Tuna - The Legend Continues


Thanks again everyone. I appriciate the feedback. The last couple tracks I’m going to spend some time going back to, so may re submit them if that is kosher. Don’t have anything for you this week, but I’ll still give feedback to anyone who submits a TUNA.

@BudSpencertron I’m aware of the pink noise method. I’m going to look that up and give it a shot. Thanks for reminding me.


Jizz Travolta

Perry M8son


Full Clipiopian


Faultier On The Roof

Arthur The Ronz Ronzarelli



O Lords of Tuna, I am not worthy. Making effort to embrace my workflow limitations and stop blaming them. It’s a poor carpenter that blames his tools. Banged this out yesterday before the kids got up. Came from two samples that inspired.

Lots I’d like to change but fuck it, it is what it is.


(feel like it has a little Shackleton vibe to it now I hear it again...)


big up :hooray:

added you to the post with a shitty moniker in truest tuna tradition






@Jizz really wasn’t expecting that disco edit twist, full on mcde vibes on that second part, much
feeling the intro too although it could be shorter, or maybe you could hint at the stuff coming in in the second part by sprinkling little snippets of the vocal samples here and there during the intro
in any case if you revisit this one, i reckon the housey mcde part with the sample should be much longer

@Dubstep_Warrior nice one! not sure about those sustained notes in the intro, gets a bit grating imo, especially on the higher pitched one, maybe would be better with some sort of modulation
melody wise i like the way it progresses but i feel you could have more variety, like maybe bring a new synth playing the same melody at some point, or layer some other element, maybe some stabs or another simpler melody on top?
listening on headphones so mixdown advices to be taken with a pinch of salt: the wobbly bass sounds like it could be a tad louder in the mix, great clarity on the drums tho, they cut right through the mix

@cyclopian digging the sound design, those metallic hits really doing it for me
not sure if that’s one you intend to work on further but i would have liked more variation/progression, obvs personal taste but after a while i found myself longing for some switchup or new element coming in

@_ronzlo definitely hearing the shackleton vibes on this. feels like you could double-down on it and add some more tribali-ish percussions, even just random hits here and there to keep it interesting and make it less same-y.
mixdown-wise, i feel the kick is a bit too muffled, especially in relation with the percussion acting as the snare. kick should be louder and clearer imho


ah man, really dont like mcde haha. kinda same-y to me… fair, looking fwd to this week’s bits


Thx man! :salute:

What’s funny is that drum ain’t even a regular kick… it’s a giant-ass surdo drum or something lol. Lowpassed it at about 60 (I think?) and gave it a little bump around 1000 but yeah, could use more definition. Or I could just layer something on top of it.


@Jizz Love those bongos (or whatever they are) and the sweeping pad type thingy. imo it would be good if there was a bit more variation in the drums (maybe mix the snare up a bit) in the first bit or maybe bring in the second part with the voice a bit earlier? Also i think a high pitched/bleepy type melody at some point would sound good but that’s obviously just personal preference.

@cyclopian Nice rollage m8. I don’t rly know much about techno at all so can’t really make too informed a comment but i’d say a bit more variation would be nice, like maybe switch up the bleepy thing in the background and the drum pattern here and there. Also i think a ‘breakdown’ of some sort would be cool in the middle somewhere, like maybe the bit at the very end but wack it in the middle for a bit of respite.

@faultier Love this! The floaty hats are gr8, as is that bleepy type melody and when the voice comes in woii. Only thing i can think to say is i would perhaps use a different snare if it was my track but that’s just my preference and the current one works fine.

@_ronzlo Yeah i’m hearing the shackletonness too, also i agree the kick sounds a bit muffled. I think the perc hit (not sure what it is ha) is a bit loud and ‘clear’ compared to the rest of the track imo also maybe bring the rolling hats up a bit in the mix. R8ing the pad.


@jizz def one of your better tunes in terms of functionality, I think the simple 4x4 kick vibe really helps it. I think you can start to reconcile your penchant for the crazier stuff against this vibe in a successful way in the future. Seems like you’ve been struggling to find a middle ground between a beat and the vibe for a long time (a good struggle tho! dont get me wrong).

@Dubstep_Warrior defo agree with some above comments, the high end on some of those notes is a bit much, I think the high end only needs a small shelf eq tho, dont kill it fully because those notes really carry the tune. I’m not sure on this too, but i feel like the bpm needs to be faster on this one haha, it seems a bit stuck at the slower speed, and i think it wants to go faster.

@faultier i dont have much to say about this, really fuckin nice work, as a nitpick, i want that snare/clap to come up a few dB. damn on the 3rd listen, i really love that distortion/midrange glitchiness, would love to hear some details on how you achieved that sound

@_ronzlo ya, vibes on this, mixdown is holding it back in a big way though. Much too ‘flat’ for the vibe, this kind of stuff needs a ton of dynamic range and its not quite there. I know what you’re working with though and it sounds damn good so far.

all in all, one of the strongest tunas yet, big up everyone


aha, idk man i dont have much merit on the sound design here, almost everything is straight up lifted from @Jizz stems :badteeth:


You guys would seriously lol if you heard how that song was composed/mixed. :cornlol:


@Dubstep_Warrior 4:21, one second too long. that sustained midrange tone is so nice. loving the movement at the low end too. the percussion is really cool, usually these kind of drum sounds are a bit boring to me but in these patterns, sound really nice. tbh though, the patterns might be where you could change up more too, could go halftime here and there, or just donk it for 16

@cyclopian damn, going Meshuggah. zoning, hypnotic stuff. could have some midrange variation imo. its a heavy loop, so it probably has a lot of potential just as another 4 notes or something. cant even tell if this is for a dance or home or some factory. sounding great though. btw, u talking about the non-melodic sound in the idk remix? pretty much all the sampling is from excision and kahn lol, grain delay etc

@faultier yeah, we should collab more. can hear mc’s over this tbh. hahah, teasing in the vocal. yeah, lets do more!

@_ronzlo sounds like the theme of an urban tribe. favourite thing for me is the use of space, really not used to this kind of mixing down. maybe you didnt even mix it down hahah. that main rhythm loop is definitely asking for some progression. the atmosphere is already really full and weird. glad to hear different vibes on here


beck deaf

another nice vibe again
bit italo
maybe the beat could have some more stops or unexpected moments
pads are lush
could work as a ambient piece
haha like the short vocal samples
maybe place them in a dif location after 8 bars or so

not sure about the high note maybe its bit too prominent in the beginning for my taste
beat structure is nice
yeah i dont like the high note too much :confused:
the wobble could come more upfront i guess but it has a nice oldschool feel
melody has something wierd hypnotic its like wonky but works i guess here
honestly i think if the wobble would pop up more it would give the whole thing a little push

heavy start
has this gesaffelstein vibe
yeah your tunes get better and better
i think maybe sidechain the low end to the kick bit more i dunno could give some more power
but the whole thing feels like one piece which is nice

nice intro
good mix imo sounds kinda clicks and cuts
could imagine people digging this alot
maybe you could play with the filter of the snare i think could sound cool ike highpass lowpass not often just few times
but yeah vocals nice later not much to critic

has a tribal vibe from the beginning
maybe the hi hats bit more in the front
i think some bongos and stuff could add i mean its obvious but i think would work
or shouts
hm but i like it kinda like film music


JZA The Genius

M8thod Man


Buddy Digital

Ol’Dirty Cyclopian


Ghostfault Killa



@Jizz There could be a bit more of an intro to this imo, a bit of a build up before the sub (which i r8) comes in, maybe similar to the breakdown type bit in the middle i reckon would sound good. Also i think the ‘static’ type sound could be a bit more upfront in the mix and if it was me i’d probably bring in a nice punchy snare at some point but that’s just personal preference. I’m liking the percussion and drum patterns.

@BudSpencertron (lp 6) Loving the start of this with the ominous sounding horns, would like to hear a version that’s just the first ~30 secs in a loop haha. Drums sounding good i would personally add a bit more variation with the hats/another perc or summin but i get the trappy drums are the style your going for so dunno. The second ‘drop’ is nice and liking that sound that comes in but maybe turn it down just a tad?

(onter 2) Again liking the intro of this, think i prefer the drums on this one as they sound a bit less stereotypically trappy if you know what i mean but i’m not the biggest fan of trap anyway so i’m prejudiced haha. Again liking the sound brought in half way through. Nice one!

@cyclopian r8ing this. Kick is perhaps a bit overbearing on the rest of the tune but i’m sure that’s what you’ve meant to do also maybe the background percs could be a bit more prominent. Also personally i would add a melody of some sort at some point but that’s just personal preference. Not really much else to say tbh, banga imo.

@faultier this is kl. The vocals and trumpetty riff part are a bit conflicted in the mix imo maybe scoop a bit out the trumpet when the acapella is playing i dunno. The drums also sound a bit in the background maybe just turn the trumpet down a bit idk. When the trumpet part changes at the end it’s sick maybe incorporate that a bit earlier somehow?



@Jizz :gunfinger: this one is sick m8 i was already sold by the intro but when that beat comes in…woooi
not much to critique without getting in personal taste territory tbh, not sure if you plan to revisit this one but i think it’s worth just adding a few finishing touches to give it less of a WIP feel? like maybe have some background ambiance noise during that breakdown and some variations on the beat, maybe some filter/EQ automation here and there?

@Dubstep_Warrior liking the timbre of that main synth, kinda reminiscent of zomby’s rumors and revolutions, sick groove too, although mixdown wise i feel the beat is a bit too prominent. i would raise the volumes on the synths (then again, listening on headphones so caveat emptor)
i feel you could add minor details to give it more of a polished feel as well, like fills/transitions between sections/etc so it has more of a sense of a progression

@BudSpencertron LP6 agree with m8son on this one, i like the intro a lot more than the rest but personal taste and all that :slight_smile: i feel the snare doesn’t quite hit as hard as it should but maybe that’s just me

Onter 2 not much to critique technically, maybe the hihats could have more clarity in the mix but thats nitpicking really, other than that it sounds good to me, although not really my cup of tea

@cyclopian feeling it but gotta agree with m8son about adding a melody… or not necessarily a melody but just bringing some new element(s), to keep it interesting, even if its something atonal
don’t get me wrong tho, it’s good as is, more personal taste and because you had a few tunas that had more melodic content than you used us to lately :badteeth:


fantasty book

dig the bass here
i think some elements could be louder, abit
but maybe its intended
little break is maybe tad too long not sure
this growling sound i think should could come earlier in the tune
yeah i think the short snare should be more prominent

dig the melody more here than your last entry
hm i am still not sure if it should start with drums i think would be perfectly fine to add them at like 0:25 or even later
or maybe lowpass them first or sth
they are nice though
drop at 1:00 is nice
a long pad could maybe add something like very far in the back
melodies play nice together
hm yeah i think its maybe bit too long if you dont introduce sth later i mean you have little nice changes in the melodies but i think maybe a one shot or sth could help

not much to say i dig it as it is
maybe a few bars of rap over it would be tight at some point

i think hm maybe the acapella it feels bit too stereo but i think its mostly mono right dunno
but has something
yeah i agree maybe use some multiband comp and sidechain just the peaks of the vocals to the rest
or yeah eq alittle bit


@Dubstep_Warrior cheeky rhythm on this. the melody might be restricting this one a bit, could hear that bassline hitting heavier if it was trying to follow the drum pattern, instead of going on a different melodic tangent. or, the melody is brighter and stands on its own, cos atm its a bit dim in the mix. nice way of bringing the beat back. cool drum sounds as well

@BudSpencertron lp6. the drum section sounds like its been pasted on, doesnt completely gel with the (really nice) melodies on this. ah m8, such a nice break section. ooh yes ok, imo have the drums come in at 2.10, with the second half and leave the first half ambient. that might be amazing. could kill off the snare here and there too, keeping the drums minimal

onter 2. beauty. ahh, again the drums kill it a bit imo. not sure why i say this man, cos it sounds like the drums are the aim of the track as well… but the sound design of the synths are so so good, that they fill up the track already.

@cyclopian m8… tune. textures are great. not gonna suggest much for this, just as a loop its already great cos of all the subtle switches here and there. your stuff is really getting to sound like live, on-the-fly jams these days, love it

@faultier would be cool to hear a couple different flips of this, its already promising. drums are really nice and restrained. maybe a flip that gives some more space for the mc’s, atm theres a lot going on around the same frequencies. yeah the ending could come in earlier too


I put some ‘music’ in my entry for this weeks tuna to stop all ur complaining :slight_smile: