Tuna - The Legend Continues


im gonna have to complete a tune for uni anyway so I can upload that


Monday is good 4 me


@sleepwalk_1980 @Harkat @epnu already got tuna from cyclo, jizzles and knobgoblin, send yours, i’ll make the post later today


PM coming in about 5 mins…
Had to rush to get mine in a semi-ready condition as I’ve got work in a few hours.



big up strong first tuna of the year










you already know I love city 40, just want more of it tbh

pacoca, also enjoying this, I think it would be cool to revisit the intro as a small break again further into the tune, just to break things up a little bit.

(send both of these over when youre done plz)

@knobgoblin I dont have too much to say on this, since I sorta know how you’re building the tracks and most of my ‘wants’ are mostly structural concerns. I feel like some interesting parts don’t get enough time to breathe and some other aspects are maybe repeated too much. I almost feel like this one tune’s ideas could be separated apart into a few tunes as an EP and be stronger on their own than combined into this single peice. Just a few thoughts at least, I know how you’re building these tracks and I think they’ve all been pretty awesome.

@sleepwalk_1980 digging this so far, I know its a rough wip but im liking the direction. I would work doing some subtle timing changes and maybe even really delicate pitch changing on the drums to just help add a bit of wiggle to the beat. Def needs an element in the track that isn’t so repetitive as well. The repetition works as a base layer tho, just needs some contrast.


160 is really cool, kinda reminds me of something I would’ve been making myself years ago (but your technique is a lot better than my ever was haha) I really think this tune needs something in the higher register, a simple arp melody or something to contrast against all the low mids and textures. Maybe play with some of the stereo effects you are using more too, some things might be a bit too wide imo and its kinda spreading the drums in a strange way.

sporadic, jeez these drums are insanely punchy in a great way, nice sheen on the kick drum there. I feel like the midrange is just a bit too chunky, maybe just needs a little eq massaging. (or possibly separating the freqencies and moving the upper parts of the bassline to the stereo field a bit.)

really nice work overall tho, would love to get some downloads on these when you finish em up!

@Harkat absolutely love where youre going with this one so far. Slight misstep on the intro’s timing though. Nice tension in the build up but you kinda drop the vocal elements out in a funky place and it stagnates a bit. Simple fix tho imo and the rest of the tune is rad so far, has a really proper old school mix, nice and chunky. Noticing some hard panning stereo stuff that could prob be toned down on the drums tho. Keep hearing a cowbell/wood block thing way out at the edge that should prob come towards the center a bit.

holy fuck Fullclip is lovely man, def my fav bit I’ve heard from you yet. Don’t have too much to say here i just want to hear the finished thing! Please send me this one when ya finished. I want to release this on Material Sound somehow tbh, lets figure something out if youre interested.

pathetic is really nice as well, your sample game is still extremely strong



city 40: real nice atmospheric piece, i feel you could automate some filter/EQ on the drone thing thats there from the beginning, but probably nitpicking because i dont really have anything else to suggest

pacoca: real talk if zomby released this today, everyone would be all over it. and i mean that as a compliment, really feeling the raw vibes of it, can’t critique it, wouldn’t mind stems if you have them

@cyclopian cheeky edit, nice work on the cut vocal snippet, feel like the main snare (the one that’s there from the beginning, not the rimshot-y one that comes later) could pack a bit more punch, imo. actually it doesn’t seem to be as noticeable once the other snare pattern comes in tho…

@knobgoblin sick as usual, sounnd design is on point and great progression as well. hard to critique as i understand these tunes are written algorithmically right? one thing: listening on headphones and some of the highs sound a bit harsh at times

@sleepwalk_1980 liking what you got so far, nice use of foley sounds to complement the percussions, would second the suggestion that it needs something else, not just quite sure what

@epnu very nice, really feeling how clean it sounds while still retaining a gritty vibe, mixdown sounds ace to me but am on headphones. maybe it could use another element, but then again, i feel it also works as a eyes down dark roller

sporadic: ooomph weighty, sick percussions, seconding cyclo’s comment on the mixdown, seems a bit too busy and elements are fighting for space at times, feels like the lowpass cutoff on the bass coming in around 2:48 is too low, you could let more mids in there imo

@harkat did you say you made that for uni? did you move to goblin island to do a masters in 2 step? real nice tuna in any case, feeling the swing and mixdown on this, sounds proper goblin in a good way, seconding the comments on the hard panning on some drums elements, sounds especially weird and distracting on headphones imo


Gonna listen to the tunes and report in a bit, cheers for the feedback tho lol it was made so last minute, hella glaring faults in it, basically completely unmixed apart from some side chain tricks but cheers for feedback


@cyclopian: took your suggestion to take one of the melodic elements and refocus on that.


yes man! loving this

I know its hugely subjective but this just ‘works’ so much better for my brain. Tells more of a story for me.


Woi. Huge turnout this time round. Bigups all involved.
Tuna is the thing that keeps me going back and opening my DAW. Respect to you all.

I’m all over City 40 like a wet rash. Loving it. Longer and more please!
Pacoca Rolha is a bit too repetititve (says me who basically makes extended loops :slight_smile: ) The mix is nice, that snare is snappy af, felt like the kick could be more prominent. Weird sample at the end sounds like a distorted something from a song off the Breakfast Club soundtrack or similar?

@cyclopian bes10 the pitching and cut-up-ed-ness off the vocals are sweet. Clap/snare sounds a little harsh to me. Beautiful pads in the intro bit, lovely reverb on those. Break is nicely hectic but not stupidly chopped, fits real well.
The melody that comes in about 2.13 is :heart_eyes: and :fire: the breaks in the music that let that melody show through are good, but perhaps drop everything for a bar or two and let that melody play out by itself?

67 is huge but 70trim is a BEAST!
Always love these algorithmic tracks. Please put out an EP or album or su’thin?!
67, 70trim, 1004, 1001, need to be on there :wink:

160’s sub is a MONSTER. The snare is so dry it’s giving me chafe but I love it! This track is so dirty and grimy. The drop-out to the second “drop” from about 2.00 to 2.26 is so subtle it’s devastating.
One for the 4am teethgrinders… Would love a copy? Or as we used to say; 320 plz

Sporadic - how do you get these subs so fucking thicc and swampy?! What are your sub-secrets?
And this is a WIP?! :no_mouth: I’ve totally fallen in love with the percussion and the beat. Love the clippy hats and clap around 2 minutes. What’s the sample around 3.19? Some sort of processed cowbell? I like how you’ve made a little sort of melody with it.
I bet Loefah would play this out.

@Harkat I’m getting big vibes off of DOME. Same as cyclopian’s tune, the chopped vox are killer. Big phat bouncy kick gives me goodfeels all the way through me. The little drop and acid motif at 1.15 slayed me. I think dropping the vocal here worked a treat tbh. Wicked choppy garage drums, that incessent closed/opening hat is itchy af. Second cyclopian’s comment about the woodblock/cowbell out in the far right. Bring it a bit more centre.

WOOIIII Fullclip Full on jungle vibes in the intro, like early 90s ragga jungle tearout business. But then it went white label Warp record-store gem. Love the hard clicking/popping at the start of the pad notes. That melody is :heart_eyes_cat: (because cat heart eyes > normal heart eyes). Would love a copy before @cyclopian releases it so I can have pre-release ownership bragging rights :wink:
PATHETIC is decent enough, wasn’t really feeling it tbh but maybe that’s just cuz Fullclip was SO strong. That being said, the female vox are dreamy, but the drums seem out of time with the piano. There’s something slightly off that I can’t get a hold of… maybe that’s the intent? Sorry dude, wanted to be more constructive :crazy_face:

Can’t wait for the next one. Gonna have to work hard to top this batch though!


@cyclopian nice to hear you try a different groove. snares sound so good. hard to place the tempo on this. there’s a constancy to this, really feeling it. could be interesting to detune the arp here and there, adding to that broken feel

@knobgoblin what an intro. fully zoning out to this. bass tones are great. i can hear them clearly but they still blend in with the mix. those pad samples are mad. that outro could be a whole new tune.

@sleepwalk_1980 yeah the groove is there, more about processing now imo. i find a lot of my best moments come from trying to process and ending up creating something new. defo recommend going into the tune from that angle, thinking about whether the snares are cutting through, that background feedback could grow louder and quieter etc

@epnu nice to see you trying a different tempo. might work better without a midrange even, filling the space with some rhythm instead. or a beefier midrange that moulds with the sub. i feel like its trying too hard to stick to a drop, break, drop structure but yeah, in a dancefloor this would almost work :stuck_out_tongue:

sporadic has an awesome atmosphere. the midrange works a lot better on this one, cos of the background atmosphere. kicks are solid. this is defo one of my favourite epnu tunes haha. would be cool to hear some variation on those extra percs

@Harkat straight for the dance. drier kicks might work better on this. midrange is mad though. this is fully ukg haha. agreed with everyone saying those vocal chops are great. could add a tun-tun-tun-tun melody toward the break. those toms are promising.

@faultier that sub is really good. damn son level melody right there. very interesting that the vocal chops are a rhythm but they dont stand out either. this is a vibe. very peaceful full clip.

pathetic has a great sample, as usual with your oldschool stuff. ahh the ending is just calling out for further flipping thoo


Forgot to feedback guys, will do it tho. Got a couple wips, any chance for something tomorrow?


Can we make it end of the week?


Why not :slight_smile:


@epnu @knobgoblin @zij
@Harkat @faultier @cyclopian

I got two this time… one of them is even a finished tune!! :hooray:


who do i submit to, lets do it today people


i volunteer @sleepwalk_1980 to collect the tunas this week, just pm’d him mine
(would do it myself but going to amsterdam for 3 days in a few hours)


Haha yeah go n. Sling 'em my way.


Waiting for @epnu @cyclopian @Harkat @knobgoblin
C’mon baes wheres the Toona