Tuna - The Legend Continues



really loving the sample flip on this, deep bass is very satisfying, and the spring reverb works super well. The stilted drums though im not so sure about, I think its probably just because some of them are so dry. Mainly that clicky one just sticks out for me and kills the overall riddim. Overall, very enjoyable though. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at some stems of this.

@jizz I dont usually talk about mixdowns and other technical stuff when it comes to your tunes since the vibe usually negates any standard mixing practices, but here its making it hard to even hear the tune haha. Just a little eq out of that crazy low end/midrange would open things up a lot here. Tune is kinda screaming for some sort of staccato but lackadaisical midrange melody as well. Just few big chord honks with a big reverb here and there haha. Def digging it overall though as per usual. Also, nice work on some of the other stuff you put up on SC in the past few days, v nice.


@cyclopian @sleepwalk_1980 @epnu @knobgoblin got one from Jizz already, will try to have something by tomorrow myself, send tunas if you have them


Going to try and get a beat going but I’m on late shifts this week so we’ll see


Sorry gonna need a few days to install all the stuff and sort the files, just installed fresh Windows. Will try and start learning Ableton Live tho, also installed Traktor Pro 2 lol.


As usual I have trouble making a good beat, but I’ve got some atmospheres, static, pads, samples going. Nothing special more of a short intro than anything else…


cool to see it still running :slight_smile: :blush:


Yeah I’ll put it up all the same. Been reading up on eq’ing. Doesn’t sound as complicated as i thought it would… tried to eq a few things and everything sounds muddy still, but audacitys eq thingy is fairly straightforward so we’ll see


Any m9’s out there with wips? @cyclopian @_ronzlo @Jizz @faultier @sleepwalk_1980 @knobgoblin @BudSpencertron

I got two wips which arent wips at this point anymore I guess but it shuld do haha


I got some stuff. Sent something to Faulty last week but looks like no one else did? Or have you taken over Tuna duties for the time being?


you can send what you’ve got to me

same to you @knobgoblin


Count me out this time round. Been buying a house and also housesitting for a friend and doing the usual work thing so not had any free time lately!


My former DAW is no longer supported and been trying to get 1 gb of project files flown out, still not sure how I’m gonna recover the arrangements unless I go into every single goddamn project and fly out midi. Have Reaper on a laptop now, but no interface.


So probably not. Unless I magically figure out a Plan C.


Gonna send the goods to cyclopian then, maybe someone else? @everyone haha




Received both PMs.

I’ll make a post later tonight when i get home







So I read the beginning of this thread from a few years ago. Not sure how much rules and things have changed since then but I would love to get in on this if possible. Looks like fun. :smiley:


When I Look At You subtle and floating. I wanted to hear a stream burbling away in there somewhere. The backwards sounding synths in the end part are lovely. I know the sample is saying “at you” but I kept hearing “atchoo” like a sneeze…

Triple Dub is niiice. Love the metallic clang snare buried under the other snare. Is the bass noise an old gabba kickdrum? Not sure about how it mutates in the latter part of the tune. Kind of sounds like its out of sync and it’s detracting. Maybe the melody part could use a little variation in the second half, something else swirling under/around it perhaps?

Unlink Unpalayble the percussion is dope in this. I like how it’s dry and stuttery playing off against the reverb of the metallic clangs and the melody. Very sombre sounding tune. The gabba kick noise is better here.

Collapse V1a I love noisy beats and distortion but I just couldn’t get this one sorry.
Digit One First Jam the dostortion in this one is way better. I like the washes of distorted bass noise. Nice skippy beats, could use some extra little hats to switch it up in the second half, maybe some extra snares? Just to make it seem faster and a bit more frantic. Felt like it needed to let loose nearer the end.

Op Amp Torsion I dig this. When I used to play out I would sometimes do noise/industrial sets and this reminds me of those days. I love the end when it goes all high pitched and screamy. I would have ended a set on this and just overcranked it until it was all redlining and then cut the sound dead and leave everyone’s ears ringing.


sent in one, hope cyclo adds it

@faultier hahah whaat, this is nice. really feeling the stabs that come in after 1 min. sub is heavy, would be cool to hear melodic variation.

@epnu triple dub has a great groove. very nice mids. would flow in a mix. could switch the percs on the second drop. nice attempt with the bass though.

unlink playable is direct and doesnt get repetitive. unsure how the mixdown is on this one, might be a bit too heavy on the low end. might be better with the strings muting sometimes.

@knobgoblin damn, collapse is so good. all it needs is some kind of solo and it’d be a full-on madness. snares sounding nice.

digitone is vibes. nice to hear something more melodic. rhythm gets a bit repetitive. wouldve been cool to hear an ambient version of this. outro definitely points toward that direction. soundtrack vibes

@cyclopian tune. dunno if many people would be into this. interesting direction though. something for the darker sound system. like how you reveal the midrange around 2 mins in. hope you didnt actually have a torsion mate, that’d be horrible


Something I’ve been playing with. Not sure where it’s going TBH… Don’t know if I want a dusty 140 break, or a 4/4 subby techno vibe, or…


I do want a 40Hz sub in there however my parametricEQ is limited. I don’t seem to be able to extend the range of the cut beyond a set width. And I can’t add additional cuts within the same window, it’s a destructive filter (ie. I have to EQ once, apply it, then EQ again). So I don’t know if i’m cutting enough frequencies from my synths etc

I know I should get a better DAW but I can’t afford one. I DL’d Studio One’s free DAW but fucked if I can work out how to use it! So I’m in Audacity atm