Tuna - The Legend Continues


i might have sth or atleast try to give some feedback would be fun to have it rolling again :3


I have something g I started a couple days ago I can. Bounce


whos runnig tuna this week, im gonna be away most of the weekend but ill be able to drop back in and give feedback sunday night/ monday morning


who we send to?
@faultier are you up for it again?


yup, definitely still much up for tuna

although, tbh as far as i’m concerned one of the reasons tuna lost momentum imho, is we all slacked on giving feedback (not pointing fingers at anyone, i’m guilty as well) which kinda defeats the purpose of the tuna imo


Im terrible for this


Gotta rate tuna just cos it gets us making something . been so lazy recently, this might kick off a new phase


Ya will defo make a better effort on the feedback side of things :slight_smile:


One thing that would make tuna infinitely better: If a mod could edit tabasco’s OP to clarify the rules and regs, I have tuna to submit but din’t know how,


received entries, will make the tunapost tonight boys

@jaydot i aint no mod but i hope explanations from a pleb like me will do

every week on sundays, everyone who wants in can pm a track, i then aggregate the lot and post it, usually on mondays, then we all feedback each other’s tuna during the week, rinse and repeat

no genres, no themes, just send whatever you got, even if WIP

as i said, i’ll post the entries for this week tonight so you can still send owt





faulting module name


So how does TUNA work these days? edit: n/m …I see it answered a few posts above facepalm.meme



@cyclopian really interesting take on 160bpm-ish stuff, quite hard to critique this one, as most of the stuff that is “wrong” seems to be so very intentionally… possibly nitpicking but i feel the amen(?) break could be a bit louder in the mix tho

@BudSpencertron not much to say about this one either, nothing particularly sticks out as wrong mixdown-wise, sounds mostly finished to me
more personal taste but i think the asian-ish flute in the breakdown could make a comeback in the second part?

@Jizz interesting ideas in there, somewhere between genius and autism, not sure if its more of a draft or if you want to keep the structure as is but i feel the beat could do with morevariations, fills, etc
the second part with the yo-hooo vocal sample is very cool but it makes the first part feel all the more empty in comparison imo, maybe bring some pads or some background atmosphere foley?


@cyclopian: Normally the incessant kick drum at that speed would be my thing, but with the tempo changes and break downs. Also the length was just right. I could never last a whole hour of that kind of music at a rave even back in the day. Like the glitchy aspect as well. I’d listen a version with a the amen louder, but dunno if I’m completely sold on that suggestion. Really interesting take on a lot of common tropes.

@Bud love all the square-ish 808 bizness on this. Not a huge fan of the vocal stab. Sounds a bit too pre packaged for my taste. Maybe needs some grit or dirt. Over all dig the vibe. I’d certainly listen to more of this. And Yea, I could do with a little more of the flute on this. Maybe even a moment where things are pretty sparse and you add some additional delay/reverb.Though the structure is good and the length seems good. I could see maybe doing an alternate mix that is a bit dubbier. Digging it man.

@Jizz: Interesting idea. Even at this length I think I want a somewhat more varied beat. Its also lacking some low end energy on my end. If it were my track I’d probably just make the kick thump a little lower. I might also try taking that inital vocal and chopping some bits out to layer in another percussive instrument.

@faultier: I’d like a little more volume on that first main synth. I like that 32nd note perc a lot. Lots of good change ups. I think the arrangement probably works pretty well as is. But I wonder if you could squeeze in a couple surprises in the last third of it. A few skips in the beat or something.


@BudSpencertron banger! the only thing that throws me off a bit is that pitched up 808 around 1:04, i like the change up but something on the mix there makes it stick out in a strange way to my ears

@Jizz this one is wonky af, in a good way. The vocal background bits in the 2nd half are cool but i think they could be used in the arrangement a bit more ‘effectively’, as they are now they are just kind of there. Maybe a lil more bass in the mix too (but thats just personal preference :slight_smile: )

@faultier something about the snare is bothering me on this one, doesnt quite fit the mix? a few other small mix issues like the string stabs’ and bells’ relationship but the vibe is really sick, nice to hear something a little more ‘uplifting’ than what we normally delve into haha

re: my own

@faultier cheers man, I really just need to bin the current break im using and find a better sounding one, this one started out sounding bad in the first place, but was fun trying to shoehorn it in

@fragments thanks for the feedback man, glad to see ya getting involved with tuna :slight_smile:


Np man. Stoked actually. Gonna have a lot of free time over the next semester and though I’ll be a bit poor financially, I’ll be rich in free time. Might as well bang out some tunes instead of jerking off lol.

Defo will have something to submit for the next round.


OK, will see if I have something for the next one


dif to your other stuff
dig the batman like shout sounds
hm i think i personaly would have let it run bit longer with the shouts
hm and maybe go hard on the timestretch like maybe send some stuff to a send and stretch that on the side so you can blend in the dif speeds with delays and or reverbs / fades
overall though cool tune i think you could make a straight version too like without time changes just jungle breaks and the other elements

dig the wonky beat
yeah very wierd one
maybe pitch all the elements bit more together
haha but it has something
could change the duck melody too abit just here and there dif note

again very dif to your usual stuff in parts familiar in others
the snare doesnt bother me personally its basic but i think works in context maybe play with a room reverb or sth like that to give it some more room
i think the sample might need more presence its like very thin atm
i like the bell melody though
maybe try to recreate your sample with a heavier synth or layer both
and find some cheesy vocals haha or sth give it this 90s vibe


@cyclopian love this man, beyond genres like. the crazy thing is it could get broken down into least two separate tunes as well. imo with a catchy melody, this could even break through to others outside the scene imo

@BudSpencertron ah man, been ages since a tuna feedback. the recognisable mog melodies! i think the melody in the main section drags this beat down a little bit. the attack on that synth is nice, but for some reason sounds off when playing with those hats to me… the hats flow, but the lead is kinda winding around. maybe it was on purpose though

@faultier m8, genius and autism, technically neither so this is a great compliment.
tune is real nice tbh, sounds like you spent more time than usual, actual progression and whatnot. solid drums. that lead is waiting for melodic switchups imo. could even have a break just with that lead playing differently


When do we need to get our tune in for TUNA? I might not be able to until later tonight EST as it isn’t uploaded yet.