Zomby thread


red eye have always put up audio samples closer to the release date


Not usually into zomby, other than Natalia’s Song, which I hate him for, and occasionally Strange Fruit and that one tune he did with Panda Bear but that Wiley edit is sick, imo.

@RKM, the twinkle’s just an arp with low dry b2b high wet reverb.


If you only like natalia s song strange fruit things fall apart AND this wiley edit, I do not think you know about all his eskibeat stuff he did a while ago mate, check on youtube there s a bunch of them



id love to hear more zomby eski stuff

although I rate trap door too though


tbf if you like natalia’s then i don’t see how you wouldn’t like test me for a reason, and if you like things fall apart, strange fruit, step 2001, i don’t see how you don’t like half his back cat


Tbh, I listened to where were you in 92 and hated it, and didn’t really bother with him thereafter. Perhaps a second chance is due.


Lool did anyone at xl bother to listen to that acid tune before signing it

L A Z Y werk



i had high hopes


it sounds like an acid demo on some random sampler.


Sounds like a loop pack demo.
Like, one long intro that goes absolutely nowhere. The ending is shit too, but a bit of a relief.

It’s weird though, it got bare attention, but people are just saying it exists. Like, not saying it’s good anywhere I’ve seen, but nobody seems ready to point a big shitty finger at it either.


yep it’s bad.


lol what wave


Then why not arrange the three into a single track and stop being a ■■■■ about things./


What’s the verdict






bloom sounds fire, cool ambient mix on BenjiB


if that’s the case, you’d have to buy two copies of that record though, or am i missing something?


Good stuff but for me, lack of work, lack of emotions