Tuna - The Legend Continues


@cyclopian another nice one, really feeling that main synth, much grittiness very dystopian
i would also be interested if you want to expand on how you program/process your drums (or your hihats more specifically), not sure how to put it into words but i really like how they sound in this one and in CM (still eagerly waiting for the stems btw :P)

@jizz hard to be objective in that case but i’ll try:
Irrational: i like the first 40/50 seconds or so of ambient, i think you could explore this part more and turn it into an ambient tracks of its own
not sure about the next section tbh (like from , just feels directionless like witnessing u ideating live and trying to find something that works, then at 1:40-ish you find that groove and its really good

irrational jam: more or less same critique as the previous, liking the ambient-ish part in the beginning, but then idk, the beat is too broken/unquantised to get me hooked, and i dont mind broken beats in general, then it kinda gets interesting when you bring in that loop that you already have in the previous one

i reckon you should build up on that loop


@cyclopian honestly dont have anything to say on this, its flowing so good already. the shakers are great. yeah its the percussion that sets this one apart, is like techno without kicks


I listened to your tracks like 4 times and couldn’t really think of much to say haha; had some shit typed up then deleted it, they are just jizz covered goodness as per usual. Your stuff is feeling more and more intentional (sorry to use the term) so its hard to really critique it. Nice work lad. I will say I much prefer the ‘jam’ version, feels more cohesive.

Re: my tune, I want to put it out there that it is a homage to this tune, not exactly a classic but prob my fav squarewave tune. His is like a movie style bank heist, mine is a crackhead robbery haha


also @faultier re: hatz

here is a terrible explanation of my hat processing:

-start with a pretty clean closed and open hat sample (I sample a lot from old roots 7" records), program basic downbeat and counter rhythm in midi

-bounce to audio, duplicate several times

-I always pitch the audio around (transpose to keep things in time) on one or two of the layers

-At this point its really about distorting the various layers in different ways to fit the vibe, my go to are the drum room presets in Nomad Factory’s Bus Driver, then push the output gain up on the compressor to volume match. As the textures and levels change, try to reblend the layers as I go; usually adjust the pitches of the layers quite a bit here

-After im sort of happy with the tone, I’ll usually introduce sidechain compression to one or all of the layers. The sidechain source sometimes comes from one of the layers, the kicks, or a muted click track (whatever works for the riddim) I dont really know shit so I just adjust to taste here. One thing that works well with this compression is to start moving some of the layers to wide stereo via M/S EQ or delay. Really can get some nice subtle trippiness when the stereo image is being sidechained improperly haha.

-Print the whole group to a single stem or two stems (closed and open hats). The first is nice because you can get some strange interactions between closed and open hats. I usually do separate stems, then a combined bounce) Then I usually chop the stem(s) at a later date while im actually using them for a tune.

-I often run groups of stems to cassette after the tune has been written too, usually overlay those with the original sound, typicially with another sidechain compressor and/or gate going to remove the excess tape noise in between hits and add extra moves.

I think the key is really changing the pitches on the layers and subtle use of distortion+eq.


@cyclopian Like the intro, feels almost jam band kind of thing. Song
feels almost soundtrack-ish but I feel like you could easily add a
groove to it and it would work like that too. Nice tune man. Can
deffinatly picture that in a lot of different places

@jizz I can’t listen to your songs for some reason :confused:

Haven’t had time to make music lately, trying to get back into it, maybe I’ll have something next week


Might have to click on the links, listen at soundcloud

@cyclopian that mid-side idea is pretty good. I’m used to layering and pitching them around but usually nothing more. Muted sidechain is a good shout, could be playing another drum pattern

Still unsure on using distortion though, don’t have that subtle touch on it


plus another thing about layering is sometimes it sounds like the flow is lost a bit, when there are extra layers dragging down the sound. but at the same time, the layers make the sound more powerful too

like these 2 versions of the same track. smoother:

more layered:

the hats are way better on the smoother one imo but the layered one definitely sounds heavier

shout to @Nevalo for helping with the idea on this one haha, if you remember


bird spencertron

mick jizzer


wage tier





samsung: wot a banger! love how closely it skirts to ‘brostep’ at times but never really gives in to excess.

brandol: another banger, might be slightly too dense for me at points, but still really enjoying it.

plz send both of these over :slight_smile:


the irrational tune wont play for me :s

S1: not sure about that intro haha, maybe a little too sparse.
The melody is interesting here, I like the squarewave on top but I think the weird vocally pad thing underneath it is a bit much (it might just be mixed too loud). Really sick overall though, has a strange 05 dread but playful vibe to me. Sounds like you had a lot of fun making it.

s2: woii, this is really sick, love how it pairs up with S1 as well. Really nice work on this one


im having the same problem with yours as with Jizz’s, click play and the ting just goes grey :confused:


ah yeh, it seems private SC links are acting up again, added the URL in brackets under the offending tunas



irrarional ambient
very nice calming, nothing to add would work in film or game but also just as ambient

crazy haha
kinda garage like beat but made by a psycho haha
cant give feedback just art

more melodic than s1 kinda a “real” song first part longer people would dig i beat like a whole tune made out of it
without the draw backs if you know what i mean
kinda like a boss battle

lol the title
nice space the sub seems maybe bit too strong? hard to say
nice rythmn hard to tell if you wanna go further with it or if it really was just a battery factory library test
in a good way sounds good
but i dunno what could give it another level maybe a simple melody or some reece

a dub <3
wow has a nice feel love the crackle :slight_smile:
bit like old loefah like not really just a tad or like old dubstep in general
like how you include the vocals overall nice tune really
what do you use for compression? has a full sound the drums dig it
maybe more of the vocals? haha but thats personal preference
yeah send it to some blogs i would say when its finished like maybe make a fade out at the end or sth


would one of you guys be up for a collabo maybe for my two tunas this week or one dont get further with them but maybe you can add some flavour :slight_smile:


im down to try :slight_smile:
and for compressor I typically use: Nomad Factory - Bus Driver


Could I send a tune from this week for the next week? Currently on the seaside so don’t have my pc here.


i try to make the stems this week :slight_smile:


Maybe we could try at some point just sending random stuff/stems and each member could make a tune from it? (if you lot werent asking the same thing just now haha)


was just messing around with Battery but might turn it into a proper tuna when i have more time

sorry i’m slacking on the feedback/tuna organization (busy with administrative/logistical shenanigans re: moving to a new flat…)

but if you have something, do send it and i’ll make a tunapost, @epnu same for you, if you have a tuna just send it to me

re: sharing stems, @jizz set up a dropbox for that purpose a while ago, criminally under-leveraged so far tbh, just sayin


can you pm me the dropbox from jizz? i coudl drop some stems if you guys want


dropbox name is “pupsi schnuller”


I wont be able to participate for another two weeks, cant upload anything from my phone and the signal is very bad where im staying right now. We should ditch dropbox for sharing because they locked me out of all my files when i exceeded my quota (and i didnt even know it, it was because i had a shared folder set up for uni and it filled up quickly). I say we should use Google Drive. And i just got another 100gb for two years because i opened it on my new phone. Unless there is a better alternative than just having to pay for everything on dropbox.