Tuna - The Legend Continues


sorry i have two tunes just forgot to send in maybe if its ok i send in today ? or should i wait till next week?


@BudSpencertron the more the merrier, send them


edited in a late entry as well hehe


@Jizz already talked to you about this one on facebook, love it, prob my fave thing I’ve heard from ya so far. Everything fits together and has a place.

@epnu The ideas are there but once again getting held back by the mixdown. For spacious tunes like this you really need to build some dynamic range for the sounds to live in. Right now everything feels like its at the same volume, which makes the tune very flat.

@Tolsof Digging the TJ/booty bass gone heady thing you’ve got going. Hard to judge a tune like this without seeing how it progresses though. Tuna is about 1 tune per week :slight_smile: get it finished.

@faultier damn! that bass stab is heavy and nice on this one, love how it punches through. As always, make it a little longer :slight_smile:

@BudSpencertron 11 3 is one of my favorites I’ve heard from ya. Sounds like things start hitting the limiter a bit too hard once that midrange comes in halfway through though.

Cran is realll nice as well, damn man. Solid production this week. Would like to hear that second drop extended a bit on Cran.


@Jizz love this one, as @cyclopian said, everything in it’s respective place, love the vibe.

@Tolsof would like to hear more of the tune because the percussive elements are a bit repetitive.

@faultier nice vibey beat going on here, nothing much to comment except that I love it. Dig the filters and that momen where you drop out everything on the half of the tune.

@BudSpencertron I like the two tunes, on the second one maybe a bit too much reverb as it gets a bit drowned out.

@cyclopian massive tune, definitely hitting something in my mind. Can’t say a lot really, everything sounds tight.

Sorry for not doing this a bit earlier but havent had the time tbh. I hope I get better at commenting other people’s stuff, and thanks for the ones commenting mine! Means a lot especially after listening to them too much so I don’t really feel what’s right or wrong.


@epnu liking the hats on this a lot. very nice groove man, cos the groove has so much energy, the pad hits a bit sluggish to me. maybe the pad could play the same rhythm/lfo as the bass. nice to see you around here mate

@Tolsof ah yeah, remember this. loving the space on this. really nice use of reverb. yeah defo wanna hear a full version of this.

@faultier don beat. if this is the same sample as last week, then damn

@BudSpencertron ooh man it would be cool to hear a version of 11 3 where you dont use the 4/4. might open it up to a different vibe. might push you to go further than the basic 4-note melodies
Cran is sickk. not sure if it even needs the hats tbh, groove is heavy already. they could be something that comes in with the beat at 1:40. really nice arrangement on this one. could try glitching out the snares toward the end.


Sorry about reposting the same song. I worked my ass off and finished it, almost done with another one now, hopefully will have two tunas for this week :stuck_out_tongue:


I won’t have time to do much work on my last one but I could post the one I did before that, since I worked on it a lot more.


frog goblin

double tolsof

faul bunyan

epnu the damaja


@knobgoblin already clocked an earlier version of this one on my SC feed last week

not much to critique tbh, very vex’d esque, on that industrial dubstep vibe, love all the subtle panning and the tasteful use of distortion, would be really curious to hear a collab between you and @cyclopian

@Tolsof old time metal: feeling how hard that kick is hitting, not sure about that wobbly synth tho, maybe just personal taste but it doesn’t really sit well with me, maybe if you resample it and try to carve it into something less random (for lack of a better word)? also, i think if you had another synth to act as a counterpart in a call and response kind of way, that’s something i could see work

fin: nice to see this one evolve week after week, i still stand by my feedback from last week, the hoover synth would have more impact if it first dropped without it and then you bring it on maybe 32 bars after the drop or something, but yeh, personal taste and all that

@epnu production value is there, can’t fault the mixdown either (although some of the drum hits sound a bit louder than they should be, but minor grip really), i feel the melody played by the cowbell-ish sound could be catchier, but i love me a catchy melody so maybe don’t mind this comment


@knobgoblin really dig this tune, as faultier said everything is where it should be, really like that second drop.

@Tolsof Old Time Metal: I see that you tried to make the kick and the wobbles friends, but I find just a bit more to get them really bouncing would help, as Faultier has said maybe make it less “random” and do some automated envelopes and stuff.

Fin: Not much to say there, I like the buildup although it’s not my kind of tune.

@faultier big chun as always, I like all the samples and the tune just goes nicely on it’s own pace. Love that drop at 0.43.


@faultier really dig it! Such classic feel. Do you work completely ITB? I’ve always thought you would rock an MPC pretty hard. But I want more! You start to get really into it and then it’s over :confounded:

@epnu another track with classic vibes. It’s like being transported thru time to my first dubstep night so long ago. I’m traveling ATM but production sounds good on my phone. Solid track

@Tolsof I think this is a decent starting point, but I think either the wob needs to be a more compelling sound or have some melodic movement in it. Right now it just kind of dances around the kick without doing too much. The sample also seemed a bit too loud, or maybe just too much activity in the 200-500hz range that is clouding things up a bit too much.

Regarding my track, I just got a second Monomachine and wanted to do a track with just the two of them. Only external processing was a bus compressor to get them gelling a bit and some limiting. The MnM isn’t known for its great drums so it was a bit of a challenge using it for all my percussive needs, but it turned out pretty sweet. The Monomachine is an absolute bass monster! It’s my go to synth for fucked up bass stuff.


all done in reaper, tried a friend’s mpc-type controller but couldn’t even set it up properly lol

every once in a while i daydream about getting some hardware tho, am already sinking way too much of my income on vinyl tho and i see that being another black hole for monies too ):


Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I’m not too happy with my mixes. That wob is actually a part of the bass that I low passed and automated. Didn’t sound too random to me at first but definitely hear that now.
Gonna try and give the other tunes a listen soon, I’ve been super fuckin busy.
@faultier I finally caved and bought a maschine. I’ve wanted one for so long lol. Gets here on Monday/Tuesday. Can’t wait


@tolsof @jizz @cyclopian @BudSpencertron @epnu got tuna?


Gonna be out for the next month or so.


didnt do much music last couple of weeks :confused:


Nope. Almost done with something but I really want to add some lyrics to it and haven’t had the time


@faultier no this week is killing me.


gobble goblin


toll surf

niagara fauls