Tuna - The Legend Continues


sriracha hot sauce

thomas the tank engine



im down for google drive, seems legit

@cyclopian daamn. crafty intro. heavy base. can’t tell if thats synthesis or samples of cars, doesnt matter. nice idea on progressing through snare hits. well reverbed track imo. lead could defo move into something else, that very last lead line sounds like its setting up for something

@knobgoblin energy surging. love that piercing sound around 1.15. might hit even heavier in a mono mode. maybe this is mono already. i keep imagining this going into metal territory, headbanger. could switch up on the rhythm side, give some space for the midrange sounds to breathe. lot going on, just kinda masked by the intense drums


Haha, nice. Glad you picked up the metal vibes, it’s a take on the Ministry track Lava. Still fleshing it out, a buddy of mine might do the vox for it.


@cyclopian, love the filter work and the sound design generally. In love with the stereo imaging you got there. The tune kinda makes me uneasy if that’s what you intended haha, but it’s a good tune nonetheless.

@knobgoblin, yep, could definitely change it up with phrases and make space for different sounds. It’s an interesting tune for me because I don’t usually listen to that sound. Would be glad to hear more of it.

BTW I’ve been totally busy with real world problems but I will try and keep posting stuff.


i put in some stems in the tuna dropbox :slight_smile:


Please PM me the link.:wink:


if you set up a google drive thing im good to move. dropbox definitely not working?


@cyclopian: love the intro! such a great 70’s scifi vibe. it’s reminding me of a film, just can’t put my finger on it at the moment. The beats are great too, very heavy and modern. That feedback delay drone type sound that is sweeping around is really reminding me of a Throbbing Gristle track called Hamburger Lady. Great work.

@epnu: Nice subtle track. I really like a lot of the stuff happening in the background. There is something about the shaker that seems out of place to me. Maybe that it is so forward and naked in the mix. It feels a little too on top of everything to me. Maybe something as simple as some low pass filtering might push it back a little while keeping it dry and present.


@jizz alright I set up the folder on Google Drive, basically anyone with th link can access it and organize things. If others are interested PM me so I can send the link.


Alright send the link when you can. Might as well send it through to all the regulars on here


Ok here it is then. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_QkuYAqNc7mbVhLY3NfTDlvNkE

On my laptop so unable to upload some first stems.


dont have google drive :confused: yet
can i basically cut out my stems in dropbox to make room for some others? cause my dropbox is kinda full so i cant add much more :confused: but if a copy is in the google drive that would solve the problem


sorry my stems should appear today :confused: forgot that my pc turns itself out dropbox stopped uploading


No problem, I’ll upload some stems this evening probably.


if you have a gmail account, you have a google drive account, I think 15gb for free. Just FYI :slight_smile:


Or just make a new one with a new mail, google wouldnt steal our dubs would they? :blush:


is this still running?


Tuna runs when people send in tracks. I’ve submitted one for this week, hopefully a few others have as well


who do i send the :fish: to? been a while