Tuna - The Legend Continues


Both of these are great, some really subtle stuff happening in both and I love the aesthetic. Orcs seems like it could be more impactful in the second half if it had a little more room to breath.

Nice track. The beat has a cool chill vibe that juxtaposes nicely against the darker bass sound. Lovely chords and atmospherics

First track has some very strange stuff going on in the stereo field. A bunch of stuff is 100% out of phase and completely disappears when summed to mono😜 Not sure if that is intentional. Gets a bit repetitive too, could use some movement sonically or musically


Yeah I went a bit crazy with the stereo and realized a bit later. I also got a bit crazy with the arrangement and didn’t really realize how long it was. Should have been like 2 mins 3 tops


@knobgoblin THELABYRINTH: A lot of really interesting movement, I like that bass. I feel like it goes on too long without a break. Woulda been nice to have some kind of break down with an atmospheric bit maybe high pass the bass or something and drop the drums, just for a bit of a breather.

RustDubJam2a: This one has a nice groove, I think those highs/distortion gets a little out of hand at some spots, sounds like you’re losing a lot of dynamics, pushing up on a limiter or something. There’s a lot of really good movement and it’s less boring than labyrinth imo.

@Jizz The textures on this are awesome, also nice bass line. Feels really fitting. Not much more to say really.

@faultier Grqzea: Nice atmosphere. Would make a great soundtrack on something.
Orcs: I feel like you could almost blend these tracks together and make some kind of creepy music vid type thing.


@knobgoblin thelabyrinth: sick drum patterns, what is it 6/4? sick sound design as always. mixdown is also on point as far as i can tell. agreed it would be nice to have a break in there. in any case i feel although what you have here is interesting, it gets a bit samey after a while, like it subtly changes throughout but not enough to give it a real sense of progression imho. it should either be shorter or have more variations or new elements coming in at some point

rustdubjam: feeling these heavy percussions, hitting really hard. all the little incidental details are really carrying it much better than thelabyrinth tbh. re: the harsh distortion on the highs, it feels a bit too much at times but then again it goes well with the dirty raw vibe… i like the simple melody coming in half-way through but feel like the synth could use more room to do it’s thing, as it is it feels overpowered by all the other things you got going on. wouldn’t mind a break with just the melody and more minimal percussive content as well. kinda feels a bit too relentless. been listening to lots of classical music lately and there’s really something to be learned from dynamic range in classical composition, like quiet parts really help louder parts have much more impact.

@jizz nice groove, love the way the beat interacts with the bleepy synth. mixdown sounds really good on my setup as well, all the elements seem to be in their own space. i think you could re-use that vocal sample in the second part to differentiate it from the first part. not as is, but maybe stick some FX’s on it and see what sticks

@tolsof 64: yeah agree on the stereo weirdness, fix that. i feel the arrangement could also use some extra work, like have some incidentals/fills/reversed stuff to transition between sections, i find its these kind of little details that really push a track forward. would also help with it not feeling too long/too boring. not sure how you made the weird synth that sounds like processed vocals/dog barking, i reckon it could be interesting to try and twist it further, like go for a coki-esque approach to it, mess with modulation/LFO’s and whatnot

beat loop: bit too short to give some proper feedback, the kick and snare should definitely be louder compared to other elements i reckon. i see this going into an oriental vibe for some reason, with like an oud or some flute or something


Lol it’s sampled from this


Thanks! It was a jam and it definitely went in way too long. I think I was just zoning out on how much I was liking the percussion in the second half and it’s a bit gratuitous. The drums are all from a single 12 step pattern! Such is the power of the Elektron sequencer.
I’ve added quite a bit of performance macros to get a lot more variety in the structure. I’ve done another jam on it with some breakdowns and stuff, but it was even longer :upside_down_face:So I need to edit it down before I re upload


@knobgoblin labyrinth gets right to it, like the directness. maybe its cut out of a longer jam. yeah the session’s so dense that there’s nothing much to suggest haha. it does have a never-ending feel to it, like a maze. man, i wonder if something so different would happen if it was made by looking at loops on a screen. i dunno if this is really possible in a live jam, but would be cool to hear sounds swapping within the loop, like its the same rhythm but suddenly a different snare or something.

rustdub has a real trashbin sound to it. would be really cool to hear a freer rhythm coming in and out, something more break-y. i feel like the reese is holding the tune back a bit, might flow better without it. then you might have the space to bring in some subtle percs. lead is real nice though. oh yeah, with the lead, the reese fits haha.

@Tolsof ooh feeling that sub movement, very moving. the clap could cut through stronger. a lot of really interesting sounds, all completely gridded in. would be cool to hear something that varies since pretty much every sound here is special. one of those where i wish my technical knowledge was better, could’ve been more constructive on this

beat loop has a great atmosphere

@faultier grqzea is headed somewhere interesting. feel like its lacking the full-on energy right now though. its got a nice pace, really promising sound design

orcs has the same kind of theme but sounding a lot better than grqzea to me. yeah this is less stuck, haha. second half could definitely be spaced out to create a lasting vibe.


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Auntie Faul


Hey sorry to delete the old track, there were some clicks I didn’t notice before rendering that I’ve now fixed


@tolsof paradox: did you record the vocals yourself? feeling the general vibe altho not sure about the reverb you got going on there. i think it makes it lose definition a bit. i feel the mixdown could need some adjustments, the guitar stabs sounds a bit too loud to me and the vocals are sometimes a bit hard to distinguish

stress: nice beat too, although i feel it suffers from the same mixdown problem as paradox, the plucked strings sound way too loud to me compared to the rest, maybe just how it sounds on my system tho… and the vocals sound like they could be mixed better. but having dabbled in recording vocals and mixing them i appreciate how hard it is to pull off. additional big ups if you recorded yourself rapping

@knobgoblin like this version much better, i feel the intro adds a build up/tension and could actually be a tad longer, or maybe have the percs come more progressively, like start with a really really stripped down pattern and then become more hectic as it goes. the flutes/strings in the background also add a nice touch and complement the rest well. feels much more like a proper tune now and less like a gratuitous 9min jam (not that there’s anything wrong with that :badteeth:)


Yeah that’s me lol. My first attempts, not the best :stuck_out_tongue: yeah I was having a lot of trouble with the mixing on these, couldn’t figure out a good balance between everything. Also didn’t help that I couldn’t decide between hiding the vocals in the mix or making them really clear so it kinda ended up somewhere between I guess.


U can get away with rly hitting them hard with a nice compressor. Use a pretty fast attack and release. Honestly they will shine so much more.
Deffo would recommend an 1176 type in tandem with an la2a


Just be careful with the esses with aggressive compression. Also, try playing with parallel compression. Can really bring a vocal forward while retaining the feel of the dynamic performance of the part.


I kinda always go for a de esser first it’s been a while since I have had a vocal that didn’t have loads of sibilance lmao




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is it too late for a second entry?
my digitakt arrived this afternoon…

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Compound: nice one. i feel the distortion is a bit too much at times tho. i really like the melodies in the background and i think it would be nice if there was a section where they get to do their thing without a beat. as usual with your jam stuff, i feel its a bit too relentless, like i dont have time to breathe as a listener. basically i like the individual elements but if you’re going to rework that one i think it’d work better if you re-do the arrangement to give each of them their moment in the limelight if that makes sense? just feels a bit cluttered as is

digitaktile: could be my headphones but i feel the kicks in the beginning could have more weight, maybe just layer a sinewave playing the same pattern as that gabber-ish bass that comes in later? really feeling the rest of the percussions tho and how snappy it all sounds, great work. i feel the mixdown is much better on this one tbh.

@jizz feeling the intro, but you lost me once the drumbreak came in, probably personal taste but it just feels out of place to me, i reckon something half-time would work better, i reckon you could also play around with the vocal and keys samples to give it more variation/sense of progression as well

@cyclopian already told you via pm, really feeling that CM tune, reminds me of four tet’s housey stuff, these hihats tho :gunfinger:
and as usual i’m a sucker for cheesy arpeggios, not much i can critique tbh

{}{} is sick too, really nice progression throughout, like how you transition between sections and bring new elements, particularly fond of the synth that comes in around 1:50. i know i’m one to talk but i feel this could actually be longer tho


@knobgoblin compoundfracture contrasting nicely with the sunny day. feeling how subtle those shakers are. those vocals could be open to changing up. very nice jam though, solid sound design as always

oh yeah, digitaktile is really nice. would love a 320 of this. that kick pattern is a beauty. nothing to say on this tbh, the intricacies take it a step further than compoundfracture

@faultier hope you had a good time at the gothic castle m8. could be interesting to play with the resonant frequencies of this, kinda bring out the sound here and there

@cyclopian op amp could probably put out a lowkey techno tape. really nice kick. something like this is really hard to feedback, its just a great jam. the loops arent even asking for progression imo, everythings working already.

{}{} yes, groove on this. damn, tuna’s on it this week. 320 of this plz. really nice melody switch around 2mins. love how nicely the snare sits in the mix as well.


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nice to see it still rolling
met a girl so i did less music
but i definitly want to get back to music and tuna :slight_smile: