Tuna - The Legend Continues


and yeah i guess i cut the FROZEN samples lol just got bored


The return of the knobgoblin

I already posted this before but it has undergone some changes and tuna is slowing down lately so throwing it out there to keep the ball rolling


new phone who dis?


sorry bois, have moved in to an apartment an havent got my shit set up yet, hopefully will be back on it in a couple weeks


feedback + previous week:

@Jizz folder: nice soothing atmosphere in this one, actually could see this being the intro for some classic 90’s metalheadz dnb

tool: really nice sound design, how did you make that bass? not really sure about the drumbreak, i feel it doesn’t really sit right with the rest, if you’re going to rework that one maybe i’d try going for more distortion. also i like the idea of the nirvana samples but the execution not so much. the whole heavy bass vs nirvana samples kinda calls for some vex’d approach imho

@BudSpencertron yeah honestly not sure about the vocals (regardless of the source tbh, i couldnt even tell they’re from frozen because i’m old and out of touch lol) but they don’t really fit imo. aside from that not much to critique, mixing is on point, liking the weightless-ish synth at the 2:20 mark, maybe this could come earlier

@knobgoblin as usual sick sound design, definitely liking that second version better, i must be in a dnb mood because i kept expecting this to go double time and drop into a sick amen break. s’all good tho, sort of reminding me of that lurka release on hotline. the blade runner-ish pad in the back tho :heart_eyes:

@jizz 09anchor: m88888888888 reaaaaally feeling this, loving how restrained it is, although maybe you could bring some other element at some point, or go the other way around and mute some parts at time, fill the vacuum with reverbs/delays on the stuff that aint muted. also minor grip but i feel the way the crrrrrrrrrrrr noise in the intro stops at the 1:56 mark is too abrupt, maybe try to slowly filter/fade it out instead?


@BudSpencertron like how the vocal is introduced, muted and subtle. arpeggios could be more interesting given how you’ve made crazier rhythms before. then again, you might’ve been going for something more pop-y here, fair enough

@knobgoblin wish i had the patience to do this kind of sound design, real depth. completely zoning out, dont know what to critique. rhythm is the most obvious point to switch up here, though you might be going for something hypnotic and repetitive. the pads have the hypnosis down though, rhythms could change

@faultier not sure if the drums take away from this one. especially the 808s stick out in a muddy way. could be a great ambient bit. or it might work better with different drum sounds. would be cool to get the stems on this, if you wanna.
the bass on tool was just lowpass/reverbing an old drt track. weird how the laziest parts end up being the best


added a late n lazy entry in hehe

@knobgoblin, would like to see a little more interaction between the different sounds if that makes sense, I know its all taste based, but i feel like its just a lot of layers of really cool sounding bits but they don’t all work with each other v well. Feel like it could be stripped back and parted into 2 two tunes or sommat.

@faultier 808 doesnt sound too out of place but the midrange harmonics on it are a bit too much at the moment, maybe just a likkle eq shelf on those to tame em a bit, digging the playful vibe though, its reminds me of the computer game The Sims but with a (nicely) offputting twist.

@jizz digging this alot, intro is a bit too long/almost pointless (not to sound harsh, it sounds good it just doesn’t really seem to serve the tune very much imo)



nice intro sounds
dig the chill vibe here hm nothing to critic like the pads in the back
if anything you could give the beat little bit more power
but the whole tune is nice, like it more than your more technical tunes very harmonic

nice intro dunno if i remember that tune though
has a very happy vibe i think i remember it maybe dunno haha
hm very playful i dig it haha
maybe you could give the background melodies some more unusual notes here and there
but overall very nice dif to your other stuff

nice when the piano comes in
yeah i think bringing the beat earlier would be cool
i could see some singing over this timestreched britney spears or sth haha

has a nice distortion on it
hm i think this high perc sound is bit harsh compared to the rest (like the one that plays a little melody)
but overall cool tune too
i love pads maybe you could include a lorn like pad that could sound nice i think

all tunes where nice this week :slight_smile:


i have an idea to keep the tuna alive

i have like literally thousands of old tunes and in some i think elements would still work maybe dif sound or whatever
but like if sb doesnt have an actual tuna he (or she maybe one day) can just throw in sth real old and maybe somebody has an idea


I can participate after I finish some newer stuff. :slight_smile:


@faultier I’m really digging this track, but the first note of the bassline being out of key is kinda throwing me off. I like the subtle variations sprinkled throughout

@Jizz Love the vibe on this one! The way it all fits together is lovely. Nice atmospheric ride.

@cyclopian Fuuuuuu…love the tape crush on this one. Groove is super nice. The ascending clave part is a nice hook, but it feels like it comes around a bit too often? Maybe a descending counter pattern could work to break it up a bit more

regarding my track, I agree with cyclopian, there are a lot of cool elements that could use some massaging into place in order to work better with each other. I picked up a volca FM last week and this was just live jamming on it thru an fx processor in order to learn how it all works. didn’t even bother with sync :slight_smile:
drums are kinda place holder/just the foundation to a better groove that I should have come up with.



bud fenstertron

epnu the nucomer



maybe you could tame the super sharp peaks abit in the intro
the layering works nice although a bit cleaner beat could have worked too
hm hard to critic cause its ment to sound like a big mashup
i like the trumpets/saxophon ? haha they add alot

intro strings are nice
hm not my style of music but i know many who dig this subheavy dubstep
i think just maybe raise the volume or selfmaster later abit but the structure is cool
i always like little melodies in dubstep so maybe add a little melody to give it some personality
hm maybe double the strings at points to give some variations, like maybe build some chords


Here is my first review. Bear in mind that my ears aren’t so attuned to sound but I’ll try and tell something worth reading anyways.

@cyclopian - I think the mix is mashed up a bit, if you did want it sounding like that then OK, but I’d say that some of the distortion is too irritating to my ears.

@BudSpencertron - I like the tune although It’s not my prefferred style. I like what’s going on with the mids but I think they are a bit too forward sounding, a bit too stereo, I can’t feel if the sub is wide but I don’t think so. Also maybe try lowering the bass just a smidge as it takes away some of other elements. Again, that may be allocated to my lower than average headphones and speakers as I don’t have monitors. Thanks for the feedback btw, I’m working on this tune atm, will get it in for this week as I really want to finish it and not mess around with other ideas right now, if that’s ok with you all?


@BudSpencertron jeez! vibes on this one. One thing I’d like to hear is once in a while some sort of glitch-y thing to happen to that hat roll or some sort of other variation.

@epnu I think with a better mixdown this one might work a little better. Right now its very flat sounding. Try to build some space in the mix using some subtle reverbs. Bass should me much louder as well (maybe your bass is too low of a note? sucking up energy in the mix). Looking forward to hearing the next version. Glad to see you participating in Tuna :slight_smile:


Think I’m gonna try and rejoin the tuna club since I’ve got a bit of free time for now. When’s next submissions due @faultier?


@cyclopian Really spacey track. I like it. Pretty chill and a bit stressful at the same time. I do agree that the highs could use a little toning down. On higher volume they’re a bit head ache inducing. Besides that solid track. Could see it in a sound track or something like that.

@BudSpencertron Nice and smooth. Also nice and spacey. Could’ve easily just gone the 808 route but glad you didn’t. I think maybe the vocals towards that ending could be brought up in the mix a little bit but eh.


Keen to join in the next one.


gonna submit one today myself, not sure if anyone else is tho, been a lil slow lately

and nice one @HOLI_X looking forward to hearing it, send your track to @faultier when you’re ready to submit


Yeah, sent something for this week


dunno if faultier is available atm sended him sth yesterday
have a new version of mine


so if you see it faultier maybe use that one instead

sended :confused: