Tuna - The Legend Continues


And the sub with no mids part? I thought it was a good idea to strip mids from the sub…


do you agree with that?

never really noticed that myself beyond the overall compression to Opus (which, imo is pretty good for what it is)

I feel like Epnu is hearing some distortion in the samples that Sleepwalker used, not the SC compression.


What he means is that it’s easier to hear the distortion artefacts, which will appear as mid-high sounds, when there’s not too much mid to cover it


I’m not particularly good at hearing this stuff, I just did close listening tests as a part of uni and understand the principles

I can’t tell much difference between SC and my own limiter’d MP3 bounce tbh


same here tbh


Good turnout last time with the feedback, except @knobgoblin who now owes everyone a beer.
Shall we do another one?


i’ll probs have something by monday


I don’t mind posting the tunas up if everyone sends me their SC links…
Monday deadline?

@knobgoblin @zij @faultier @epnu @Harkat @Franz_Gans




Aight, I got two.


I got @cyclopian and mine

@epnu @knobgoblin @zij @faultier @Harkat


Still waiting on @zij & @Harkat. But for now…

Relka - Huhuhu Refix

Cyclopian - Strss

Epnu - Polaidon WIP

thesleepwalker - Lurching Hearse WIP

thesleepwalker - KP61m800

Knobgoblin - Collapse v2e


Woo that sub is HUGE. Maybe too huge? I dunno. It’s very overpowering.
Weird switch in the middle is weird. I like it. Somehow you made it work with the first half of the tune.
Crunchy beats are gooood. Tasty textures in this.

I wish more grime MCs spat over distorted industrial sounding brut-ish music. The two genres work real nice together. Kind of sounds like if dälek had an angrier english younger cousin.
-1 one for the chop snare but that’s only cuz I hate that sample :wink:

That sub is :fire: and your kick is super punchy, really cuts through everything. Maybe it cuts through a little too much? It’s quite dominant but maybe that’s what you were going for?
Love the synths in the background, like some 92 jungle intro.

Beautiful beautiful noise! Fucking loved it. Just immense swelling beautiful controlled chaos.
And that beat that drops at 3 minutes fuuuuuuck. This is like an instrumental track off an experiemental black metal album. And the melody at 3.57 minutes :flushed::heart_eyes:

Any chance of nabbing a copy of this track please?


@cyclopian not sure why u removed the tuna? think i listened to it when u posted in the dubs thread it was gut iirc

@epnu i like what u got so far, but i feel it needs something more to keep it interesting for 5 min, maybe switch up the drum patterns for the second drop or add another synth? or instead of adding, perhaps remove stuff and have a stripped down, dubbed out section? idk

@sleepwalk_1980 lurching hearse: nice drumbreak i reckon you should layer a kick over that, or slice the loop and process the kicks separately to give them more punch, it doesnt feel like it has any impact rn imo
bassline could be more interesting and it definitely needs more stuff

kp61m800: nice 80’s vibes, really liking that synth coming in at 2:00
again i feel the melody could be more interesting, not sure what’s your workflow but for both the tunes, the notes are pretty much always on the bar, which doesnt make for super interesting melodies, one thing i would recommend is to listen to tunes you find catchy and try to reproduce the melodies in MIDI, another thing that works is say you grab all the fourth notes in your MIDI event in reaper, disable the gridlock and nudge them around until you get something that sounds good, not sure how clear that is and how patronizing it comes across though :badteeth:

@knobgoblin sorry, clicked post before feedbacking yours… very nice, much trent renznor, only thing is i feel it would benefit from having quieter/less busy parts… probs personal taste


Thanks for the feedback. Not patronizing at all!

Lurching Hearse kicks are processed separately, I chopped them out the break and added them back in a different track with their own EQ. I’ll revisit them, perhaps they’ll need another kick layering underneath? Had some trouble getting them to hit hard enough without boosting frequencies that would clash with the bassline.
And 100% agree it needs more stuff going on. I probably should have held it back until the next tuna.

I’m pretty much a slave to the grid at this early stage. Not confident enough to break the lock yet :slight_smile:
Having said that I did want KP61m800 to be fairly rigid, striding 4/4 kinda thing. I’ll see what happens when I nudge some notes. Doesn’t that just make everything sound “off”?

Appreciate the advice though. Lots to do!


no thats how you get an interesting groove

like i said, its a good exercise to take a 8/16 bar loop of a tune you like, put it in your DAW and try to recreate the melody in MIDI, you’ll see how most notes are off the grid

i really recommend you try to make one tune without the grid, maybe something beatless and ambient so it not being exactly square is less of a problem

in all fairness i agree it does work well on this one, was more of a general comment since i know you started recently


I think an ambient beatless thing would be a good place to start to get a feel for things rather than allowing the grid ti dictate my choices. Then I can explore odd time sigs and start pushing notes out of time :slight_smile: I really love the structure of the Halloween theme melody which is in 5/4, so I set the grid to 5/4 in Reaper and then bottled it haha.

I have toyed with playing shit in MIDI, I’ve got a MIDI keyboard but that’s a whole other thing to get my head round so I’ve not actually made any tunes using MIDI. But I think I’ll blow the dust off my keyboard and just have a session of playing melodies rather than bullding tunes.


whoops, I forgot I turned the tune to private on my SC, edited the post with the private link now :S


yeah nice one, can tell you’ve been listening to the AS album a lot lol, at least thats what that bassline makes me think of

@zij @harkat @epnu @sleepwalk_1980 @knobgoblin y’all down for another round next week? weather is on a winter in mordor tip for the foreseeable future here so i’ll probs spend enough time in front of the DAW to sustain the old weekly tuna pace for the next few months :badteeth:


For sure. I’ve got a techno tune I’m working on that’ll be done for next week. Monday again?