What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Emlakay had an lp didnt he? duno why I remember that over most rusko and such. Must have gone to atleast 3 dub police nights haha

*realised this is a fairly random tangent


yeah, i remember when that came out. these tunes were solid, for the time

whenever his early stuff comes on shuffle, even back then it was 250hz boosted snares, but i think he would have made some really good stuff if he stuck to the oriJAHnal sound


dat moment when caspa drops fabrication


yea guys i use to like dubstep



Let me guess, you’re still trying?


Basically, I was an 11 year old boy on youtube and then, I came across Skrillex. 3 years later, I am still into dubstep but, I found plenty of artists I’ve never heard before. Like, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and Knife Party.

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When I heard Skepta- Intensive snare I was sold on grime and dubstep for life…lol


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYGioWinQQE The classic


Caspa and Rusko “Bread Get Bun”



and the james blake remix of limit to your love


I was hanging out with some schoolmates smoking weed and they showed me some tracks. I ended up getting dubstep allstars 6 a few days alter. around the time when it came out.


Goth-trad by my girlfriend… nothing touches him xD


I was watching a tv show called misfits and a song called innocent by Nero came on.

I’m pretty picky about music so I wouldn’t actually say I’m into Dubstep as a whole but I think some Dubstep songs I listened to around that time are masterpieces.

Another good one is mt Sierra Leone Dubstep.

I like original Dubstep although it’s a bit repetitive.

I like some bro step but a lot of them just sound like clones of one another, I like a bro step song that stands out



Pro nails Rusko remix


The first record that got me into Dubstep . . . Been doing this for far too long to remember the exact one but 3 tracks

Benga - Skank

I think the one that really pushed me to get into it
Loefah - Norwood


borgore - ice cream
if my nig trevor didn’t dance to this on his cell phone in English class I would of never got in to the type of dubstep i’m in to today.


a black guy named trevor? to me trever is the whitest name there is lol

he should change his name to trevis quick imo


lmao he was like j roc from trailer park boys. I can only imagine where he is today.