Tuna - The Legend Continues


always good to have a few going


ah k thanks :slight_smile:


@cyclopian - you should have a link to my work in progress in your inbox…


OK I did my homework and finished smth

made a dubsteppy one which isnt usually what I do









@zij & cyclopian


@Harkat that’s a nice dark roller. The vocal samples aren’t working for me but the tune is dope. Love the little drum fills like at 3.52

@epnu love the melody in this! Maybe some variation in the snare would give it a bit more life. The subtle distortion on the bassline is :heart_eyes:

@BudSpencertron Steel Cop - those melodies!!! The gabba kicks are heavy as fuck. Really digging the way this switches from the intro into the main body. 10/10 TUNE!
Qrzsnd - this is so dope. Wonderful reverb. Wish it was longer.

@knobgoblin Badlands it’s decent but I’m not feeling it. Sorry!
Untitled Audiofile grimy. Reminds me of dälek. Digging this one hard. Love the way the last third starts to sound like it’s collapsing in on itself.

@cyclopian Untitled WIP this one definitely is going somewhere. I could see a John Caprenter/Terminator synth line coming in somewhere…
7-28-18 Eurorack 0.51 to 3.37 is sick. Brutalist architecture.

@zij OakdonGrid those beats are niiice. Love the way they stop/start. Feeling this as a WIP atm. Would love to hear a longer verison with more elements coming in



Really like that shimmery texture/pad and how youve mixed the reverby percussion to kinda sit in the back but still have some impact

Could benefit from more sharp edges and defined sections to have a bit more momentum maybe to get that grime beat energy. Good mix.


Nice stuff but feels like just the intro of a jungle tune. Like I was waiting for the melodic parts to get taken out and more drums and bass layered on and messed about with. Solid tho, that echoing chord with the sample over it works and rolls nicely


very strong work on that arpeggiated synth at the start on and I rate the aesthetic and texture of this tune. When it drops could benefit from more tension and to have the first bit going for longer before the breakdown.

Solid melodic base and nice use of that swelly reverb halfway through but drums gotta bang more imo


Really sick atmospheres. The plucked harp(?) sting with the jazzy blue chord echoing over it works A1. The abstract effected drum work here isnt usually my cup of tea and gets a bit long over 8 min but i cant deny its pretty well pulled off with loads of interesting, disorienting effects making for a good immersive quality if a bit overly busy. Impressive stuff and again the basic combo of drums+chord+harp thing is defoes a powerful vibe

Impressive attention grabbing busy tone/texture. Reminds me of broken note but improvised. Not q as memorable as the first but solid.


Good creepy gnarly synth stuff throughout, nice militant vibe but the dubsteppy/trappy skeleton underneath is a bit plain imo. Needs bongos or some sharp crunchy hat or more kicks or something. Rate all the vibey synth/distortion flair the tune though.

Sick how this almost drifts into jungle feel with the bass + 16s echoed perc thing near the start. Absolutely lovely chord pad thing halfway through. Woulda liked a bit more hooky structure and bringing back earlier sections but recognize thats not quite what youre doing here. Lovely thick sounscape throughout.

@zij & cyclopian

The basic distorted kick loop is very deadly. Like how it goes juuust out of step sometimes. The tension of that main kick loop with the reverbed hell sounds coming in is great and dread-y. Could do more to preserve tension as it goes on but the basic hook here is good and edgy. Like it.


@Harkat - yup it’s definitely just the intro at the minute. Will starting getting into the main tune soon.


cant follow thru with keeping up with tuna atm
this is just some wip bs to show some heart
just want to know if its too whatever this is lol

gonna listen around tomorrow !!


My internet is gone until I pay the billz, gonna check the tunas out then.


@Harkat quality intro. kick could hit a bit deeper. feeling the sample placements, nice use of space. yeah low end is heavy. definitely has the garage swing to it. could try different kick rhythms. hahah wtf is this crazy sample. second half bassline is great, reckon you could switch up the drums too. yeah this is wayy better than your stuff from a while back

@epnu dunno if you’re using reverb but these drums sound so well placed. feel like the sub is a bit too much though. texture is nice but it drowns out the drums. maybe you’re using a limiter on the master. could let the sub open up into midrange for the second bassline. oh yeah this second drop is really nice. nice bongo haha. would be cool to hear those strings change a bit

@sleepwalk_1980 have you shared this before? sounds familiar. the drums could be rougher. they sound promising but also a bit too clean for the jungle feel. it works as a beat though. could be a thing, jungle-influenced hiphop

@BudSpencertron steel cop is heavy. those kicks are making me laugh, so heavy. they dominate the mix a bit too much imo. all the sounds are well designed and with a better mixdown, this could be another mog banger. has those trademark melodic arps and everything

qrzsnd has a great intro. almost wanna hear a tune based on just the intro. not sure if the kicks work in this tune. they lack the punch of those snares. also that background atmosphere of detuned synths could be brought forward for a few bars, really interesting

@knobgoblin badlands vi looks like another legendary knobgobs jam. what a groove. that break section about 3 minutes in is great. not a fan of that midrange after though. preferred the weirdo melody from before. the groove is so interesting that its asking for some switchups. especially cos the drum sounds are quality. yeah again, that break section from 6 mins in… mad. imo it could be cut down towards the end, maybe the last minute

untitled audiofile is more direct. really nice snares on this one. could make the melody a bit louder, maybe that was intentionally quiet though. could be interesting to see a fully percussive version of this, might bring in some extra energy and unusual sound design. cos theres a hidden dance track in those snare patterns, under the atmospheric vibe

@cyclopian 140 wip has a floaty feel to it haha. its dark but the elements are all up in the air. those background hats could come in as the main pattern. the stab is nice, could lead into a crazier midrange

eurorack fun is fully atmospheric. yeah, yeah this is heavy. those swirling sounds are so good. crazy how you got something so heavy without clipping. tune really kicks off from 4 mins in. snare could be louder in that last section. that outro could be a whole tune by itself.

@hubb very happy. i know it goes against the name but i reckon this might be better without the water samples. the rhythm is too good to be buried under all that water. heavily layered tune, almost too well-layered. definitely busy


Not posted this one before. I have another tune with a similar break. I’m feeling the rougher drums, I’ll add some grit and see how it sounds. I’m probably going to bounce out the break so I can chop it up a bit. The hip hop angle is interesting… maybe a little hip hop section with some chopped accapella?


the beat is the water samples but i will take your thoughts back to the cave
super cheers


could do that, switching styles. or if thats too awkward, could have vocal snips placed here and there to add a rhythm


I like the switch to a hip hop beat idea. The tune is at 160 so a halftime switch to 80 should be fine given that that’s roughly the bpm for hiphop.




dont feel the chanting too much. maybe if you detune it a bit or make it more into an instrument kind of thing
the vocals are maybe too happy? the laughs i mean
maybe tune the speech down and dubdelay some short parts
like yes mam mam mam mam
i dont you need the vocals at all if you find another element maybe some sfx sound
dig the sub bassline and beat structure though, the vocals take away of that abit i think as they are now

very quiet at the moment which isnt a bad thing for self mastering or mixing but maybe compess the elements abit more to give it a bit more power.
i like the happy stabs.
maybe introduce some backward breaks to mix it up like every 4 or 8 bars or even less just to give some change
would delete the uh uh singing
and maybe junglist less but longer dubdelay
good backbone of a tune so far :slight_smile:

dig the bassline at 0:40 not a big fan of the melody so far, too avangarde for me
could work in some anime though haha or martial arts movie
hm i think you could build upon this beat and bassline something different that is more pushing in a way
the switch at 3:00 is nice too
but yeah overall i would say if its a wip and you have the solo channels maybe shorten it a bit(maybe 6 minutes)

untitled audiofile39
dig this one more so far
feels more like one piece
loves those little growl reece sounds would be cool to hear maybe even bit more or more prominent in the mix
maybe play around with some distortion on the main kick sound

untitled140 wip
like the glitchyness so far but i think a bit more of an intro could work in this one
love the bending melody here very dark
could here some even trancy gated melodies on top here
would be cool to have like an anti drop where it cuts to the wobbling bass and melody and than maybe even a beat structure change afterwards

Op Amp 7 28
mix is bit too harsh for me atm haha but i think its a live recording?
more like soundscape even
lol me personaly i would prefer a tune that starts with this nice ambient pad at 4:20
yeah definitly dig the second part more
good for a film

nice intro so far
like those reverbs here
hm only thingi would like to hear is maybe some different beat structure
could work without the beat too i guess but the beat fits maybe filter it sometimes?
give it the same reverb as the background sounds could give some cool effect

like the intro
nice clicky hi hat perc sounds
melody is indeed nice
i dig the bassline but i think its a bit too wierd tubed? haha for my taste
but the sub is nice
could work as a nice idm piece too like old plaid tunes


I’ve not learned compression yet and most of the stuff I make is far too quiet. I just don’t understand what little I’ve read so far so I’m avoiding it haha. Time to step up. Need to research some compression vsts.

I’m going to bounce out the break so I can chop it up more and some reverse sections might be cool. Reaper doesn’t have any way of reversing samples which is shit.


guess you know the site but good start anyways
i dont understand compression totally either but basically you hm give the whole sound more presence but you dont add too much volume or even none for the mix which is important cause eq and compression together can do alot.
multiband compression is nice too cause you can basically sidechain certain bands and not the whole sound which is good if you dont want to loose bass in certain elements but you have a short stabby bass so its interacting but the highs still are untouched


but also avoid eq and compression as much as possible

try to just use volume when something is too quiet
then if something suddenly is red on the meter but it doesnt sound too loud
then EQ a bit

if you want to change a sound filters are cool

if you want presence then distortion and saturation is easier to figure out then eq or compression and also changes the sound in ways were used to hear in dance music

like if you distort a kick it does something

whereas you almost have to be a doctor to get a kick sample sounding better with compression