Tuna - The Legend Continues


@epnu Triple dub is really good, nice punchy percussions, feeling the main synth too altho i agree with sleepwalk that the melody could have more variations to it. sub is mad

Unlink Playable feeling the snare on this one could hit harder, or maybe layer in another sample to give it more snap, again great job on the sub, would be interested if you want to share some tips on how you achieved it

@knobgoblin Collapse: very metal, not sure about the kicks, doesn’t feel like it fits imo and would probs work just as well beatless, but personal opinion and all that. mixdown sounds a bit too crowded, but i guess thats the vibe you went for. feels like it could be shorter too, or needs more variation throughout imo

Digit One: liking this one a lot more, when the dubby skank sound comes in, it’s on. the way you change it up on the second part is neat too.

@cyclopian super interesting sound design. but the EQ range is gross tho

@sleepwalk_1980 go 4/4 subby techno vibe imo, also try reaper (https://www.reaper.fm/) i reckon its easier to get into than studio one, respect for trying to do stuff in audacity but you’re not making it easy on yourself lol


It took me awhile to get my internet connection going back home, and it’s super exciting to hear new stuff from all of you, let’s keep going! :smiley:

@faultier - When I Look At You:
Lovin the intro, bassline is wicked, great atmosphere throughout. Loving the delayed sounds, it just gives us a glimpse into an another world, what you did with the vocals is beautiful. Would imagine this playing in a trailer of a pretty powerful film, as well as a great intro tune for a set.

Triple Dub:
Yeah, I will improve the melody, I needed to finish a couple tunes so I rushed it a bit but I’m happy for it.

Yeah the snare is a recording of a business card hitting my monitor stand and it made a nice clang, and I also think it should hit a bit harder.
As for the sub, I made it in 3xosc, and there are 2 subs. They are both square waves with a bit of low-mid content with added lfo for the filter. They are also pitch bended to give it more thump and sub 1 is on glide. Sub 2 is the same but with a lot more release and because it’s releasing so long I limited it to only one voice. The mids are the same, but I added a second square wave and detuned them a bit. I added TriDirt for distortion, and actually I use it for almost everything when I need distortion, love the distortion modes and of couse the 3 eq bands. Lots of automation options.

@knobgoblin - Collapse:
The distortion is pretty nice to the ears, usually don’t like hearing that much nastiness on guitars. The drums do sound ok but it’s not my thing, maybe have a bit more variation.

Damn, loving this one from the start, the swing, the noise, the samples with a bit of reverb, it sounds just awesome. The bassline is playful, that’s what I love about this style of music (don’t wanna call it IDM haha). I quite like how the melodies progress, and the drop at 5:04 introduces new sounds and it’s just a great breakdown. Love the outro and the end but I think it’s a bit too long perhaps.

@cyclopian - Torsion:
Great sound design as always, love those delayed bits slowing down. Though it’s too weird for me, I have to admit. :smiley:

Transmission 1: Liking the glidey lead / pad and the sounds you used, shame it’s only an intro. :slight_smile:

I didn’t use gabba kicks, just 3xosc (it’s a synth that comes with FL Studio)

@Jizz - Thanks man, I did both tunes very quickly, will try messing with the mix of Unlink. I think the main issue is I don’t have decent monitoring equipment. When I’m able to use my speakers, the sub isn’t really there until about 70hz, and my headphones go low but they are just plain headphones not for production and the sub is a bit too quiet.


MUUUUCH better.
Looking forward to getting into this!

Edit. So it doesn’t come with instrument banks? I have to download some VST instruments is that right?


there is no EQ at all on the track haha. Just a live recording. Sometimes life doesnt sound good.

for the rest of you, I already got a submission from Faultym8 will post up the fresh tuna in the next days, get at me

@Kevin_Dowty @Jizz @sleepwalk_1980 @epnu @knobgoblin


Will send at least a shitty wip :slight_smile:


If I can get to grips enough with Reaper to get something added to the one I posted a few days ago I will.
Or I’ll send a WIp of something else I was tinkering with, an old school rave thing at 140


@jizz @faultier @knobgoblin @sleepwalk_1980

tagging again, because im shit at this, but i got 2 submission already and im gonna post tuna tomorrow (saturday)


I’m going to post what I’ve got so far for that 140 rave thing… It’s very much a WIP, beats are just for placement. Going to remake it in Reaper. Just not had time yet due to buying a house, work etc etc.

But it’s something. And Tuna forces me to get off the xbox and be productive.
Soon come.








Bit of context for mine, it is an EXTREMELY quick WIP made in Audacity just to get the idea down. I was driving to work and listening to Dizzee Rascal’s track Stop Dat, the bit at 02.48 when the music stops and you can hear a crowd/MC inspired this idea…
I want to remake it in Reaper, this is a rough version for placement, structure etc. It’s only a short intro/drop so don’t judge too harsh… The amens will be chopped to fit a 140 dubstep pattern eventually, kind of like Skream’s Sandsnake

Anyway… gonna check the other tunes after work


we dont judge like that here man, big ups for getting an entry in and im diggin the concept behind it. Proper feedback coming soon


Slumber’s Smile I don’t wanna use Aphex Twin’s name in this description as it’s lazy and bait but those pads in the intro though! You know what I mean? Beautiful stuff. Sleepy summertime afternoon beers music.

TB are you using feedback/clicking from cables being plugged in for those percussive/beat elements? Whatever it is they sound lovely! I would have liked to hear some other thing come in aroundf the 02.50 mark… not quite sure what though… something growly and throbbing perhaps? Some machine noise, or something…

Bit That fuzzy, whiny noise throughout is dope! The twangy sounds at the beginning… is that what they call a spring reverb? Really digging this one - would have liked to hear a bit more of the “melody” towards the end. I like how it’s buried at first and starts to come to the fore but it never really finds it’s feet, and then it’s over. And that makes me sad.

Old Skool Rough WIP get off the xbox young man and finish a tune!

Train Dubb Wipp sounds to my ears like there’s too much top end in the percussion in the intro, it clacks a bit too harsh. Digging the distortion on the bassline, gives it some throat and grit. The swooshing wave noises are really nice, love the needly electricity of them.

chipped FUCK YES. How much of this is sampled from youtube vids? LOVE the lofi, grungey, shitty (in a good way) dirt smothered all over this. I did not expect a 4/4 to come in, thought it was going to be a noise track - but that beat man! And then that almost melodic synth two thirds in… Fuck. More please.

Htake Rodent
Bliss. Did you ever listen to The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety by The Gasman? This gives me vibes of that.
The hats at 02.11 could use knocking back a bit, they’re a bit overpowering for this track.


@faultier great drums on slumber’s smile. very nice
TB sound design… would be cool to hear that rhythm sidechaining somehow. really cant think of improvements

@sleepwalk_1980 this is only lacking layers/processing which is boring to do. those pads could be quieter, letting the drums come out stronger. track could be finished already hahah

@epnu its like a never-ending burp. pads are very nice

@cyclopian chipped has the trademark cyclo heaviness. its the atmosphere carrying this one through. could start modulating that mid earlier in the track
lol @artwork on htake rodent. this might be nicer without the background pad. the 2 main melodies are great already imo. like how loud the hats are.


Thanks man. The amen needs chopping out to make it fit a dubstep template. Although I was aiming for a straight homage to old school rave so perhaps a straight amen rollout would work, and forget the dubstep elements.


Btw the twangy sound is running through ableton Simple Delay. Is pretty dubby but no spring verb


Please don’t let the tuna suffer @Jizz @knobgoblin @faultier @sleepwalk_1980 @cyclopian
I got something to post


I got a couple jungle 2k18 things in the works


Yeah i could send something


yeah, send it over

i’ll try to record something today for it


Ok, gonna upload something tomorrow morning-ish, just started another tune again