What tune originally got you into dubstep?


and for those who listened to dubstep before october 22, 2010?


One of the first dubstep songs i liked was Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone but i wouldn’t say that from it i started listening more dubstep since i have listened to all sorts of music more ambient almost pop/rock style earlier on in my life (such as Coldplay, Black eyed Peas, Rasmus, Gorillaz, Linkin Park, 30 seconds to mars, Muse, Moby, Guns and Roses etc etc) and all sorts of music from movie soundtracks, from that i started listening gangsta rap but not all, like more mainstream rap such as Slim Thug - Smile, Eminem - Lose Yourself/When i’m Gone etc, some T.I. & Redrama tracks which had more melodic sound than only rhyming with repetitive beat (basically never listen to the words on music but rather the notes even on singing) and so on, but still listening to occasional soft music or whatever, then at some point i started to found EDM house interesting with Deadmau5, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and from which i started to listen more and more electronic music such as, Datsik remixes, Nero’s dubstep or Flux Pavilion, Skrillex, (from channels such as UKF) Basically everything and anything random i found even slightly interesting. As i just browsed through my collection over the years it’s seriously weird because it contains all sorts of music from the other end to the other. Except metal and such super brutal music (closest to those would be the Skrillex Korn combination album of which i didn’t enjoy even that much in the end) Nowadays there are artists like Arkasia, Brig and such names which have really cool style in my opinion on dubstep. Not too brutal but not too soft either. Still listening occasionally to some rather ambient stuff but also i have gotten weirdly interested about epic orchestral (Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer) and classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, Antonin Dvorak) nowadays as i was only listening to movie or video game soundtracks of such music earlier in my life. Years change people even in music… kind of… it’s funny how i still find almost every music i have listened to slightly interesting but still boring as i have listened to them too much at least those precise tracks i guess…

I would almost say that quite recently i started truly to appreciate dubstep more so maybe even Arkasia would be one of the main artists that got me into DnB, Dubstep style more although i have listened to Spag Heddy a lot quite recently also and at some point even earlier on i did listen Skrillex a lot on dubstep genre but it didn’t get me to focus as much to it as i am now, so maybe it’s not even directly one track or artist per se which got me into the style but rather the difficulty of producing it also as i really do find it challenging to design such changing heavy basses and sounds and listening to such music also ain’t that repetitive as some bounce house tracks in EDM are. It’s almost soothing to not have so boring stuff in music as too much repetition is boring and still maintaining certain heavy almost “angry” feel in the music compared to classical or orchestral music that have lot of note modulations and aren’t repetitive either but are maybe even too soft. Brostep is cool but so is orchestral and basically all other music… le me just rambling on about this when i could have put this all maybe into few simple words… not every explanation can be shortened though as i am kind of pondering the answer while writing or something like that… weird… Dubstep is cool though.


nah, dubstep was alive and well in the States long before that mess.


Fucking hate to admit it but yeah looool


Haha I remember hearing this in some modern warfare 2 quickscope montage or something, this must’ve been about 6 months before I found out about dubstep




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no one is better than anyone else, and anyone that thinks that has problems of their own, so just lose that idea man.

many people on here legitimately listened to dubstep in 2005-2009 and some even earlier.

you do know the forum was created in 2005 right?


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Friend sent me this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5-kNx4r8ns
then we went to Matter at the O2, Ram Records opening night 2008. caspa, N-type room 2. Dizzee rascal showed up to MC over dubstep. Never heard anything like it.

From then on I was always sneaking off to Room 2 at clubs for 140 while by mates raved to dnb in room 1!


remember seeing joker a few times around the time this came out. every time it was dropped i literally went nuts


It was originally called Man on a Mission by Benga you can listen to it on youtube. huge track


rinse put it out one or two years ago as an anniversary record or smth


ah the perfect intro Joe
how good is that Caspa track?
fuck yeah


I was in middle school when my bitch girlfriend at the time introduced me to the first dubstep song I have ever heard at the time, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, and I got captivated and looked into more brostep, such as Datsik, Excision, Cookie Monsta, and all of that stuff. And soon after, evolved my taste into Borgore, Doctor P, Kill the Noise, Cragga, Skream, and all the alike later in highschool. I’m not sure if this come-up should be embarrassing to me or not.


If anything, this is a regression from excision and datsik


The first dubstep I heard was rusko. Can remember which tune but it’d have been an old one. I feel like it was that soundboy target tune. Either way I went straight to this forum to find more of that particular dubbed out stuff then stumbled on digital mystikz and on from there.



ghost hardware too, that one sealed the deal


For me it were tunes like ‘Manhattan Blues’ and ‘Alone’ by Cyrus that got me into dubstep. I also remember listening to ‘Ruffhouse’ by J:Kenzo a lot a couple years ago.

This set right here is still one of my favs and got me pretty much into dubstep:


Not exactly a single tune but I remember download this mix from dnb share and got me hooked, pretty bro but has a special place in my heart. http://mediacontender.com/2009/08/02/emu-graveyard-service-mix/