What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Shit ain’t listened to the Appleblim mix in ages


I meant that specific mix where it goes from the vocal bridge in Tears into the drop of Red Eye, wasn’t saying as a whole mix it was my fav. Don’t think it’d be 6 either though - 7 with Chef and Ramadanman literally ticks all the boxes over the course of it.


rama’s mix on 7 is my fav, n-type or youngsta a close second


yunxs is my most rinsed. Hatchas as well. Got them all on my HDD somewhere, might have to have a run through.

Guess they have knocked it on the headnow then? Would be keen to hear ones from some of the new guys or Gothtrad or soemthing.


Monsta by Bone N Skin. Without a doubt, still one of my favourite tracks of all time.


I dont think I have to say more than this


early pinch/ cyrus gig

i dont like a lot of it


No, no you don’t.




Midnight Request Line


for me it was dubstep allstars vol 1, a natural progression from uk garage/future jazz/broken beat stuff that i was also into at the time e.g fabric live 12


stumbling onto Stella Sessions summer 05 maybe…


every time i play tears i always put it into red eye, just cos of this mix hahaha


i remember first hearing tunes like black friday - bombay nightmare and mr postman and shit like that… must have been 07/08…
within a month one of my best mates introduced me to some dmz stuff… then Night came out, that one was wicked


sadly it was the rise of the bro that guided me towards the dungeon. but I hold dearly the memories of joining DSF and spending hours on that old pinned thread ‘GUIDE TO DUBSTEP’ in which i discovered Unexpected, 9 samurai, Earth a Run Red and all those other classics. progressed from there slowly but surely.


Skrillex, probably. It was like “this dude can make bank making tunes on the computer? I can do that!”

I remember Pinch - Qawwali from that thread. 0.0


first dubstep track i heard:

from then i found liquid stranger and the rest is history


MattyG "Bitter Love"
That was about 07 then the purple stuff started and still to this day I go in on the Joker/Swindle esk kinds of stuff.


tupac sample in bitter love :raised_hands:


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