Tuna - The Legend Continues


So any genre, tempo etc?

I got something I’m working on, got a simple melody going and a sweeeeeeet sample I ganked off some old ladys youtube channel. I just cannot figure out what the beats should sound like…

Might post it up as a WIP? Or does it have to be a finished tuna?


@sleepwalk_1980 any genre, WIP is fine

pm me your tuna and @epnu’s and then i’ll make a nice post with all of them, already got stuff from Jizz and Knobgoblin


Pmd you, and actually managed to get soundcloud desktop version wirking on my Android so I can upload.



knob creek bourbon

jizz carrey

sleeping beauty


cyclopian will not edit my post to add his tuna this time i swear

faul ryan


@knobgoblin sick stuff as usual. the distortion sounds a bit too harsh at times on headphones tho. the part where you cut the lead around 2:50 is nice as it gives the percussions some room to breathe. if you plan to do another version but i feel with this one a “less is more” approach would probably work well.

@jizz you’re getting really good at the wonky-beats-that-shouldn’t-work-in-theory-but-are-actually-sick-grooves-in-practice m8. liking how subdued it feels, although i feel the super low dub techno stab could be a bit louder.

@sleepwalk_1980 hard to give feedback on such a short snippet, as it is, i think you could put some reverb or delay to fill the silence between the notes, also on the second half not sure if voluntary but the volume seems to be ducking between each note

@epnu silly wip: liking the general vibe, can’t really fault anything production wise. i feel perhaps you could double down on the oriental vibes and find some sample from middle eastern music, vocal or otherwise, to layer in and give it more of an organic feel?
what are you using for reverb? the reverb on that snare sounds great

ambienat: :heart_eyes: loving the timbre of the synth coming in at 1:00, although maybe the pattern it plays could have variations over time or maybe double it by adding another synth playing the same part on a different register

@cyclopian love this. i feel the plucky bleepy bit should be louder, it sounds nice but feels overpowered by the rest. or perhaps carve more space for it with EQ, idk. probably nitpicking tho, it’s great stuff, i already told you but you should deffo send your stuff to labels at this point m8. also hiraeth is a great word

big ups everyone, great fresh start for tuna 2018 :salute:


@knobgoblin - sick tune, soubd design is as per, great overall feel to the track, could imagine nyself dancing akwardly to it even if it wasnt intended for that haha

@Jizz - lovely dark tune, perhaps those plings could be a bit on the wet side but nice tune man, love the grit

@sleepwalk_1980 - as its an intro, it sounds ok but cant really hear whats it about

@cyclopian - the sound is there, vibes, even tho I feel the track doesbt progress, it just kinda floats

@faultier - love the first tune, just a fun tune, really love the bassline and organs

the other tune is a great ambient piece

also, for silly wip, theat reverb is another sound, pitched down hat, and the sbare has a bit of room reverb

as for the ambienat synth its just a guitar with sub


Thanks for the feedback guys even though my thing is so short and doesn’t do much!!
Its much appreciated as 've only just started to dip my toe in the waters of production. I know nothing. I dont really understand DAWs so I’m just messing around in audacity, playing with sounds and enjoying the process.

Will check all the submissions tomorrow


@knobgoblin drums on this one reminds me of Cyrus’s stuff. real nice reverb use (atleast it sounds like reverb). elements sitting down properly in the mix. great melody. oh yeah, nicely opening up toward the end. so good

@sleepwalk_1980 its a start! with some effects you could make a tune just out of this

@epnu silly has an unsilly intro imo. bassline is pretty serious. really nice kicks. could try pads

ambienat is nice. very grey. its a full tune man. could even send it out to people.

@cyclopian yeah man, tune. the lead is great. could be cool to mess with its resonance. pretty much finished imo.

@faultier subtle title for sure. oldskool horns sounding very warm. oh yeah, nice stab. man, this is a tune. second half really kicks off.

ubergang is hypnotic. very interesting jingle you got going. could be morphed into something else. this has the space for drums too. idk how ubergang trends are though


Yup that’s intentional. I used a snippet of the D note between the main notes, and put a tremolo on it so give it some shimmer. Then I dropped the volume/panned left so there’s a bit of movement between the main notes rather than dead air like in the first half.

I think I’ll work on it a bit more, get some ambience/effects in there to make it feel more full bodied. Maybe try and stick some drums in there


Thanks @Jizz, for Silly wip - yeah, I added separate fx tracks for the intro, the first is a granulizer which added pitch changes abd the other is a tape echo fx, will work more on this tune deffinitely.
For Ambienat, it was just a one off try at ambient drone music, will develop it a bit and just leave it as a piece of music on its own and trt to send out to people (although dont know where to start haha)

Tuna 4 life


yeah, not many ambient dj’s… i think theres an nts ambient show


Yeah, gonna keep it for nyself until I find some places or people to send to, but there are a lot of labels which mainly focus on this type of music. Still, for a first try, I wouldnt even hope for sending it out…


yeah thats a good idea, see if its still good after some time


cyclone rake


default argument

@jizz @knobgoblin @sleepwalk_1980 @epnu send me yours if you have something


Nothing this week. Works been mad.


Same for me, had the flu this last week and didn’t get much of anything done


Yeah, wips not doing too well so probably nothing


ah forgot, sent


@cyclopian sick tuna again, great work on the percussions, not much to critique, except the usual nitpicking on details/matter of taste stuff, really digging the pad that comes towards the end and wish you used it more, same for the vocal choir-y thing

@jizz it works as is as a minimal beat driven thing, perhaps with a few variations on the percs pattern. i feel you could also add some more elements to it, even just some subtle stabs or something. also possibly because i’m on headphones but the subby part feels like it could have more saturation/harmonics to be more present in the mix


@cyclopian such a nice transition from intro to the main bit. melody is placed just right in the mix. breaks are a nice idea. nice try mixing it with that stab rhythm. melody switching nicely

@faultier cowboy something. that vocal snip is defo asking for some flip. stab might be better without so much reverb. real nice loop on that trotting sound.