Tuna - The Legend Continues


I got some stuff, care to join in? @sleepwalk_1980 @Jizz @knobgoblin @faultier @cyclopian




just pm to me as per usual…


Nothing from me. Just working on stuff I’ve posted before. One day I might finish something…




Cyclopian x Jizz



@epnu nice sound design, though the melody might be holding it back from full potential. one of those tracks that might be better without so much frequency cutoff. my entry’s got the same problem tbf. that airy sound in the break is really nice.

@cyclopian next level pads. would be cool to hear a heavier version, proper dancehall thing. those claps are defo a good start for a mover. pads could do with some variation toward the end

thunderbolt tune is heavy. real nice use of that tribal sample, doesnt sound overused. crazy pad lol, whatever that is.


@cyclopian @epnu @knobgoblin @faultier etc etc
Let’s keep it rolling…

Work In Progress.
Old Shock - Ultimate Badboy
mod edit: snip


tuna refresh:



@zij (hope you dont mind the forced entry :slight_smile: )


Just upgraded my pc and installed fresh windows. But had to format my hdd… Installed Fl Studio 20, not used to a master volume knob instead of fader hahah. Also gonna taaake ages to reinstall vsts and samples… But at last I have a working production pc lol


Gonna get on this tomorrow and have a listen to the tuna.


late feedback:

@sleepwalk_1980 damn man, you’ve come along way since your first posts in here, big up. Time to start adding in some pads and a bassline!

one of my homies makes some really gritty jungle stuff i think you might like


really digging this one man, nicely delicate

would def sound great with a little compression from a compressor with a lot of character, this one is a sick freebie and super easy to use



This one is dope man, love the percussion/beats how they’re clinical but still sound kinda organic.

Thanks for the feedback, pads and bass incoming. Going to use samples cuz not confident enough to get on the midi tip yet…
Digging the track you linked too.

Just beautiful. So subtle and haunting. Would be good to hear some more white noise swashes, and crackles. I feel like I needed to hear some French woman talking buried under a load of radio noise.


@sleepwalk_1980 very badboy mate. kicks hitting heavily. you could maybe switch up the kick pattern, that might trigger some different break patterns in turn. the little glitches here and there are great

@cyclopian solid atmosphere as usual. feeling the groove on this tbh, not too experimental or anything. would definitely work in a set as a change from a 4/4 groove. that bassline at the end could come in earlier but maybe youre doing that on purpose. ties in nicely with the rest of the track


is it still running i might have some tunes i need some feedback on :slight_smile:


Still working on my jungle tune. Drums sounding heavy, glitches and switches are niiiice. Still don’t have bassline tho haha


sounds good maybe @cyclopian can arrange another one?


Just came home after work, gotta prepare sumtin :wink:


Shall we have a time limit so everyone can get something to put up, a week from today maybe?


It could be worth the wait, but better to ask people
@knobgoblin @faultier @zij


I sent one to cyclopian a few weeks ago. I may do a new pass at that, but he can post the old one if I don’t get back soon enough

Also, @BudSpencertron, I’ve been posting some stuff on your thread in the Reaktor forum :cowboy_hat_face: