Tuna - The Legend Continues


Got something in the works. Should have it ready tomorrow’s tomorrow.


Ok so I didn’t manage to finish anything but I have 3 Jungle 2k18 tunes in the works. Might just post them up even though they’re unfinished…


send em ova, likewise @knobgoblin and @Jizz when youre ready


Will send tomorrow


Just uploading to soundcloud. 3 works in progress incoming…


Anything coming?


Yeah last tunes just trickling in. Will make a post tomo am :slight_smile:


I’m monitoring thru headphones (not good I know but I cant afford monitors rn) so I gave them the car test cuz I got a decent stereo in there and theres too much top end so I need to re-eq once I get some feedback

Might have something else to post.
160 bpm, 3 bar loop, snares on the 5 and 10.








couple bits

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ah, thats weird, didnt see a pm from ya, will edit them into the main post


@cyclopian your tune says not available.
Edit. So does @epnu’s tune


hmm, epnu’s works for me, and I just double checked and i did share a private link for mine.

Tried refreshing the page?


Nope nothing. I’ll try on my laptop.


sorry late edit
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@epnu really nice reverb. bassline sounds like its appealing a jail sentence. very convincing. yeah feeling that lead stab in the second half. proper triple 6 snare too.

@knobgoblin what an intro. man, this is a tune. love how the midrange flows. def send a 320 if you can

@sleepwalk_1980 judderbeat is a nice foundation. could try some guitar samples around this instead of the usual junglist ideas. or go fully glitch
again, horntune is a nice foundation. this is pretty truhed mate. would be cool to hear percussive variation, like you did on judderbeat. its gone further than judderbeat overall though imo
maybe bloodclot and judderbeat could combine some elements to form a proper track. starts kicking off toward the end there, promising

@cyclopian nicely on that fine line between distorted and clean. reckon the percs could come in stronger. the resonance is nice but those hats are really quiet. overall its floating for sure


hate to be “that” guy but I did it again…

mod edit: FFS! :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

@cyclopian: This track really takes you on a journey. Very cinematic. I always love the texture in your tracks, and this one doesn’t disappoint

@Jizz: No Jokes is really cool. I love the silly lead that comes in for the second half. Somehow it ties everything together. Could use some automation in the drum processing throughout to keep things fresh

@epnu: Great atmosphere, I dig that pumping breathing kind of sound creeping in the background. production sounds really clean and punchy. Lots of macro dynamics keeping it from sounding flat, which can be a problem for these kind of droning sub tracks.

@sleepwalk_1980: These are pretty sparse so I’m gonna generalize. Horn tune was my favorite of the bunch. You’ve got a few good canvases to use as starting points to work on bass and atmospheric ideas. It might be cool to go forward working with them as audio loops, so you can chop it up and do cool edits to build up the complexity in layers. It will be cool with the other samples already baked into the drum breaks


Thank @Jizz & @Knobgoblin.
Jizz - Triple Six snare? You mean it’s punchy, because I think that they don’t sound similar at all. Also, forgot how massive Coki is…

@Knobgoblin - Yeah man digging this one, love the slow drums and the angry mids, and the shuffley hihat fuckery that’s going on. Great intro and outro. Overall, amazing sound design and fx.

@sleepwalk_1980 -

JudderBeat - Sounds like a nice backbone for a tune, don’t usually listen to much dnb or jungle. The drums could do with a bit of dirt (saturation, distortion, bitcrusher…) and as it’s a loop that’s all I can say pretty much.

HornTune - Almost the same thing I sad above, the samples sound a bit more nice, and also I like the dubby fills at the end of some bars. Liking the horns as well, could imagine a nice happy sunshine dubby tune. :slight_smile:

Bloodclot - Liking the snare fills here, adds a bit of variation, and the vocals are cool.

@cyclopian - It’s fat and massive right from the start, liking the atmosphere a lot here, and the distorted sounds coming in and the clean hihats add a bit of contrast. Loving the breaks, where you only have the distorted pads or whatever and hihats. Absolutely love the part after 2.30, a really nice change to the track, it’s almost like you’re trying to tell a couple of stories in one tune. And the end is very nice, the scary pad going in and out and leaving only the distirtion at the end.

@Jizz - No jokes - Nice fucked up sounds, love that glitchy sound, whatever it is, sounds really cool on its own as well. The vocals are a bit too weird for me but they fit overall nicely I think. Love this type of sound design where you just fuck everything up, pm me for some plugins please :smiley:

Letsdo - Kinda easygoing, slow, boring (sorry!) tune, not really for me but nice sound selection and design as always.


My bad, just meant that the snare has a tapedriven sound to it. I listen to this stuff on a hifi though… really not accurate :lol_og:

i only have 2 plugins atm

had a lot of plugins on my old laptop but now i’m trying to keep it minimal. so with the no jokes tune it was all stock ableton effects. not technical at all, tbh i’m generally lost when it comes to technicalities. i tried to compress “properly”, lot of distortion… too much distortion maybe. filter delay, plus this amazing thing called the Corpus which is apparently a resonator.

its defo helping to actually “play live”, instead of just placing random clips on a grid. hope that makes sense. like less arrangement, more playing. ableton is very intuitive for that. i can almost imagine it as a real instrument. its just some fun


My new house has no internet and my phone plan has barely any internet so Ill be AWOL for a week or so til I get some internet.