What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Probably cockney thug, was the first dubstep song I was ever introduced to



Yeah same when I started uni it was everywhere then around the spring La Roux Skream remix came out and was getting dropped “everywhere” as a set ender (even by Skream iirc)


first dubstep record I bought, in NYC at Dj Dara’s store before it closed BBS. It was weirdly in the back of a clothing store through a hidden entrance. That wobble. Glad I got to see it before the whole NYC scene imploded.


jah bless


Skrillex got me into dubstep in general, but my introduction to actual dubstep was Jahova by Rusko.


I stumbled upon Rusko’s essential mix in 2012 just after my birthday. And for a couple of months I listened only to Rusko & Caspa until I discovered Kromestar and from that I just went deeper into Youtube’s murky depths. Although I’ve probably been listening to half of Kromestar’s dubs for a solid year, lol. But yeah same, Jahova by Rusko was my fav tune in the beginning.


First time I heard my mate play his 12’’ Hatcha and Lost - King of the Trees, on a lovely little bedroom Sub set up.
One nice zoot and that was peng.
That started me buying records.

First vinyl I bought were Goth Trad - Far east Assassin, still love that.
Also Benny Ill - Lithium Solar. Fuck me I love that track so much




Not sure if it was Ancient Memories or 0800 dub or rutten or COLORFUL shit

but i do remember listening to TAPPED a whole fucking lot

thumbs up to my friend LUD who liked ancient memories and made me like it even more

both amazing.

also, downloaded Skream! Skream! back in 2011 i think, shiet was soooo cash
riding the subway alone at night bumping em tunes


I wandered into the local (Boston Mass) Sunday dubstep night, looking for something happening because I didn’t work Mondays, I don’t really remember any of the tunes but they were definitely the more aggressive style and I went back because the atmosphere was wild until I had to work Mondays again. I then bought one of the few dubstep CDs at the store which turned out to be “I love Dubstep” from Rinse.fm and I really got into that double mix, one of my favorite albums ever, My background was more Metal, Progresive rock, Jam Band, and Jazz, I played bass in cover, R&B, and Jam bands


i heard j sweet - kerb in a plastician mix searched it and stumbled on dubstep lol on it ever since !


mala played airwaves here 2007

then i heard a hyperdub release somehow, not sure. it was 2008.

darkstar, squeeze my lime i think? not even “true dubstep” but it was enough to hold my interest.

then i joined DSF in 2009/2010 and thus became a “truhed”


great record, although it always reminds me of that Kode9 & Flowdan recording from fwd and sounds wrong in any other place.


i thought it was cool at the time, looking back now, i had no idea how fucking deep the rabbit hole went. once i discovered kode9 that was it hehe


VonD-Set Me Free(Skream remix)


theres a shoutout to grand in the clip from rinse fm too


i probably retell this every year but for me it was someone posting this track on DOA

got fully obsessed when a friend of mine showed me london zoo and then i went down the rabbit hole. hard to believe its been 10 years


^ nice intro
pretty sure my intro was thru breakstep too
and an 04 mix of HPP, Plastician, Kode 9, Loefah, MK1
I think it was Camel Ride that stood out


First dubstep track i ever heard was Yhe Charlie Sheen dub by ephixia. At first I thought the artists name was dubstep and was just some guy who made cool ass music, I didn’t realize there was a whole genre of pure grimeyness magic waiting to be discovered. https://youtu.be/c1hLduV1p88


Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix)

Played this for my boss at a work outing and he got upset & confused lol.