What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Kode4 - Jah Lemon Boxing War

back in the golden age of the wobs


I remember hearing MRL for the first time and being like wth the drop on this ain’t all that. Funnily enough a month or so later I accidentally stumbled across a YouTube playlist of allstars 2, specifically I and Goat Stare and just being fascinated at how different they sounded to what I was typically listening to at the time (mix of Bro and some distance). Never actually listened to the whole mix that night though just got stuck on those two tunes


Harkats a big fan of that age of dub tune, he just doesn’t want to admit it :stuck_out_tongue:

Me personally, I think it was probably Benny ill & hatchas early tempa ep. Had been following horsepower a bit before that but that ep really turned me on to the sound


i love these





Caspa - rubber chicken


That was the first Dubstepish tune I ever heard in 09 and still had no idea WTF Dubstep was. Didn’t really dive into it again until 2011 with this song:


They have a some great tunes IMO.


I need moth. So pissed they split before it got a proper release.


im the inforamtion cocaine poweder


all stars 5

my golly gosh. what a cd

it sounded so different to anything i’d ever heard. hypnotic as fuck


Kode9 - Sign of the Dub / Babylon


and this mixed cd


my days why have i only just listened to that

N Type is my hero


yeah so sick, i was more in to grime at the time and found it through that splurt tune

then mandem was hooked ya get me



man just listening to that now gave me goosebumps

the vibes is mad on that old dubstep. proper feels like the soundtrack to lurking round some dodgy london endz at night :cornlol:


that has possibly the best mix in any of the dubstep allstars mixes, Tears into Red Eye


Appleblim mate.


i’ve just moved onto the appleblim one

nice contrast after n-type’s pretty vicious selection

fuk i miss bristol