Tuna - The Legend Continues


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crab goblin

johney kush

foul play

jizz bezos


love everything about this tune except my phone’s browser deciding to reload the page halfway through it.
it stays interesting during the whole length, having said that there were 1-2 places where i wouldn’t mind some variation in the pattern :slight_smile:

@dfaultuzer, lovely beat, i wouldn’t mind a bit of knock/thump to the kick, but i think this kind of sound is what you were going for



previous week:
@cyclopian this is some really good stuff m8, the way you fill the frequency spectrum without it sounding muddy is impressive tbh. only minor thing i’d change but it’s more nitpicking that anything is i found the panning on the drums coming around the 3.00 mark a bit distracting (at least on headphones)… not sure if you’re sending stuff out to dj’s/labels but i reckon you’ve reached a level of quality, and more importantly of consistency, where you definitely should be sending stuff out

@knobgoblin yep can hear the metal influence in this. i’m not even really fond of the type of metal this reminds me of and it’s still a banger :fire: as usual with your jams, i feel this could have more variations, or a breakdown in the middle, what with being above the 7min mark but hey, i’m that guy who can barely make a 3min tune so don’t mind my opinion on track duration

@epnu sorry, didnt find time to feedback last week and it seems you took your track down :frowning_face:

this week:

@knobgoblin maybe it’s my headphones but the bass sounds a bit too loud compared to the rest, really feeling the sound design and the bassline itself tho. very playful. feeling all the little details and incidentals stuff on the percussive side too. this one has more of a sense of progression but i have to agree that a few variations, or maybe just having a stripped down section would be welcome, imho bbq tbh

@syrup intro could use some more work, like maybe having that horn like synth coming up gradually with a filter or something, the bit with the arpeggiated synth at 1:30 is sick, was expecting it to go double time at this point and this took me by surprise (in a positive way), would deffo be gunfingering to this drop on a dancefloor. i could see the section between say 2:30 and 3:00 be more of a breakdown, like more sparse so your second drop has more impact, or maybe bring another element at this point and make the track a bit longer

@Jizz getting old shackleton/disco skull vibes from this, with the added unpredictable jizz twist, like how you switch from this to the more pad heavy ambient section, really works out well, don’t have much to critique aside from the fact you should make it longer


@knobgoblin nice work on that background ascend/descending pad. different twist on dub, the snare holds it all together. this one is perfect for your long jams approach as well, enough time to sink into the chill. would be cool to hear that break around 5 mins without the bass, cos that pad is so good. bass texture really fills out that outro break though

@syrup dizzy intro. hats sounding nice. bass melody reminds me of linkin park for some reason. ah mate, that lead is great. proper zoner, i reckon you could do something more with the low end to get it livelier. maybe something that matches the rhythm of the lead. yeah that outro :salute:

@faultier yes, glad to hear this. man i miss making hiphop. groove clocking perfect.


Spiritual Jizz

Cyclone Debbie



@Jizz REALLY love this one man; militant weirdo shit; eraserhead with a lean addiction haha

@epnu def the most solid stuff i’ve heard from you so far, would love a mp3/wav of Sikk to play out…

Ashusaya is really solid for the most part, but the dry snare doesnt sit quite right at points and the 2nd drop doesnt work for me. It might be cool to try an incorperate some of those grittier tones you used in the 2nd half as like, very small breaks in the overall tune, just to spice things up. (on the 3rd listen now, I feel the 2nd drop part should almost be its own tune)

Overall though, really really big improvement and progression from your past tracks imo, keep it up.


@Jizz izz, love the noise! Really big sounding stuff.

@Cyclopian, love the tune and the sounds as always. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve improved the mixdown on both tunes yesterday, lowered the subs and kicks. For Ashusaya about the snare, do you mean just the snare or the dry snares which go before and after the main “big” snare? And yeah don’t like the 2nd drop either haha. And Sikk is just an experiment which I love and don’t know how I came up with the idea. Will send it your way when I get home from a long three day trip.


@cyclopian these intros dont feel like jams, they’re proper structured. but then the rest of the elements come in like its a jam, which i dont understand how haha. nothing to really say on this tbh, heavy and moving. need to check that vid you made for this. interested to hear where those strings are going, although i guess this tune isnt really about melodies

@epnu really nice shuffle on ashusaya man. reckon this could actually get played out. the flute could be louder in the mix. could try a different beat to go with that new bassline on the second half. it comes together at 3.40 though.
oh yeah, sikk’s even better imo. drums sounding solid. the lead is so good. when it switches to a mid, sounds a bit dry atm. but as an idea that’s great. maybe a tiny something to make it gel with the sub more, when it becomes a mix. real nice percussion in the second half.


gobble gobble

jizzle jizzle

poke poke


Too late to enter a submission?


Wow this thing is still going? Crazy. I haven’t been around here in a long time but it’s nice to still see a few familiar names.


@Jizz: Lovely lovely track. First I thought I was listening to some BoC lost track or something. Lush!

@Pokus: your track has a nice sense of progression throughout. I feel like the drums need more excitement and impact, mostly in the break that you are using. I think maybe it just sounds a bit straightforward for my tastes, like I want to hear more chopping and variations at turnarounds. I like how it sounds subdued in the track, I just think it needs something to call attention to it while it occupies that support role in the mix.


Love the distorted, crunchy overall feel of this one and overall it really reminds me of Noisia.
The dissonant stabs, the glitchy/stuttery vocal chop
Structure wise it feels like a jam (hence the name, Spark - as in Arturia Spark?), and imo it fits this track, even though the bassline pattern gets a bit repetetive after a while.

Sounds great! Ambient vibes all over. Love the background noise throughout the track and the bass that subtly appears at 1:25. Not much to critique, perhaps you could have automated the feedback of the main effects a bit to make the pad/choir move even a bit more?


Hey, thanks!
Nah, the first sound evoked an engine startup to me, hence the name. It’s Elektron RYTM, octatrack and the bass is a cyclone tt303. Fx are from a Ksp8. The vocalish thing is a synth/fx. Also the chord stab is modular.
Borrowing the 303 from a buddy, wasn’t able to figure out how to automate pattern changes, so it just loops the whole time :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:



faul mccartney



feedbag for previous week

@knobgoblin i reckon the intro could be a bit longer, that shimmering pad is real nice and should have more time alone in the spotlight imo. solid stuff, the acid bassline coming in the second part is sick. as per my usual feedback i feel the arrangement could use some more work to make it sound more like a proper track rather than a jam.

@jizz beautiful! probably in my top 3 fav tuna i heard from you, really neat stuff, very boards of canada, not much proper critique i can give, wouldn’t mind trying to mess around with the stems if you have them

@pokus i like the overall vibes and the way it progresses but i feel the highpass on the break might be too drastic, reckon you could have more of the mid frequencies coming through without muddying the mix too much, also agreed with knobgoblin’s comment that having more variations/incidentals would add to it. not super fond of the piano-ey melody in the second part, a bit too 90’s trance imo, but personal taste and all that. oh and that clap that comes in at the end should be louder/less highpassed too

this week’s feedbag:

@cyclopian funny that you refer to this as cheesy in the dubs thread, we clearly dont have the same definition of what cheese is. sick stuff imo, this industrial/rough vibe of your production works v well at this slower bpm. although i feel it could use something else, an MC maybe?

@jizz cheeky. that drop caught me by surprise tho, not sure this is a project you want to continue but if so, i think you could re-use more of the original and sprinkle mangled bits of it at random intervals, like hint at the catchy vocal sample for a second or two and then you push the listener back into the pit


Last week
@knobgoblin what a snare weight. Glitching as well, nice. Patterns moving very nice. Almost a live drumming feel. John Denver on a rollercoaster. Yes, bass is snide.

@Pokus very restrained track. But the bass contains some other levels. Oh yeah, nice melody man. Deadmau5 forgot where he left his socks. Percs are flowing, the melody switches are great. Has got a “gridded” feel to it though, could be great to hear some more randomness. Especially with that break sample.

Last week
@cyclopian that midrange is just waiting to go mental. Kicks are insane on this. Might be better slightly faster too. Led Zeppelin meeting serial killers. Feeling Delayed. Yeah, would be cool to hear where that midrange goes.

@faultier setting up nicely. Oh okay, didn’t expect that lead melody. What a tone. Kick sounds very nice, pattern could get more interesting. Haxan Cloak can’t find the cloakroom. Yeah this is very dark compared to the usual, could be a roller with some variations on the drums


@faultier nice spacious production on this, would like to hear more of a solid sub bass during certain parts

@jizz dude! this one is fukn nuts haha would love to get a download of this one :slight_smile:

re: funnel, I could stem that one out for ya if you want to have at it