Tuna - The Legend Continues


I got some stuff, care to join in? @sleepwalk_1980 @Jizz @knobgoblin @faultier @cyclopian




just pm to me as per usual…


Nothing from me. Just working on stuff I’ve posted before. One day I might finish something…




Cyclopian x Jizz



@epnu nice sound design, though the melody might be holding it back from full potential. one of those tracks that might be better without so much frequency cutoff. my entry’s got the same problem tbf. that airy sound in the break is really nice.

@cyclopian next level pads. would be cool to hear a heavier version, proper dancehall thing. those claps are defo a good start for a mover. pads could do with some variation toward the end

thunderbolt tune is heavy. real nice use of that tribal sample, doesnt sound overused. crazy pad lol, whatever that is.