Tuna - The Legend Continues


no worries mate, send it whenever you’re ready i’ll make the post tomorrow morning CET


kim jizz un

cyclopian milosevic

buddi amin dada

fragments duvalier

faul pot


nice to see it roll again :slight_smile: will feedback tomorrow hopefully free day




@jizz I like the broken/juke ish feel of this. Something weird happens with some kind of compression or side chaining almost immediately. The first synth patch sounds great then the kick and/or bass comes in and smashes it into the background. Over like the concept and sounds. It is a very sudden and drastic change some how sounds “off” in my headphones. I’ll try to have a listen at home this evening on my monitors and edit these comments. Maybe some weird stereo stuff going on?

@cyclopian Oooh very BoC : ) properly lo fi, but then not really BoC at all with that heavy ass beat. I think that arp/sequence gets a bit lost for me in general. Just want a touch more of it. Love the jet plane as a transitional element. The drone-ish organ sound is really cool as well. I think that heavier beat set agasint that BoC lo fi tape sound synth back ground is really doing it for me here. Mix sounds good on my headphones. I will try to double check everyone’s on my monitors at home.

@BudSpencertron love that intro meldoy/synth. Has a nice "live played feel. I never get tired of full sounding reese bass supporting the low end. Tape stop transition is a nice touch as well. What ever you are doing as far as “trap beats” on top of this lush melodic stuff (think you did that last round too) is really great. I know the side chaining is a genere trope or w/e, but I’d back it off a touch (totally a taste thing btw). I’d love another moment of that initial little melody part in here somewhere (unless I’m missing it).

@faultier track 1: I like the instrumental and vocal samples here. Maybe a few percussive flourishes? I like the energeny and dusty vibe–which you pulled off well. The dirt all seems purposeful and well shaped and not accidentally “good” (also doesn’t sound just bad/muddy…that is a werid comment…you know what I mean though eh?). I like beats like this, but sometimes I wish they did a bit more because the funky as hell and I want to listen longer. Though I there is something to be said for the method of giving the audience just a taste so they have to keep coming back to the track for more.

Track 2;



@Jizz really interesting wonky groove here. i feel it could be improved with incidental hits here and there, like maybe with that snare you bring in towards the end. actually not sure if it’s just a clip, like it feels it’s just the intro and i want to here what’s next.
seconding fragments comment re: compression, the volume seems to be ducking abruptly at times.
i really feel it needs to be longer tho. also not sure if that main melody’s sample or a synth, but there’s a very quiet stab in the back, i’d bring the volume of that one up if you can.

@cyclopian REALLY feeling that arpeggiated melody, has a slugabed’s first planet mu EP feel to it and i’m all over that. it could definitely be louder in the mix though, maybe just my setup but it’s barely audible once the beat drops. otherwise not much i can fault, that beat is heavy af. on personal taste tip, but i’m digging these more melodic pieces you’ve been making lately(stag :love:) please sir, can i have some more?
for real tho, i’d like a 320

@BudSpencertron sick melody. you won’t often hear me say that about your mixdowns but it feels to me all the percussions should be hitting way louder. at least on my monitors the reese is overpowering everything else, but maybe that’s emphasized by the sidechaining as pointed out by fragments. minor grip but i’m not too convinced by the snare, it fits but to me it sounds a bit too much like “generic_trap_sample_pack_snare_001.wav”. i wouldn’t necessarily change it but maybe layer it with something else, like maybe some foley sound or something to give it a bit more character?

@fragments sound design in the intro is top, i’d definitely like another part with just that same pad and the beat. the second synth that comes in at 0:35 is also good but i feel the melody gets old really fast, even with little variations you add in later. personal taste but seeing as it already kinda gives me an afx vibe i’d suggest adding braindance-ish arpeggios here and there, like little incidental things to keep the listener on his toes, maybe try to modulate parameters of the synth and see what sticks. also welcome aboard :hooray:

re: my second one “gottagofast”, i’m increasingly unconvinced by the panning, any thoughts?

@Dubstep_Warrior let’s hear that bassline then, i collect the tunas on sundays


@Jizz sweet concept here just held back with some technical things to my ears. I would mix the percussion a bit louder, push the synths down a bit because right night perc and music are fighting for the same space in the mix and it flattens the whole thing out a bit. Maybe do a little eq on that main lead/bassline synth to drop out some of the low/mids, should help your kick drums punch through in the mix a bit more. Feel like the mix is a little bass heavy overall, but im at work and my ADA converter on this computer is p terrible hah.

@BudSpencertron gotta agree with faultym8 here, that reese kinda drowns out the tune. Love the melodies on the 2nd drop there, properly haunting vibes

@fragments nice work on this! at some points it feels nicely “skull disco”, the only element throwing me off is that repeating strumming sound, I think you could drop that and the tune would be stronger overall because right now it kind of divides the vibes in an awkward way. Either way, really sick stuff man, love the gritty mixdown and rawness.


borking is fuckin great, nothing to say really, love those warm and heavy kicks

gottagofast: also not much to say about this one, lovely sampling work man

are you familiar with Romare? Could really see you melding your sample flip stuff with that more juke-ish one you posted last week. Bring the two worlds together mate :slight_smile:

Re: mine, Yeah I feel that about the melody volume dip when the beat comes in, its intentional tbh but also annoying haha. Kinda want you to peer through the cracks in the beat to try and catch a glimpse of it, but maybe i should put it up just a few dB, might be too hidden right now.

I quickly made a visual element for it the other day as well if anyone wants to check it. Been having a lot of fun with the visual side of things lately.


@cyclopian feeling the video for this man. really dont have much to say about the tune itself, its got a great atmosphere. drums sit really well in the mix. that snare is hypnotic, could play with its fx some more maybe. favourite thing is probably the overall mood of this though, settled and unsettling at the same time

@BudSpencertron what an intro. the main section sounds like Joker trying out a trap tune. drums rolling real nice. feel like the midrange tone lets down such a nice melody. it sounds halfway between something rough and something soothing

@fragments sound design so good. haha yes, love this melody on the stabs. the bass tone sounds a bit muddy to me, am listening on a hifi though. would be cool to hear different rhythms on the percs too. harmony on this is well nice m8

@faultier borking is raw. love how the kicks stick out, not that clean. u sample some gems man, flip is so good lol.
gottagofast going classy. drums sounds fit nicely. that piano’s definitely got more of it waiting to be sampled though. maybe u were going fast though, fair enough. ah that last bit, flipped with a different rhythm…


Really appreciate the thoughts ya’ll. I want to get a song or two really polished and put out a little EP on bandcamp. Seems like this might be a candidate.Cooking a new track right meow…



whats the break you sampled? sounds familiar somehow some house tune ?
hm very wonky melody on top haha kinda works again i would say maybe raise the volume of the break abit?

very nice warm tape feeling
has a boc feeling for sure
would say on of your best works. haha the break cuts through real nice
if anything i guess you run everything through a tape if not maybe give the melodies bit more room imo
hm sounds done besides that very nice

again boc melody feeling. personally the bassline feels bit too wonky in the first part for me
yeah listening further i dont dig the bassline rest is nice
overall i think you could raise the main volume unless you plan to do it anyways like self mastering
hm yeah just this bassline feels for me too playful

yeah has your style
i think the flute should come right away haha gives the beat more flow
i dig it more when the vocals come in
good instrumental imo maybe change the start a bit

yeah i agree with jizz maybe change the piano at some point

the intro is something from Meiko Kaji appearently or not have to ask my brother haah he sended me the tune to finish it


got inspired by you guys started some wierd dnb tune <3


Its a loop from a musicradar sample pack man, nothing special :dunce:


big up, will try and get one done for tomorrow but more likely will get one done for next week


jizzy ventura

fraggle rock

faulting potus

early bud catches the worm


@faultier just wanted to say big up for handling the details man…loving this TUNA thing in my life atm : )



@Jizz nice one, feeling the drums, think you struck a nice balance between your usual unquantized approach to drums and it not being overly jarring. do more of that section around 1:50-2:00 where it slightly goes a bit broken but gets back on track swiftly
really feeling the pad as well and how you switch it around halfway-through, but feel it could be complemented with another melody at some point

@fragments liking this. maybe just my headphones but it sounds like the mixdown is not quite well balanced, feels quite empty in the midranges to me, not sure if its the sounds themselves or if you went overboard with EQ? i feel the kicks could be more distinct as well, as it is they sound a bit too much drowned in the mix to me

@BudSpencertron really nice change from your trap/grime output lately, in the first part, i feel you could hint at the dub-techno-ish stabs that come in later
maybe just headphones but the break coming in the last parts doesn’t sit quite well in the mix for me, like it feels muffled compared to other elements and doesnt quite cut through the mix


@Jizz damn son, dat bass. Also digging that atmo-y chord stab that kind turns into “static” (for lack of a better term). Some haunting/beautiful moments. I’m really digging the after hours house vibe here. Nice moments of discord as well. Funny while showering this morning I was thinking I was gonna finna do something with a big chord sound of some kind. My biggest suggestion is to have to go somewhere a bit more–not that the song needs to “drop”. But the energy is a tad flat for me. The crescendo is a bit abrupt for me, but on an album or continuous LP it could work nicely. I really like the sounds and the laid back, again, haunting nature of the track. Maybe even just some FX automation. I could also have listened to that for another minute or so even w/o any changes.

@faultier first track: Dunno if a sample, but that string sound you start with is a nice choice either way and like how you treated. I like the broken beat, but I have trouble nodding my head to it, not that every song need do that ;p Really like that almost vocal ish lo fi sound ,comes in first around 1:25. Like the bass change up after the middle bit a lot. Nicely playful.

second track: immediately liking the out of tune vibe on this and the organ is killer. I always feel like its a shitty comment, but this would work well in a movie. Nice choice on the vocal as well. Sorry, not as much to say on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Also in relation to your comments on my tune-yea, not really EQ’d properly. I’d have to go back and look, but I don’t think I purposefully scooped out the mids at all. Might be something else I’ve done. And yea, some other folks wanted the drums coming through more.

Swear I’m not gonna do another 140 half time ting this time.

@BudSpencertron dat FM buzz : ) loving the whole IDM angry insect vibe on this, and the super verbed out stuff in the back ground is very German techno. Nice mix of elements going on here. Great tease there half way through–then the chord sound comes in. Fab. I like that this is a track that keeps progressing and kinda doesn’t go backwards while the glitchy shit holds it all together.

Fantastic guys. A lot of talent in TUNA. Feel like I’m way behind ya’ll, but having a great time so far. Alright–I’m going to dive in as today is basically my studio day. If anyone wants more feedback or clarification feel free to PM or ask here : )


@fragments vibes. not the kind of sound im used to. got that anthemic feel, might benefit from a clap on the 2nd/4th or something to make the rhythm more distinct. those bongos(?) are also very promising, could do a lot more down that route. could probably chop more of the acapella in there too, though that might be boring to do

@faultier moldau intro is great and the main section is great but i think the way the intro tries to mould with the main section is a bit weak. but then that background lead that comes in so nice. could even cut off the intro at the drop, cos the rhythm and bass holds up on its own. theres a lot of fusion between styles in your recent stuff, nice
masks is great already, not much to add from me

@BudSpencertron much more spaced out than usual, great groove too. interesting how theres no lead melody on this, works without one imo. that melody on the second half could be more prominent, though i cant tell how. maybe the tone of it, could be sharper/brighter


sorry for not feedbacking but my firefox fucks up on soundcloud embed :confused:
and opera doesnt work right for me anymore either

@faultier would it be possible if you send me the soundcloud links on a pm?
maybe its cause i still have vista or sth i dunno


k late feedback

i like the beat more here than usual
maybe you can clean out the little cuts in the beginning dunno if they add anything to the feeling
has a nice cloudy vibe to it
hm i think the bassline maybe you could change a few notes
or make a cleaner house like version too :slight_smile:

dig the melody and how it sounds not sure if you should start right away with the beat though
all over the place :slight_smile:
hm i think with some dif mixing it would work better agreeing with faultier
hm again the bassline haha i think personally hm the bassline isnt bad but its so happy compared to the overall style
i guess if you just throw in a 808 or sth you are better of here
liking those wierd vocal shouts
hm yeah i guess some mixing and you might not even need the bassline you got lots of bass sounds in there

maybe try this pink noise trick for mixing if you arent sure how balanced the mix is
basically you throw in a clean pink noise sample (just type it in google should pop up)
and than you compare each channel solo to it and often its a good start to see if you have too much or not enough of some freq
some eq allow you to see pink noise as a freq too which is basically the same idea like you see right away if something peaks too much or not

i like it not much to critic good rythmn
i think the kick sample has some unwanted freq but nothing major

haha dig the pic o.O
not much to say either maybe bit less sub?