What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Skank is the one :gunfinger:

Also it’s a bait thing to say but I genuinely wasn’t that into Norwood until I heard it out


Norwood has got that different groove! Loved it from day


Loefah has the baddest dubplates of all. Imagine dmz releasing a 4x12" boxset of loefah dubs and all the dubstep labels and producers decide to call it a day collectively and that being the most legendary end to a genre in history.

lighters & gunfingers, please


lol all the dsf heads in the comments


Big up lol, loefah dubs keeping the scene alive


dubstep allstars 6. before that some i only heard tracks stoned and had no idea what i was listening to


U kno, dat Skream - Midnight Request Line :loud_sound:


I guess I’m lame but this got me into dubstep.

that or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6WJYe6n-l8

I know, basic af.


I’m not sure. I hung out at a youthclub where one guy was playing loads of dubwise. Must be about 2007/8.
Most of the time I would just lounge next to the system on a couch being high. I guess the first solid release I got into outside of clubs would be Rusko and Caspa’s fabliclive CD. After that I found out about Ramadanman and was hooked on dubstep and the non-4x4 techno-y sound. Since about 2012 I started to collect vinyl and ended up with this so far:


The first tunes that really struck my attention were Make Me by Skream, Sweetshop by Doctor P, and Sierra Leone by Mt. Eden. Eventually I found Deep Medi, which led me to DMZ and got me to dig deeper into Tempa. Since then it’s been an obsession.


earlier, I posted Plastician’s Camel Ride
but thinking about it,
that was what got me into Breakstep in 04.
but I kept listening
and came to this in 06:

and I truly fell in love with Dubstep.
Skeam + D1 perfection.


D1’s remix of Warning truly is an all time classic. Listening to Tempa Allstars in class today reminded me of that one, some of D1’s best work in my opinion.


I feel so ashamed due to all your guys’ awesome answers! For me it had to be Porter Robinson’s ‘spitfire’. I was 13 at the time it came out and it pretty much trickled down into 12th planet, KTN, Noisia type stuff:)


Great tune. Makes for a stellar mix into Lowfah - Goat Stare.


I had a listen to it.
Was it the first 1.35 and other laidback bits you liked,
the standard bro from 1.35- 2.40 and 4.20-4.45
or the contrast?
Whatever, no shame, particularly at 13.
I was listening to pop music on the radio at 13…
listening for inspiring sounds.
If this is the one that moved you away from a trajectory
towards crap rap or video hits music
so be it.
And if you’ve come to appreciate Warning,& such proppa,
then man, imo, you’ve developed impeccable taste
and you’re on the way to the loungeroom.


Skreams mix of la roux: going in for the kill, is what opened my eyes to the genre.

Hello to everyone btw, this is my first post.


Hi slug boy


The track that got me into dubstep wasn’t actually dubstep. I had come across the song Bubble by EL-B which is more UK Garage. Which was another genre that up until then I had not heard of despite being a very avid electronic music fan. While in search of songs similar to Bubble I stumbled onto other artists like Zed Bias and Steve Gurley which was more dubstep without actually having the name dubstep yet.


These two. I was reading wiki articles regarding electronic music, somehow travelled into “uk garage” territory and found them as examples. Still love them and consider both quite unique. After that I think I started looking both for some “future garage” and “uk garage”, and found FaltyDL, Burial, and stuff from Gorgon Sound era like Dub War, DJ Hatcha, Skream, etc.


I wandered into the local Dubstep night Sunday, It was all a blur but I went and bought “I love dubstep” and definitely the whole mixs, I don’t think I was aware initially that the tunes were done by different people, but it turns out of couse I had bought basically 2 mixes of lots of the original classics