Tuna - The Legend Continues


i have an hip hop instrumental i can throw in if you guys want to have it this week


@Tolsof jizz sent me one, send yours and we have a tuna

@cyclopian :grouphug:


lil jizzy

yung tolsof

fault lean


dumbutt magoo


@Jizz I like the theme you’ve got going on with these last two songs :stuck_out_tongue: I like the beat with this one a lot more than the last one, it’s still off but feels right. Some cool sound design. I just wish we got to wherever it was going.

@faultier Nice vibes man. Everything flows really well, and I really like that sub. Maybe a bit long, needs some more variation. I feel like there’s a lot more you could do with it.

@BudSpencertron Solid club banger. I feel like that lead might not be quite in tune at some points? I might be wrong tho.

@cyclopian Man you’ve got a really unique sound. Sounds very sound track-y. Second half of the track didn’t really vibe well with me tho. Weird one that was lol

man mine needs some work. There’s too many ideas going on there. Think I gotta cut some stuff back a bit,


@jizz feeling them percussions in the intro, although i feel you could had some variations (not sure if its programmed or a loop tho, if latter maybe sprinkle some extra hits over it to bring variety)
the pad coming in towards the end left me wanting more, i feel in between all the elements you have, thats enough material to make it 4 min long without adding anything new

@tolsof nice addition with the hoover sound m8, but i feel you should bring it later like maybe have a first drop without, and like 32 bars later bring in the hoover for maximum impact, in any case i’d leave the hoover out of the intro, or maybe just hint at it?

@budspencertron feeling the eurythmics on meth vibes, surprisingly i aint even mad at the vocals :slight_smile: not sure if its the mastering/limiting but it feels a bit muddier after the 1:30 mark tho.
i dont mind the detuned lead synth, i think it gives it character imo
this should definitely be longer.

@cyclopian thats messed up. in a good way. actually really dig the part with the gabber-ish kicks b2b 8bit melodies but i feel it needs some work on the mixdown, not sure how feasible it is as i’m going to assume this involved hardware but i think its a p cool tune and deffo worth putting some time and getting those kicks to stand out better in the mix



i dig the rythmn here. its not as anti as some of your other stuff
has again an indi game vibe haha honestly try to make some money with game music its perfect for that
its like right at the spot of jsut being there and being interesting at the same time
and it can loop which is nice too
melody in the end is lovely you could build a whole new tune with it

dig the slow build up
hm it feels tiny bit displaced the high hoover not 100 percent where it could be
honestly i think you dont need so much fx sounds the intro melody with a nice beat would make for a lovely song
but i could be wrong

has your vibe
another short instrumental haha
how many do you have by now?
hm hard to critic flows nice i would say but i dig your idm stuff more :confused: idmesc

o.O haha hm not much to say crazy but puts you in a place. wouldnt say a place i enjoy haha
the 8 bit chip tune later could be a whole own tune. did you make the tune yourself or was it a sample i am bad with old game osts have heard alot but cant remember many :confused:
i think some more bass could give it a harder feel like almost hardstyle gabba


thanks man yeah its def detuning around the core note i mean i could maybe try to find the lfo taht does that or whatever it is was a preset but i felt its like adding to the vibe in a way not being perfect

:slight_smile: its the weeknd :slight_smile: yeah i wouldnt call it master its just smashing against zero for now :confused: but i dont want it to be too clean either will see


Yeah I definitely have too much going on in it. Have to pick and choose some things. Maybe I could take out the distorted kick and bring it in occasionally or something idk. There’s a lot to work with tho.


but with the idm stuff i get bogged down in details and eventually never finish tunes, whereas instrumentals its like slice bits of a tune i like, rearrange, stick a kick and a snare on it and i have a tuna ready in like 2 hours tops

think i must have a 100 of these instrumentals now :corncry:


music isnt always fun :confused:


We doin another one this week?


@Tolsof sets the scene for a showdown haha. oh wait, the rhythms coming in, this just went completely unexpected direction. could be something interesting, i reckon the rhythm could get really offbeat. sounds a lot more spaced out than last week

@faultier standard hophip tip. like always, would be cool to hear a flip of the whole original if you got the patience to do that. imo your grooves have been better hahaha

@BudSpencertron this is one of the best things ive heard from you mane. is that weekend? kinda what the weekend deserves, a creepy remix. the second half goes into dance banger which is cool, makes it have some sense. the sound design on this is quality, feeling it

@cyclopian what is going on. ok i dunno what to say, this is hitting that merzbow vibe for me. merzbow trying out dancefloor. on a system, this would be incredible. complete chaos. one of those that leaves a resounding silence hahah

nice week :cornersault:


So no tuna this week?


Sent a new version of last week’s bit, maybe faultiers busy though


I suppose me and you could just post ours and rate em :stuck_out_tongue: I improved mine from last week too


would post but only got a tuna from Jizz @Tolsof send yours


I’m sending one today soonish.


Alright sent mine in


jizz goldblum

epnu reeves

tolsofer walken

faultier merriweather

bud reynolds



@Jizz I like this version a lot more than last weeks. So much going on. It all sounds out of place but at the same time goes together really well. Think this ones pretty much done man.

@epnu Nice and heavy. Good use of space and I like the sound design. Nothin else to really say. Solid track.

@faultier This is so smooth. Probably my favorite I’ve heard of yours. The beat is on point and the track is just the right length.