Tuna - The Legend Continues




@zij x @cyclopian






IIrc you’re pretty new to producing and this sounds a lot better balanced than I could do at that stage, thats good. Really nice sounds throughout, especially cool use of the fire/vinyl crackle noise. Nice pad halfway through. Cool detuned bass tones, bit photeky. Not sure about the general beat pattern though, feels a bit stiff and meandering altho i get its supposed to be lowkey.


Damn this sounds nice as hell. That looping chord lick + atmospherics + vox is so good. Very andy stott. Could with more feeling of big space in the drummy bits maybe, some strings or a layer of hats or smth?

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@cyclopian + zij

This sounds really nice, not much else to say. Maybe the notes in the end part are sparser but louder idk.


this is a dutty dubstep vibe. I don’t like the kick, feel like it needs to be more middy and thumpy for this type of beat, it gets a bit lost in the bass. Sick when the stings in the back cut out for a little delayed perc coming in. Thicc mood. Cohesive and feels pretty much like a whole tune, maybe should have some other notes or strings or smth before the drop.


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Really good, solid execution of the concept. Dope how that one note always comes in like its about to start another riff that never comes. Really digging those lowmids, proper weighty but textured sounds.


decent type of beat in this style, always found this type of sample with those prohibition era swing horns a bit cheese but thats just me. Undeniably well done tho


Yeah pretty new. Maybe 6 months?
Thanks for the feedback!
I wanted the beat to be a bit wonky, a little off. The 5 snares are placed roughly evenly over 4 measures. The tambourine is at the beginning of every measure and all other percussion is mostly placed by ear rather than watching the grid.

It’s not swinging about as much as I would like. I want it to be a bit more drunk y’know


u sure u listened to the right tuna? thats the sample source, am confused lol :corntard:


i didnt know the sample but yes


Beautiful textures. Real subtle but sounds BIG. Love how the beat is harsh and metallic against the soft organic vibe of the textures and synths. I thought it was going to be a skippy, lofi kinda beat but was pleasently surprised when it was a striding machine beat.

@zij x @cyclopian
Ooooh that throbbing bass is a bit sexy. Game soundtrack vibez here. Something in space maybe, exploring a decayed space freighter. I thought it was going to build to something crescendo-ish, but it’s pretty cool how it doesn’t. It ebbs and flows out away to nothingness.

Digging that 4/4 kick. Hard and deep just how she likes it. Stunning pads, the little reverb/delay on them is sweeet. Perhaps some additional perc in the second half to spice things up a bit. Maybe chop them vox up a bit too, get them twitching and fluttering around that beat.

That crunchy snare is nice, but perhaps make a little more out of the echoing delay on it evey few bars? Get it shattering off into the distance… Is it still a WIP? There’s definitely a big tune in here. Sub is HUGE. Loved it.
I wanted to hear some sort of giant, alien horn at 01.49.

Love how the percussion and pads in the intro don’t quite fit together, like they’re slightly offbeat with each other, it gives it a lovely subtle energy. All the little bleeps and blops are good. The switch in melody around 01.20 is so mournful, reminds me of something off an early Aphex release.

Solipsistic needs Mos Def to roll some lyrics over the top and it’d be so dope.


Thanks for the feedback guys, gotta admit I rushed to upload the tune to Soundcloud haha


@sleepwalk_1980 that sub is so good. drums could be layered some more. the style is real interesting though, somewhere between hiphop and jungle. switch it up here and there, and this could be a proper beat!

@Harkat that stab’s a bit loud, its my favourite sound in here though. proper swing on the bassline for sure. drums are really well processed. u tried messing with arpeggios? just a little lead here and there would take this one all the way imo. or some switches on the vocals.

@epnu some amazing basslines this week haha. kick is a bit muddy but that could be fixed easily. that atmospheric sound halfway into the drop is promisng, could bring that in more. yeah, promising as usual m8

@faultier the kick might be holding half empty back from fully letting go, maybe that restraint is what you’re going for. this some dignified ting. yea i feel like the kick is what this one is a wip for.

haha yeah, feeling solipsistic. fully relate to being solipsistic tbh. might be good to hear it clashing against a sample from “outside”, so this plays and then a loop sampled from somehwere else


@sleepwalk_1980 great use of that vocal sample lol, seconding harkat’s comment about the drum pattern sounding a bit too stiff, i also feel the piano(?) stabs in the back could be a tad louder, aside from that, nice textures in the sound

@zij this is very gut, i dont have any constructive feedback except maybe these two snares at 1.48 and 1.50 are louder and am not sure if its on purpose? i wouldnt mind having the stems if thats cool

@cyclojizz super neat sound design throughout, can’t really fault it tbh

@Harkat fuck me your drums sound tight, mixdown is on point too, agree that the stab could be a tad less loud but maybe personal taste/nitpicking, at some points it sounds like the volume ducks during fills (for ex 2:34) not sure if its on purpose? again, maybe personal taste but the vocal sample gets a bit grating after a while, like sleepwalk suggested maybe mangle it a bit for variations or more simply mute it for some sections
this could use an added lead as suggested or you could do the opposite and strip back some sections for variation

@epnu heavy stuff, you should use that sound at 1:22 a lot more, its sick.


Thanks for feedback, yeah tried to automate down the drum bus and up the drum reverb for fills. Sounded alright during the early bits of the tune but the effect sounds a bit weak once there were more layers going on


I think I might strip back some drums and let things breathe and swing more. I want to explore the hiphop/jungle angle a bit more as @zij mentioned.
I’ll make it longer as well cuz i want to chop the vocals up a bit and see if I can get a melody out of them.
Plus being longer I can introduce drums and drop them again rather than have everything stacked up on top of itself at the end.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I feel more confident submitting tracks now than I did a couple months back :grinning:


dont have much time for music anymore atm :confused: cool to see you guys keep it going


Started messing around, some ambient / soundtrack vibes, some 140 dark stuff, some techno vibes… Gonna make a tuna soon? @sleepwalk_1980 @Franz_Gans @faultier @zij @Harkat @cyclopian


Im in.
Bearing in mind I’ll be balls deep in rdr2 all weekend


ight fellas im in

everyones gotta give feedback tho the validation has to be spread equally mkay


Yeas I’m lacking in feedbackin others lately…


We still on for Monday?


Mine is nearly ready. I’ll send over later this arfernoon.
@Franz_Gans @faultier @zij @Harkat @cyclopian @BudSpencertron @epnu @knobgoblin


i dont have anything


Mines not a wip anymore… Maybe I will upload something tomorrow morning.