Zomby thread


Anyone know any outlet that actually has previews of these let’s jam eps yet? redeye still no previews and they’re out now right? Or is it that they’re so bad (just going by that acid surf thing) XL are hoping people will buy them on the strength of the brand alone?


think itunes / apple music has it.


Not really feeling these tracks tbh. EP2 sounds a little better to me.


You can listen on spotify



Haven’t had a chance to listen to the mix yet, what’s it saying? Wasn’t feeling Acid Surf at all.


yeah listened on spotify, first one sounded dead out, second some nice enough tunes

but where’s the straight up insanity


yeahh first one is boring, just some cool loops repeating for 5 minutes fuck him



Why is there a picture of Christopher Harper-Mercer there?


Cause he hates “music nerds” I guess…

Anything over analysed, which is anything beyond “GUNSHOT AIRHORN” and he seems to hate it.


part 1 is terrible. part 2 sounds like leftovers from with love



for previews of the songs. I’m glad I didn’t cop this on impulse.


EP1 sucks so hard it’s sad.
EP2 is much better than 90% of with love though, vibing.


Yeah, I agree, EP1 wasn’t enjoyable for me. Bloom is probably my favorite track. The rest are forgettable.

should have made bloom like 2 minuets


Surf 1 ain’t bad imo. I think Xenon’s my favourite from EP 2 but I feel like like that ground was already covered more than enough on With Love so I think I’d take Surf 1 out of all of em


bit surprised to see anyone rating EP 2

and EP 1 is pretty good actually imo, would’ve guessed Surf 1 was Legowelt or something if I didn’t know it was zomby


That’s the problem. At a certain point, this guy was the best at what he was doing. Now he’s kinda ok at whatever it is he’s trying to achieve on ep1.


I kinda like Bloom


can’t you say the same about EP 2 though? I mean they certainly sound like Zomby (tbh put those arpeggiated bloops on any drum loop in the world and it’ll sound like him), but trap beats aren’t exactly “home turf” for him any more than the house and acid vibes on EP 1


what even is his home turf? dubstep i guess?