Tuna - The Legend Continues


gonna try bang it out for tonight

too much gaming over the weekend


Give it a few more days then eh?
I red deaded too much and wouldn’t mind and bit longer tbh


Can I just submit a rdr2 let’s play video as my tuba this week


A production comp using only sounds from videos of us playing rdr2


Who is making the post?
Mine is ready.


dont have anything myself, but jizz sent me something so could make a post if someone else has something, send stuff to me i’ll post it later today or tomorrow

happy to give feedback even if i dont participate




Gonna send some today


found it in me to patch together a shitty ambient thing yesterday evening

@Harkat u got something? making the post later today


sorry, its not there tbh, ill just dump this one in the dubs thread later and be in the next










really enjoying this, especially the flouro buzz sound over the whole thing, really sets it off nicely. I think I wanna hear the snare drop out of the tune a little more often tho to change things up.

this is nice man, properly skeletal, flute melody needs a counter melody though imo, something to drive the tune fwd a bit, mixdown is sounding nice and punchy tho, you’re making really good progress on your productions man

crazy stuff as always, some of the delays on the lead sounds are a bit excessive tho, kinda mucks things up, really love when it gets more sparse at certain points too

pretty good, I like the glidey bassline but it doesnt play that nicely with the kick drum pattern imo, kinda hard to focus on the tune as a whole since the elements are all sort of fighting eachother here but each element in itself is cool and should be developed further imo, good start to a tune so far


not too much to say about this one, what did you use that synth at 35 seconds? sounds nice and heavy. Very much enjoyed this one, good use of space and interesting moods

nice work overall tho lads, solid turnout this week


@zij nice beat you have here, mixdown is well balanced, but i reckon this needs more variation to stay interesting throughout or maybe something playing a melody on top, could see some sort of mallet thingy work. could also work as a leftfield hip hop instrumental if you know an mc

@sleepwalk_1980 cool foundation, but there’s something weird with the way the drum patterns loops, maybe its just me but it feels like the claps at the end of the 8 bar loop (when it goes “clap-cla-clap”) are just a tiny bit too early, i find it jarring. feeling that flute motif, i reckon you could have another pattern complementing it and octave higher, like not a full on thing but maybe cut and pitch the motif you already have, not sure what am saying makes a lot of sense tho, seconding cyclo tho, big ups on your production chops considering how recently you got into it

@knobgoblin super nice, although i also agree with cyclo on the excessive delay comment, not sure how to feel about the fact your algorithm is better at writing musical progression than i am :lol_og:

@cyclopian you disgust me

fr thats excellent m8, large verticals, am gonna do the obligatory comparison with burial’s first LP production, except denser
re: the synth in peugeot 103, a barely modified preset off that reaktor ensemble called spark lol

@epnu nice little roller, i especially like how incorporated the foley sounds in the drum pattern, mixdown is good imo (am on headphones tho so there’s that), i like how the snare cuts through the mix


Love that warm, woozy vibe with the fuzzy static. That hihat/bell(?) cuts through tight and clean which gives a nice balance to the analog warmth of everything else. Solid kick, really punches. The dreamy synths are ominous, I feel like this tune is soundtracking something bad lurking.
It needs something extra to hold it over the course of 3 and half minutes though.

This is the tune from the other thread isn’t it? The one you were trying to get more swing in it?
I’m a big fan of this early warp records, acidy type of vibe. I dig the reverb tbh, I think without it maybe things would sound a bit dry, a bit clinical. It’s got a good warmth to it as is.

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this. The intro had me thinking it would be bongos, tribal drums, panpipes :slight_smile: I like the under-produced sound here, how it sounds like it’s about to collapse in on itself.

Production question - how do you do that thing in the intro where it sounds like it’s going underwater and resurfacing? That bassline is fat with a PH. Percussion/beat is great, love all those little sounds knocking around each other. The simple mournful melody is dope, especially when it’s just that and the bassline at the end. Wish that bit was longer and earlier, maybe two-thirds in and then building back up from that.

Agree with cyclo, the synth at 00.35 is fucking heavy. Any chance of recording a bunch of notes of it and upping them somewhere? I’m really digging this one! The overall vibe, the sounds, the general feeling of dread, but juxtaposed with those dreamy sounds buried in the background is so good.
00.00 to 03.56 is the best part. After that I wasn’t feeling it as much.

Sterling work as usual gents!


Had a look but everything is spot on the 3…


funnily this is prob one of the most complex productions I’ve ever done


@sleepwalk_1980 really like the broken claps. kicks sound a bit muffled though. its a nice idea, could even work as a hiphop beat. could flip other parts of the original sample to make that happen

@knobgoblin woah, pretty different from your usual stuff. those background bells are great. what a groove on that bass! nice amount of restraint on the mix as a whole too. would be cool to hear some melodic variation. this is seriously great already though

@cyclopian those kicks are so good. feeling the panning snares too. definitely has that vibe of something caving into itself. could let those horns switch up here and there. percussion is great. crazy how the kick has so much presence when its so lofi as well

@epnu oh yeah, this ones one of your best yet imo. layer that snare a little bit more and it’d cut through just right. love how you’re letting the bassline ride out instead of cutting it up. hope you finish this one

@faultier sound design is quality on this. sounds like something that could be resampled into a great tune. haha, i would like stems on this if you’re cool with that. btw if this is how your peugeot sounds you should probably get it checked out. i reckon that with a bit more depth and re-arrangement it could be something


@zij - liking the syncopation feel, and the whole tune is building nicely, and at 1min, love that partwhere you duck everything except the bass. Love the tune, has that IDM-ish feel to it

@sleepwalk_1980 - Fog - could dirty up the sub w distortion. The way Soundcloud treats sinewaves is laughably bad, and it’s noticeable when you only have the sub with no mids etc. But yeah nice little beat, the flute sounds cool. Could add a second snare hit to vary things a bit.

@knobgoblin - Love the fact that there is no intro in this tune. Sick as f*ck bassline! Love te glitchyness to it, and the ambience, got a lot of depth. The noisey hihats are maybe a bit too grating to my ears, but it helps that they are panned over the place. Would be cool to do a 140 flip to this maybe :slight_smile:

@cyclopian - nice heavy tune, nothing much to say. Maybe add a slow LP filter to the whole tune, except maybe a few elements, like the snares which are pitched up and down )btw how did you do it?)

@faultier - love this tune, nothing much to add, it’s working and sounds awesome! Love the distortion automation. How many sounds are in this thing? Liking all the individual layers of sound.

@sleepwalk_1980 - I used a VST called The Drop by Cytomic

thanks guys, was a bit late to respond


Could you elaborate? Don’t really get what you mean. #noobproblems :grinning:


Different data compression algorithms will create different types of distortion in the sound - Hes saying the one SC uses is particularly bad when handling sine waves.