Tuna - The Legend Continues


Can you use compression on the whole track once it’s rendered to boost it all a bit louder, or is that a nono?
I thought redlining was very bad? Like I shouldn’t be pushing anything over 0db…

I mainly use eq for chopping out frequencies. I’m still unsure if I’m doing it right. Need to buy some monitors tbh.

And I fucking love distortion.


the best ‘loud’ is when the mix of things is balanced
thats the cleanest variation

i wouldnt boost afterwards but there are no nonos tbh
(although this is kind of mastering territory, which you shouldnt worry too much about yet)

thats true

i mean: if you have an individual sound and you turn up the volume fader and it doesnt sound pleasingly loud enough to your ears but it does red line - then its always a case of that sound having an area where theres too much of one frequency - thats what we call mud - and it could look like a spike on your EQs interface if you that option

the 0 db is kind of a roof in a sense, so when you boost one frequency enough, that frequency spike or blob of mud - will be the thing that hits this roof first

so if you cut that tip/ spike or blob, then you can raise the rest of that sounds frequencies afterwards simply by volume on that channel
thats practically what sub tractive eq is, and that is the best use of software EQ tbh


people will have an opinion on comping or limiting afterwards tho
and they are probably on point about it

i just feel it always sounds wrong


If you finish your track and its not as loud as youd like, the proper answer is to get to a better mix so it sounds balanced and dynamic and full AND loud but if you can’t be fucked with that, do the following to the whole track for a rough quick, distorted loudening:

use a multiband compressor to compress the lows and take them down - you’re almost definitely having your lows too loud if you’re a newbie.

Put a limiter on after the multiband and boost it as far as you’re willing to take the distortion

This is gonna make it louder quickly for more impactful soundcloud sharing but you definitely lose something by doing this.


For sure! :grin: hence the need for good monitors. Mixing thru headphones is not the way, my dynamic range is gonna be soooo limited. Gonna have a look…


slight edit for understanding in my eq babble :+1:t6::sunglasses:


good stuff all around guys

that groth bit was cool

enjoying your bit harkat, got the drums down for real - so now you have to make tunes ALL THE TIME
comes with this responsibility !!!

that ravi/andi collab = :green_heart: , more of this !

oh and sleep walker
maybe put some vinyl or other noizy source - somewhere under the breaks
just to make it a bit dirtier - theres a lot of space in your track and the drums sound fine- but you could dirty up the mix a bit without ruining whuts agwarn


Got a huge folder of tape/vinyl noise and other scratchy lovliness. I usually use it on everything but this one missed out. Deffo slinging some in there!


sorry but yeah do that!!


Gonna stick some in today and maybe a touch of distortion just to rough things up.

The more I listen to it, the more I think the drums are too gridded, nahmean? I might take the snap off and shift some hits around to give it a little loosen too


try it out

good idea to keep some of the air between drum hits in a breakbeat intact
the space (basicly) between the hits you see when you zoom in on the break
(not about sequencing hits, but in the recording of the break)

that space changes how the individual drum hits sound

cutting that or enveloping it too drastically, can sound like you strangled the hits a bit, like they cant breath properly

not that that is the case in your track here, its just a weird thing with breaks that is worth noticing

but thats why putting noize behind can help a bit
its a bit like drawing a background in a picture
makes the elements fall into place


I’m going to bounce out the break and stick in some little snippets of tape noise behind the hits, just to glue it together. I see what you mean about the background of a picture, good analogy.


Thats me :slight_smile: Budspencertron


hm but some sounds benefit of overall compression or to “glue” some drums together.

some samples really sound thin even if they peak at 0 db just cause they lack power.
i agree that distortion and saturation can do the job too or combined with eq and compression
i think limiter is the most dangerous cause it can flatten a sound really fast

and reverb or chorus can always be a nice extra if you think your sound is loud enough but something is of or its just not “big” enough for the mix


i think burial does it or i heard it in some interview
you can basically either sidechain the scratches to the beat or reverse sidechain so that its complementing
the drums you put the sidechain on
in ableton it works with the gate tool basically you hear the vinyl when the hi hats hit or the snare or the whole break or whatever you want to give some extra sound.
and its different than like just layering cause the loop can run over the full tune so its always tiny bit different
can give some nice extra groove


Yoo, we on this?
I got something…


i’m the closest i’ve been to having a somewhat finished tuna in months, could have something by monday


Yeah Monday works for me too to get the final structure/beats down. I can be finished to a point where all I need is the spice and flourishes…

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Will get on this


yeah lets do this