What the fuck is 'Weightless'?


what is it

when i play music in my phone


come here @RKM

tbh i dont know or care, think logos and mumdance talk about it in their interviews someone posted one early in that thread where they explain, think its supposed to be a feeling u get from these abstract ones without normal beats, i used it as title cos it was what people were calling some of those styles i wanted discussion on- the weirdo mumdance/logos/rabit stuff although it’s not something i listen to/enjoy that much,

i used it also cos it seemed to describe some of the more ethereal synth stuff nicely (ie banshee, myth, forever forever, zomby), which is the stuff i prefer, though i think in that i was using it wrong

i dont know why people always assume that means it’s music without bass- that’s dumb af, mumdance and logos sets and tunes give subs serious work out

check what @nclpad posted ere Glassy/Weightless Grime might clear things up, haven’t personally checked it tho

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Even tho weightless describes a lot of the grime stuff that’s been posted on the weightless grime thread, I don’t think it’s the right word to call it tbh. Listen to one of Mumdance’s Rinse FM sets and you’ll hear that it’s very detached from grime, going into ambient, noise, and techno a lot of the time.

that’s true… I still like the word Weightless… if you have a better suggestion, we can change the Category name… Glassy is very descriptive, but not as cool and vague (which is a good thing)

does new grime that isnt like old grime or butterz or kahn or stuff like that but also isnt like oil gang or gobstopper or mr mitch stuff glassy/weightless or come under that category?

Anybody know what happened to mumdance?

:confused: yeah, he disappeared from socials more than a year ago. Hope he’s doing well.