Tuna - The Legend Continues


I thought I didnt have time but fuck it I got smth for tmw


tomorrow as well got sumtin


Didn’t get time to work on it over the weekend but I can have a version by late on this pm


Also those that post a tuna but don’t offer feedback owe everyone a beer.
Tally as it stands is;
@cyclopian - owes everyone 1
@knobgoblin - 2


haha sorry, most likely sitting this week out on a submission but will drop some feedback when they get posted up


It’s cool man, I’m just fucking with you all :wink:


sorry for being lazy on the feedback. also deleted that wip as i almost finished the tune, the feedback helped, so thanks!

@faultier - the sounds are spot on, love the way that second part changes, even tho my brain tells me those two things shouldn’t work, it sounds interesting and different!

@cyclopian - send it to a mumble rapper haha

but really, sick tune man, love the flow of it, and how the vocal builds up volume wise. also that distorted lead is sick

Lurching Hearse - cool little loop, fits really nicely, sick for an intro. feeling the sub should be an octave lower, and change the melody a bit, maybe start with the higher notes going lower, instead of them going up. love the distorted bassline btw, sick for a break

KPM61… - Cool vibes in here, even tho not my ting, but I think you should add a bit more sounds in there, and the drums are a bit too dry, could fuck them up a bit, they sound a bit bland right now

@knobgoblin - Sick intro man, and everything just works together, the distortions aren’t unpleasant. Also love the outro, just leaving the guitar on it’s own.


Got 4 entries so far…
Mine and Harkat’s are very much works in progress so don’t be too harsh!

dfaultuzer - Itchy Honeyblunts remix WIP

Shackleford - Glow

Untitled Work In Progress

Grimmest Reaper - Work On Me WIP

Field V1


@plskthxbyex feeling the stabs, drum patterns need some variations, or little incidentals here and there to make it more interesting, i like the way it switches after the vocal sample with the claps

maybe mess with reverb/delay on that bleep sound
hard to give super useful feedback in the current state tbh, what you have so far is definitely worth trying to develop into a full fledged tune tho

@Harkat def personal taste but not sure i like the subtle reverb(?) you put on the drumbreak at least during the intro where its mostly just the break i find it a bit distracting, not sure if the intro could use something more. once the wobbly sub hits its lit tho, really like how you sliced up the think break
maybe add some reverb on the vocal sample that goes “oooh-uh” so it doesnt sound so abrupt when its cut?
like sleepwalker’s, good stuff, needs to be developed into a proper tuna

disclaimer to both of you: as my tuna output shows i’m probs not qualified to give feedback on dancefloor stuff tbh so pinch of salt and all




@epnu tuna is up in my original post now.
Sorry dude only been in from work an hour and had to shower and change my pants :slight_smile:



honeyblunts rmx

nice stuff this, really sick use of all the parts of the OG beat and flipping into something totally different. Don’t really have any complains, maybe switch ups in the main drum/bass loop but idk, very solid


Well executed but a bit too soft and noodly feeling for me, just taste tho, its well looped and all.


Feeling a fast improvement here, this rolls nicely and sets a good vibe. A solid moody start but needs expansion as you said. Hone in on the drums and put in some more elements to take it a bit higher. That beep is promising, give that space to hit hard in the arrangement maybe


oof, liking this. In terms of mixdown at least id like if that bongo/snare roll perc was fatter and wider in the stereo image, its a bit thin rn and it sounds like theres a pop in there This is good shit tho, nice and deep. If you give all the elements enough oomph in the mix this is a send to DJs level tune imo


@cyclopian and others can I please have some more feedback on my tune




itchy remix - this is quite cool but it’s crying out for a faster arp sequence to tie together the lackadaisical melody and the forward moving beat imo

glow - I like this a lot, bass might be a tad too present but it also ‘works’ being loud and taking over the bottom of the mix like that

@plskthxbyex - agree with harkat here for the most part. To expand on what he said a bit, the best part of working with 4x4 drums is that you can easily start swinging certain elements to off beat places and create some interesting syncopation. I’d play around with moving that bleepy sound around the drum pattern as the tune rolls on. Just play around with the elements and see how it affects the rhythm.

@Harkat - this is super sick man, few things stick out to me tho. The marimba thing that comes in the near end is out of place. I like the idea of bringing a new element in right at the end of a tune but it doesnt quite gel with the rest of the tune here. I’m not sure about this but I feel like the main break you used needs a tiny bit of EQ massaging to lessen the boxy thump of the bottom of the snare. Its a cool sound, but if it just a tiny bit smoother at the bottom of the snare it would help the riddim i think. Send this one over when ya finish it tho. I want to send it to Norfik as well. I think he’d dig it.

@epnu - pretty cool, I like the weird distortion going, too much reverb going on tho, needs some contrasting elements to the front of the mix I think as the whole mix is pushed so far back because of the reverb


I will get round to checking these out and adding my thoughts.
I’ve just got mad life-stress rn and I can’t function.


i really wanted the first time someone described my music with a 5 syllabs word to be a pitchfork article :badteeth:

point taken tho, thanks for the feedback m8


Lovely little melody in the intro, I like how it sort of glitches and istorts ever so subtly.
Beautiful little touches here and there, all the little sounds and noises.
Beat is nice and jittery, needs a bit of oomph to it tho.
Not a fan of the crunchy snare (?) that hits the same time as the sub/kick. I found my hearing drifting back to concentrating on it rather than the tune as a whole.

Ooh not heard a guitar round these parts for a while!
Kick is nice and punchy, kinda feel it in my head rather than hearing it.
I wanted to hear some sort of tambourine in the second half.
I really like this, wish it was longer and did a bit more y’know…

Work On Me
Yeah diggin this, reminds me a bit of Special Request’s jungley tunes.
Maybe the break needs a bit more work, it sounds a bit flat EQ-wise.
I wanted it to just break loose nearer the end, like just smash the fuck out, tumbling drums.
And bring that sub up! Keep going on this, there’s a huge tune in there!!

Field V1
Damn this sounds GORGEOUS!
I don’t have anything in the way of criticisms. I love it as it is.
Sub in the second half is a monster!


@faultier Itchy honeyblunts - unexpected first drop, thought it would come in a bit slower, but that’s bc the intro hasn’ got any bpm indicators. Cool tune, love the huge sub and kick, and the rest of the drums are nice and loose. That reverb on the mid just adds a bit of warmth to everything. Loving the xylophon (is it?) and the pitch shifts in the pad.

  • Glow - nothing much to comment, love the parts where you take away the elements and blend them back, so smooth!

@plskthxbyex - add some variation to the drums, some fx on the beep sound, and it’s a cool tune! Maybe leave out the kick at some part, just to hear how it would sound without it.

@Harkat - banging tune, but personally hate that cymbal, sounds too thin 4 me… Lovin the bass, sounds hugee


Monday? @cyclopian @zij @plskthxbyex @Harkat @epnu @knobgoblin