Tuna - The Legend Continues


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maybe send tunas to me and i’ll make a post at the end of today (CET)?


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i dont have a wip but i try to give feedback :slight_smile:



@cyclopian @zij

solo @zij




Electricity V2 - feel the intro is a bit too long, and in the first 20secs nothing happens really.

Gorgon WIP - this could be made into a 140 banger, feeling the distorted sounds here.

@cyclopian @zij - Friendshavingfun - loving the tune just starting from the beginning, right in the action! Love the breaks and the ambiences. That 4.14 part is awesome, loving the atmosphere.

@zij - Black Hole - loving this one, feeling the woodwind instrument here!

@faultier - Happyface Wip - like the style of this tune, the melodies sound a bit like fourtet which is always cool

Pigeons Wip - this is a way sick tune, loving the downtempo style man! Liking the snare as well. Could you send it when it’s done? Have to have tunes like this for my sets. :slight_smile:


@sleepwalk_1980 Electricity: yeah agreed the intro could be shorter or have more stuff going on

i feel the changes you made on the break compared to the version you posted last week really help it flow better, the sub should come in earlier tho in my opinion, maybe the bassline could be more interesting but dont take it from me, i cant write a bassline to save my life

gorgon: very nice, i feel you should add some sub though, maybe as a call and response thing with the distorted kicks? also one thing i’m thinking of is you could mangle these vocal samples in the intro and breakdown with FX and use what you get from this process as incidentals throughout the track?

@cyclopian @zij not sure about having the drums from the beginning on, would bring them in later or fade them in somehow? maybe some filter action. in general it feels like the production could be more “brut” ish, like having more weird random stuff happening a la wwwings or something but personal taste and all

@zij super interesting progression, wasnt expecting to go all woodwinds and flutes, i think you could add reverb/delay on some of the snares to spice it up but aside from that can’t think of anything i’d change

@epnu weighty, snare is way too thin for that kind of tune imo, i dont think it quite works with the super distorted bass. i feel in general the upper range of the frequency spectrum could have more stuff going on, not saying add a full on mid range synth but more like add more stuff like the plucky bleepy sound you already have in there


Yes I feel what you are saying, tbh the tune is like half a tune for a collab which is going on right now, that’s why it’s so “empty”. But if it wasn’t a collab, I would have lots more going on in the tune, as you said. :slight_smile:


Having trouble with that bass in Electricity. It’s been pointed out that there’s not much happening below 60-50hz so it turns out I don’t even really have a sub in there haha. I need to change it out. I might cut all the low end from the bass as it is and use it as a midrangey thing to go over a dedicated sub. There’ll definitely be a v3 sometime soon. My mate who produces is coming over tomorrow so we can make some noise on all his hardware so maybe I’ll make a bassline that way…

Gorgon is only maybe a third finished. Love the idea of using the vox as incidentals. I might run the vox thru a granulizer, or I might micro-chop it apart by hand… Top idea!!

Thanks for the feedback!


@sleepwalk_1980 Electricity starting nice, deep vibe. second half could be crazier. that build up is asking for something more imo. nice metallic undertone to the whole mix

oh yeah Gorgon is way better already. nice to hear something non-jungly from you. with a melody this could be really something! or leave it raw, as it is. banger either way, would love a copy

@epnu that rhythm on the kick is so good. real nice click-snare as well. kicks could punch heavier. is a vibe for sure. could arpeggio that lead.

@faultier the rhythm on happyface is really nice. that snare could be more interesting though. just to give more presence to the beat. harmonics are open, playful. sik

snare on piegeons sounds like a shutter. kick is a bit weak imo. could be cos the bass is filled with life. im feeling the groove on both these tunes man, reckon your signature might be hidden in there somewhere


@zij I’ll sling you a copy of Gorgon once it’s done. I’ve left it simmering for a couple weeks, and I’m going to go back to it soon. Got ear fatigue from those kicks!

@cyclopian @zij
This is sinister. Love the distortion on the kicks and then the bass at 01.41
Synths are fucking beautiful. I hear this soundtracking a movie like Sunshine
And that melody that comes in at 03.01 :flushed::heart_eyes:

Black Hole
Those breaks are ace. Would love to hear this on a big rig. Maybe some more percussion in the 2nd half? I like how the breaks are more frantic, but I felt they might benefit from some skippy percs flitting around them.

Snare is fantastic. A little snippet of a ghost of a break every now and then after the snare would give it some goosebump potential. Sub is so warm and throbbing, sounds huge. Any chance of a copy?

Happyface gets an extra thimbs up for the photo.
+1 on whoever made the fourtet comparison. Definite vibes of that, which is a good thing. It’s like a lost Warp records release from 15 years ago.

that tiny little hihat ticking away is so good. The stuttering vox and the clipped percussions and the snare and the drum rolls. All stellar. Look forward tot he final version


damn I’m in the next round boys


should we say next monday?

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The 15th?
I’m down for that.




I got a rework of Moths that I posted a week ago, and one other that hopefully will get to where I can post it…


Yeah, got some!


@epnu @Harkat @Franz_Gans y’all got something? already got some from cyclojizz and sleepwalk, will make a post later today


Not gonna get my second to you. Just go with the one I sent already :blush: