Zomby thread



didn’t even rate the production that much also


Yeah, its okay… bit repetitive, doesn’t stay interesting for very long. Really disappointing to say the least, not overly surprising though.


Lol at all these press releases glossing over the fact its a bootleg of a widely available acapella

This is better


yeah i like it but i thought u guys were just being neg then it just repeated the first like 4 bars for the whole tune

flashes of why he’s a don in the background, those twinkly synths and that dirty square that he’s gone so much harder on in the past (how tf do u get that twinkle)

like why’s he using the ice rink kick ting when he had cooler percs, seems fairly chill to rest on his laurels when he was the only guy to out eski the eski boy


Yeah, FIRST TIME ZOMBY VS WILEY… na not really I’m sure loads of people have thrown wiley vocals over a zomby beat.

TWO GENERATIONS OF ESKI MEET… in a shit bootleg.

That Unoman mashup is 1000x better.



i mean, this week I was looking for some acapellas and found step 20



Just only got into Zomby the last few weeks. Really liking the ‘Dedication’ album. Cant stop listening. :heart_eyes:



What are these 2 new Zomby EP’s up on Redeye about? Can’t find anything about them other than that they’re listed on Redeye.


was gonna say they must be the wiley and goldpanda remixes he’s been tweeting about

but hold the phone- new shit!

please be old eski bits under new names


Zomby on XL is a good fit; a bit surprising as I didn’t expect him back on a big label so soon. Hopefully the tunes are shit because I’m broke.


Yeah that’s what I’m hoping. Gonna wait till I can hear the tunes before copping though, weren’t a fan of the Dedication type stuff, so don’t wanna end up with two plates full of them.


they’re all supposed to be new jungle/eskibeat tracks on them zomby eps


Dedication itself was great though.


i quite like that wiley x zomby myself, just copped it anyway



pretty annoying how labels seem to be not providing redeye with clips for releases more and more frequently. i’d imagine it’s cause they want you to google the clips and find them on their preferred store so you buy it there, but honestly, unless i really like the artist, i’m probably not gonna bother googling and even if i do, and i like it, want to buy it, i’m still probably gonna go back to whichever shop was cheapest (probably redeye…)


maybe with these zomby eps it’s more like XL want to build up some kind of hype or something, but at the end of the day I ain’t buying any record I ain’t heard


it’s not just this one, been seeing it more and more with many labels.


new stuff coming



first time in a long while I’m gassed for a zomby release.