at the break tho lol, sam smith apparently
bnks5. ah cool, nice use of space, vocals and pads work real nice. hahah, dropp. maybe youve shared this on tuna before, melody is very familiar. feeling this one bud, the lead cuts through just right and the rhythm is flowing

@knobgoblin damnn, slick shit. going mad on that snare. love getting those engine-revving type of midrange. sounds like its a chop of a rawer sound, so could resample more elements of that core sound. and maybe rhythm switches cos the snare is so prominent.


lol haha thats cool though


Jizzy Lanza

The Bud

Fatima Al Cyclopian


some tunas in there :slight_smile: maybe you like some of them open for remixes for sure <3



@Jizz really interesting sound design in this. not too sure about the heavily processed drum break in the first part, i like it but it feels too thin, like could have more weight in the mix.

i feel the second part too, but it should build into something, as it is, it feels more like an interesting rough draft than a finished project

@BudSpencertron great synth work as usual. i feel the drum break is a bit too muddy, the voice also sounds bit dirty at times, not sure if voluntary as your mixes are usually quite clean.

progression wise maybe the drums could change/vary more

@cyclopian feeling this one a lot. that 8bit-ish synth is peng and melody super catchy, found myself humming it during my lunch break. only little thing is, i assume there’s some sidechaining involved and it feels to me like some of the elements’ volume are ducking in way that is very distracting (at least on headphones)

also, only received a tuna from knobgoblin for this week, anyone else got something?


Johnny Knobville

Jizz Morrison


Damn, I haven’t tuna’ed in forever. Girlfriend just moved out, so I’m pulling all my kit out of the basement and diving in. Even scooped an op-1 as an inaugural gift of my return, so expect to see me. BTW jizz, that beat is sick. What are you using? 404 perhaps?


ableton, keep meaning to get some hardware though

tuna, where have we gone


yeah gotta kickstart tuna again now that the holidays are over, maybe this saturday again?


Yeaa lets do this