Tuna - The Legend Continues


ahh doubt ill have anything man sorry, if monday is the deadline maybe but most likely not


I’ll post up what i got now and then you can send me something monday and ill add it in


OK here we go…

Relka - Sunday Lunch

Relka - Done

thesleepwalker - Osho

Default User - Motif

Epnu - Dirt V1 HM

Epnu - Ou Yeaaah

Cyclopian - {}{}


snuck one in :slight_smile:


Sorry dude, just could not get into Sunday Lunch. It was too long and repetitive for me. And the mix of sounds wasn’t gelling. I do like the kickdrum though, a lot.
Done however - different story. Beautiful reverb on those pips in the intro. Gave me huge Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind vibes. I saw spaceships and beams of orange light scanning the landscape. The panning on the whoosy synths gave me the spins, really disorienting in a good way. I love how it just keeps building and unfurling. Very glad you didn’t put any beats in there. Any chance of a wav please?

Motif - damn you guys are going big on the huge dark spacescapes today!! Another killer track. Bladerunner vibes this time. Make this track longer! Beautiful sounds. Mix is heavy but clear.
Would love a copy of this please?

Dirt is the sound I do like! Everything is sitting so perfect in this. Fantastic arrangement. Those dry foley-ish percs in the intro are tight af. Kickdrum is BIG. That little melody at 02.19 is wonderful.
Percussion is definitely your thing dude. Ou Yeaaah got that tight crispy skittery perc flavour. I really like the dull thud kick, it’s a good strong anchor for all that jittery percussion and woozy synths and atmos.
That grimier sound that comes in around 01.50 was a surprising twist, didn’t think it would work at first but it settles right in.

{}{} (how you pronouncing that?) is chaotic choppy lovelyness. Love the dry snares and perc hits. Very glad you snuck this in, I’m digging this so hard. That big grimy switch at 02.17 :cornersault: :cornzoom:

Big tunes this week guys! Awesome work everyone.



@zij sunday lunch: very weird, feel like it could benefit from not starting so abruptly, like fade in the elements progressively instead, not sure about the mixdown but then again i assume its deliberate, i think the super distorted tom/kicks could be clearer in the mix, as it is they feel muffled and drowned in all the other stuff, perhaps having sections with less stuff going on would help keeping it interesting, its a bit too samey for a 6 minutes thing rn imo

done: delay on the bleepy sounds is lovely, great atmosphere, not sure there’s much i can critique here

@sleepwalk_1980 liking the general vibe, listening on headphones so take mixdown advices with grain of salt, but i think the kick should pack a lot more punch, would try a different sample altogether tbh, as it is it doesnt really work with the bass imo, bass could be a bit less lowpassed as well i think, or maybe layer something else on it to occupy the lower midrange, good stuff tho, your production chops get better every tuna m8

@epnu dirt: what are you using for the spring reverb? sounding great, movement on the sub is great, thats gotta push some serious air on a real system. listening on headphones tho mixdown sounds a bit weird like there’s an unfilled gap between the lowend covered by your sub and the percs/synths in the highs, perhaps lower the threshold of the high pass on the synth, idk

ou yeaaah: another nice roller, that bleepy pattern is sick, again it does feel like everything thats not the sub is highpassed a bit too much, maybe just my headphones tho idk, altho it works better once you start distorting the sub as the additional harmonics seem to fill the void a bit.

@cyclopian wooi this is sick, my feedback is send a demo to ilian tape