Tuna - The Legend Continues


Yeah, send it through! Trust you to like Mr. Eden tho… will send man


@jizz @cyclopian @knobgoblin anyone?

if you show me yours i’ll show you mine


the tuna has gone away. I am in pursuit


I’ll try and make something the next week. Currently working on advancing my sound design… stuff.


jizz caught the tuna eventually

tuna sat in the fridge for weeks

sideways tuna


mod edit: moved into the tuna can


@faultier very pleasant. pleasant to the ears. kinda wish the brass was harsher though. lead on the break is very nice. hmm, interesting attempt to put dub on the track. man that snare’s almost missing imo. whats the original anyway?

@knobgoblin at odds with this one. trains of crossing thoughts bro. very nice snare. feeling how you keep holding back the drum loops. they dont get repetitive at all. could be interesting to hear some varied scales on the melodies. something eastern coupled with such metallic percussion


What do? I have a WIP, maybe next week? @cyclopian @faultier @Jizz @knobgoblin @Pokus


I’ve got something. Are you going running it this week?


I’ve got something as well, send me your tunas, if you want and I’ll get it rolling again. Will give faultym8 a break

@epnu @jizz (gonna enter the new ‘oakdon’ thing this week)




Cyclopian + @Jizz

and a late jizz-addition


@knobgoblin - I just love the audio fuckery in those two tunas! What do you use, granulizers, what what? I want to experiment more with it. So far I’ve got only Camel Audio Alchemy 1.1-something, and I messed around with it some. Great for making almost any sound.

@cyclopian + @jizz - Southside: love the agressivenes in this tune, the outro is outstanding. Have really nothing else to add, solid stuff.

Edict: love the fucked up vocals and the different parts of the tune as it builds slowly. Sound design is awesome.

@jizz - this would work well in a live set, a great slightly agressive ambient piece, lovely. I think it would be a bit better if there was a kind of intro, maybe not start with the distortion first.


This seems pretty fun, what’s the deal?

@Jizz - gotta be this one for me. Sounds amazing through the headphones. I wish it was twice as long, would love to hear where it goes after the floaty bit comes in at the end.

@epnu - again, through the headphones it sounds amazing. That bass is so physical, how it ebbs and flows and pulses. The descending percussion jitters are lovely. And the flute! Fluttering in and out like that gives me goosebumps


Thanks! All sequencers, synths and effects were built in Reaktor. I load my patch and hit play :slight_smile:

Effects have some granular based stuff but mostly built using standard delays in non standard configurations and networks. No samples were harmed in the making of these (ok, I lie, there’s 3 drum samples in the second one)

Southside: Really like this tune, and what you guys are doing in this project generally. Absolutely love the intro. Very tasty portastudio effects

Edict: pretty familiar with this one now😜
I love how subtle the variations are in the backing sample freak out. Also those vocal chops really propel the track along. Really good rhythmic variations coming from those edits. Ultra tape crunch on the drums and sub push the harmonics in a really beautiful way


@epnu fun tune. imo it might be even better without the dubstep intro/drop structure. just merry flutes everywhere. bassline is heavy though. especially second drop. very nice hats around the 4 min mark.

@knobgoblin did you play the guitar? mixdown is so good, the way you got that wave of noise coming in around 3.30. would be interesting to hear some higher notes from the guitar

modaltest2: haha yes, this is full-on. the drums come in naturally. energetic stuff. what a breakdown. no idea what key this is but it hits some next-level harmony. sound design really helps with that.

@cyclopian edict is a groove. the 808 has enough space as well. mate, 2.15 onwards… bongos that actually work! that extra bass, damn. vocal madness by the end. solid tune


No guitar used, all synthesis.:sunglasses:


The “rules” as I understand them:
-tune made during the week
-send the tune to the tuna master (typically faultier) on saturday.
-there are no rules

Its been quiet lately, but I want to start pushing Tuna on a weekly basis again after the ‘holidays’


Yess! A tune a week! I wanna start 365 photos project as well, should be fun apart from having no internet sincy my neighbor went back to Austria lol


yes, make tuna great again

@cyclopian @Jizz @knobgoblin @sleepwalk_1980 @epnu


will upload something tomorrow