Tuna - The Legend Continues


Well, if @jizz @tolsof want to send me links. I’ll make the tuna post this week.


Alright I’ll do that when I get home from work








@Jizz This is honestly one of the most stressful things I’ve ever listened to. Could barely make it through the entire track lol. Idk if that’s what you were going for or not but man.

@BudSpencertron Only thing I could really think of changing would be tune down the bass in the intro so the drop comes in harder.

@cyclopian Really liked the progression in this, nice beat and the rhythm of everything flowed really well.


damn, was hoping the string samples kinda mellowed it out


Maybe if you kind of added in a ride towards the end or something like that it might help? I think a lot of it was the percussion for me. It was just missing something, the beat didn’t feel quite right. I’m not really sure what it was tho.


I dont find it to be stressful personally, actually its almost calming for me haha, really love the keys.


I keep trying to mix different rhythms into the same track and get bits just sticking out like an amateur haircut. Too long to clean man

Cherrs cyclo

Looking fwd, wanna destress to some tuna tomorrow


It’s not bad. I liked it honestly. It was just stressful lol. Probably doesn’t help that I’m already super stressed today


@BudSpencertron real nice progression on the rhythm, not as gridded as usual. the midrange could be mixed better. nice theme as well

@cyclopian damnn, kicks sound really good. yeah im a fan of this, brings out a travelling mood. that midrange stab gets a bit repetitive cos its not as smooth as the other sounds. nice progression on the lead

@Tolsof really wish this was longer, way too quick to really say anything. could hear it building into something with a lot of energy


Yeah that’s just the main body of the song. I’m trying to figure how to build into it and what will come out of it


really like the rhythm, 4/4 but not in a generic way


sorry friends had a rough wkd couldn’t muster the strenght to do a tunapost, big up cyclopede for doing the organising :salute:

@jizz feeling this, reminiscent of early AFX stuff in a very good way. i wouldn’t go as far as stressful but the unquantized beat b2b detuned keys is… jarring is the word. worth unleashing the professional hairdresser in you on this one imho, fix up that beat and get the 80’s keys in the same fucking rootkey u maniac

@BudSpencertron i looked into the deepweb and i found you :love:

@cyclopian u know i like it when you go all melodic, great progression as well, that synth coming in the second part is just lovely

@tolsof yeah liking this too, make it longer, u need to include some juno hoovers in it somehow, trust me


Just found this synth seems pretty awesome.



idk man there’s already so much mid range shit in there I can’t think of a way to not make it sound like mud. It might be good for like a break down or something like that.

Edit: mmm Turned the pitch up a bit and it sounds pretty good actually. Definitely going to be something sparse tho. This song needs a lot of love put into it lol





haha crazy shit
i dig the pads that come in later
haha sounds like baby robots having a kitchen band
ah nice melody at 1.48 unexpected maybe the dad robot joins in with his inbuild piano
kinda lovely towards the end

your tune quality really went up in the last year or so
hm i know you have your own label going but maybe send to some blogs? for recognition?
i like how your tunes have a connection like they are in the same universe

yeah too short to give real advice make it longer for now but its promising


Who are we submitting to this week :stuck_out_tongue: worked on mine a bit, that hoover is sounding pretty good @faultier, thanks for that. Just have to bring the whole thing together now and work on the melodies and stuff.


yass, got something. @cyclopian @BudSpencertron maybe?


not this week, dealing with some babylon health problems lately