Tuna - The Legend Continues


Eh, sorry… too buried in work to get any of my own music done for the last few weeks. After a bit of a dry spell I was contacted by a bunch of people with projects at the same time and they have kept piling up. 3 albums done, 4 to go. A hardware studio is great, but can really only work on 1 or two things at once if I want to keep things up for revisions


No worries man. Real life has to come first.


Got two from @zij and two from @faultier
Finishing mine tonight.

@cyclopian @Harkat @epnu @syrup anyone got anything?


Nah man just making rap beats lately, doesn’t rly work with this thread


@TheSleepwalker sent my rap beat in

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Thanks for the tunes everyone.
Got too much RL shit to deal with tonight…post coming Saturday now.


Don’t have any wips at the moment, finished all that I had before tho

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Lick Off

Shackleford - Trying to Jizz

Shackleford - Upset

forgotten river next to the old city

Relka - Cruncher

Relka - Ruin

Johney - Cigs & Pills


dang, some really sick tunes from everyone this tuna, gonna give some proper feedback during the week

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Trying to Jizz is D. A. R. K. Terminator 2 bio-scan business. Felt like it needed something else in the second half. More electronic glitch noises and burbles or something like that.
Upset is a killer!! Can I get a DL of this please? That wonky beat is dope af. Vocal chops excellent, sample selection on point. Just a fantastic tune.

forgotten river Halloween OST vibes / decaying starfreighter / ww2 dogfight / opening the star-core
I think there’s enough ideas and material here to expand into 4 segueing tracks as an EP or something.
Each section (movement?) is top notch. Heavyweight OST sound design. More plz.

Cruncher there’s a serious industrial noise/soundscape theme to this week’s tuna. Those hollow flute sounds around 0.48 are really nice. That last section is CRUSHING.

Ruin I can’t take it man! Ruin just KILLED it. Brutal noise. But it’s got an almost musical quality to it to.

I needed the fresh airy bounce of Cigs & Pills after all those noise bangers. Make this one longer dude! It just gets settled into a lovely headnodder and then it’s over. Heavy sub workout. Cannot fault the drums/percussion. Strong af.


@TheSleepwalker really feeling this, pretty banging tune, love that arpeggio.
Maybe it could use some background fx and stuff, but i don’t really have much else to say, mix sounds nice too.


Trying to jizz gives me flashbacks to the last (and only) time i’ve seen Goth-Trad DJ, was awesome.
Cool concept, but about midway through it felt like a bit too much of the same thing, i was waiting for something to happen with the growly synth or for some overall change and it never came. Maybe appropriate for the track name :corndance:

Upset is pretty good, I’d maybe try and push the vocal and the harmonica a bit back in the mixdown, i could imagine some reverb working well. Though as it is, the mix feels kinda dirty which suits the tune.


Agree with what TheSleepwalker said, really digging this, did you use any plane samples 3-4 mins in or it’s all synths? absolutely loving this

Cruncher’s really good, just the part around 1:05 doesn’t quite sit right with me, maybe that was the intention? felt like it changed a bit too suddenly

Ruin is pretty interesting, i like how the burst of noise comes out of nowhere the first time, the second half is really one of those tunes where i’m sat there wondering why i like this, but i do, lol. hope this makes sense


@TheSleepwalker intro is instant energy. really feeling this change of styles from the usual jungle stuff. to be honest, i dont have a lot to say about this. the tune flows, it doesnt get repetitive and the mixdown is great.

@faultier trying to jizz had me thinking it’d be funny. this is some serious blue balls situation. its a conceptual work, this one. the jizz never arrives, we’re just stuck hearing the attempt to jizz… not gonna lie, i would like to remix this

yeah, upset is quality. drums sound great. man, the mixdown is just right.

@cyclopian ooh, very different from the usual stuff. this beginning might be better without the pad, just the piano playing. the pad could come in slowly. feeling those breakdowns from about 3 mins in. fully OST material. reverb is amazing throughout. wow, the second half is a beauty. you could definitely make a whole EP based on this stream of ideas.

@syrup loose and heavy. distortion is really nice. almost an MC beat, just the speed of it goes more to a dancefloor. hope you finish this, its got a vibe


@TheSleepwalker sick tune, reminds me of boddika’s first release on swamp, not much i can critique, mixdown sounds on point, like syrup said, maybe you could add some fx here and there as flourish and whatnot, best tuna i’ve heard from you so far tbh, v impressive for a guy who started producing only a few months ago

@cyclopian yeah agree with others that you’ve got material for 3-4 tunes in there, not sure if i like how it transitions from the first piano segment to the second one, feels a bit too abrupt imho, sound design in that second segment is amazing tho, sounds like what the soundtrack for BR2049 tried to be, except well executed :corndance: transition to last segment works much better


cruncher: more or less the kind of stuff i was trying to achieve with trying to jizz, but you’re clearly better than i am at jizzing, i feel you could have the atmosphere-ish pads still going on towards the end when the noisy synth comes back, other than that can’t really fault it, i’ll trade you the stems for that for the stems to trying to jizz

Ruin: what are u using to get these noisy synths bursts? this is sick, maybe too sick for this early in the morning, hard to critique, its fucked up stuff but also sounds very deliberate

@syrup nice headnodding beat, could definitely be longer, mixdown wise i feel the arp coming in around 1:05 could be a bit louder, beats really nice, minor grip but i feel the snare could slap harder, i like the sample you use so wouldnt change that but maybe layer something else underneath, maybe not on every snare hit



this is quite nice and lively, really needs a sub bass layer below the mid keeping the subwoofers happy tho, think just pitching the arp down deep will provide a nice foundation. Digging this alot tho man, super cheeky in a good way.


trying to jizz really needs some percussion to punctuate things imo, nice wobbies tho. Perhaps instead of perc you could use negative space though, some snappy moments of silence to break things up.

Upset, im not upset about, can’t give too much feedback on this as its quite nice as is


loving both of these, but please get some really characterful filter plugin and nastily shape some segments into the tunes with it, like just cut it hard and let it out slowly for the intros and breaks. This technique is fun for us lazy heads as well because you can do a really gully live pass doing the filtering live as the tune goes along where it feels natural-ish to do so. Then you layer the original unfiltered tune and just add volume automation to the original layer when they are both playing back together. Will create some nice dips and peaks to the tune and help them carry on longer i think.


not much to say about this one man, really really nice, to really nit pick, it might be cool to mess with the velocity on the hats and maybe even the sample length, subtly.


Wow high praise indeed! Thank you dude seriously. Boddika is pretty much my number 1 rn. I love his work. I study a lot of his tunes to nail that reverby, dusty, analogue kind of deep sub 150 techno vibes.
I probably put more heart and effort into this one track than any of my others. I had a much clearer vision for it. So stoked you dig it.

This is my EQ for the sub and the settings in the sampler
Won’t I be muddying up the low freqs if I add another sub in there?
Or is the sub I have just not hitting in the right area?


:thinking: you got recommendations for a good filter plugin? atm i’m messing with ableton’s Auto Filter


arturia moogfilter V is nice, though i think it’s LP only.
Valve filter VF-1 is another one i use a lot.
I’m nit @cyclopian btw

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I’ll try that Arturia

Check this out http://www.danielrothmann.com/#downloads

Saturation thing, cyclopian recommendation haha

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Snap. I should def chime in on the next tuna, think I’ve got 11 wips that are more or less done.


Anyone down for another round?
Saturday 30th deadline - send to me and I’ll do the do…

@cyclopian @knobgoblin @Harkat @Pokus @epnu @syrup @zij @faultier

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