Tuna - The Legend Continues


Gonna finish something tomorrow, came home broken from work lol…


yeah we’ll aim for next saturday if that works for everyone else?


just send the tunes over whenever you want during this week and I’ll make the post next weekend.

gonna tag a few non-regs in case they want to join in on the fun


Recon I can send something I been working on in :slight_smile:


Yup. Saturdays cool. I’ll have something.


lol must be another spencertron :slight_smile:

couldnt figure reaktor out to hard for me haha besides the preset stuff


yeah alright i’ll finish some shit


omglol. I’ve thought that was you for years and years at this point… they are just Spencertron


lol there is a spencertron in dsforum too. maybe its this one


check out my homie whos finally got a sc
(hes maybe releasing some bits on schematic soon)
most is made on nintendo ds



sick! On that Korg patch synth game or did he use the DS sound chip with a daw or smth?


ive not understood what hes doing yet hehe

gonna ask him
think hes comming around laters


Nice. I did a remix for a Schematic release earlier this year. I may have a release of my own coming up soonish.


Yeah, will send! Cyclo should have a collab bit as well for this round


i misterund … i mrsunderstood
its not a daw
its on the thing somehow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


but i’ll ask what he do, do later


how do you get the grey signature besides your usename :confused: cant figure it out


I think mods or admin have to do it


ah ok thanks :slight_smile:


i think we have thread

otherwise @cyclopian


I have a tune ready, trying to finish up other tunes, so can’t work on this one, but it’s almost done.


Trying to work on the one I want to submit but keep getting distracted by a different one that’s newer and therefore more exciting to my ears haha