What record/etc. did you just buy?


How’s it sound?


still at work, will find out in about 3 hours :gunfinger:



It’s quality, louder than others I’ve had done cos it only has 1 track per side. Proper weighty, well happy with it



Which of the 2 files did you use for Alicia?

Its showing up as 2 different video files for me


I used the flac version for alicia, theres a flac and an m4a iirc


Oh shit yeah my fault didn’t check properly, both just played in vlc instead of iTunes for some reason,

Nice one man, potential christmas present for myself I think at some point


Silkie - Hooby / I Sed :biggrin:


47 PM
45 PM

55 PM


Got a payrise so treated myself:

David Bowie - Low LP
Earth - Earth 2 LP
Sully - Escape LP
Sounds from the Well: Collection 1 LP
Jabu - Sleep Heavy LP
K-Lone - In The Dust
Hi5 Ghost - Holy I$$H
Classic Man - No More Mind Games
Classic Man - Melow / Love
Nathan Fake - Providence Removes: Part I
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super - Inkjek / Flou
Joe - Tail Lift / MPH
ASDA - The McDonalds Prayer
Addison Groove - Shango Remixes
Dubkasm - Concrete & Steel



got a bunch of records of mostly oldskool hip hop and rnb… promo editions so i can have the acapellas and instrumentals to sample…


Snagged Gantz - Stayer this morning on dc


edit: im still scared to let go nvm


When did you start collecting?


I think I bought my 1st record in 2001; Skinny Puppy - Chainsaw, I was prob 11/12 at the time haha; already had been building up a big cd collection at the time via my Mom’s support and taking me to Tower Records and Amoeba Records constantly; it was how we bonded and hung out

My dad had a big record collection and a really heavy sound system; my mom was an avid CD collector. It just felt normal to appreciate tunes in those formats. My dad loved Chemical Brothers and my mom loved ska and metal/nu-industrial at the time; so the house was typically bumping haha

Kept buying from then on; had a 30 hour a week job when i was in high school so i had tons of free $. Half went to booze/weed/drugs, the rest to records. After college it was the same, rent/booze/records.


Nice background you have there. My father is also a big CD collector, mainly Heavy Metal. I grew up with this sound but switched to dubstep after I developed my own taste.


uhhh knock knock


Eva808 - Empress (Gundam Remix) (White Peach - WPRXXL001)

Wiley (2) - It’s A Par (Eskiboy Recordings - EBR- 006)

Silkie ft. Joss Ryan - Don’t Play Games (Antisocial Entertainment - ASR001)

Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna (Warp Records - WARPLP171)

Boofy & Ishan Sound - Roll The Dice / Cane Sword (Sector 7 Sounds - S7S006)

DJ Sinclair - AMS001 (Not On Label - AMS001)

Hi5 Ghost - Holy I$$h (Bandulu Records - BANDULU010)

DJ Slimzee vs As.If Kid - Judgement Day (Slimzos Recordings - SLIMZOS011)

Stirling (2), Dallen, DJ Garna, As.If Kid - Slimzos All Stars Volume 1 (Slimzos Recordings - SLIMZOS 010)



just got Jonny L- wish u had something(THE REMIX)… one of my all time favourite dnb tracks